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    Sandy's Dream Journal

    Sandy's DJ.
    I'm keeping another dream journal ("Real" one) to write down my dreams, in Vietnamese. On DV I only post lucid dreams, or remakable ones... during summer. And my English is bad .

    1. City on ice - at the beginning

      by , 05-22-2013 at 03:42 AM (Sandy's Dream Journal)
      In the school yard, it's break time so the yard is crowded. I realize I'm dreaming 'cause I've just back to sleep. I find Tłng Anh in front of my classroom (he was my crush 4 years ago but now we're good friends, and I always meet him when lucid). I want a shared dream with him so I use Ignore test to make sure he isn't just a DC (like in the previous lucid dream I thought he was real).
      And as I turn back he is still there.
      I said to him "Wake up! You're dreaming!", he gives me a look seems to mean "I know!". I kiss his lips, he doesn't kiss me back but smiles to me. We hold each other's hand and start floating up. We fly around. Our friends down there, they look up to us and shocked "OMG THEY'RE FLYING!!". I'm a bit surprised "Why are they so fightened?". When we reach the ground I see our French teacher (At Junior High) hurry out of the classroom. I tell T.A "She isn't real, I'll show you". She look at us for a second and back to the classroom. When we have lost sight of her, I take him into the room. No one's there.
      As we back to the yard, we saw a group of boys. One of them has blue hair (IRL his hair is black like all of us). I reach another boy and use magic to change his hair to rainbow color. Then I give him a mirror. He doesn't like it.

      I wake up, but it's just a false awakening. I run downstairs, my mom is about to go. I try to recall the previous dream, and back to the dream scene with T.A.
      We see our French teacher again. As we fly up she pull out a gun and shoots us . Luckily no one hurt .
      We're still in the sky. I look at him, he seems upset. I ask him why, he said "This is boring. We don't have anything else to do?". I show him the whole city beneath us, he says "No". I change the dream scence to a beautiful, romantic night sky, he shake his head. I take him to the ocean. There's a huge iceberg. I say "We can build a city and put the residents in it". He agree (but still seems hesitate, I don't know why). We start carving the ice.
      While working and talking to T.A, I have a change to look at him more carefully. He wears jeans and yellow shirt, and very detailed appearance...

      Wake up. Write in DJ. Go to dreamviews.
      Note: So... I'll start building a city on ice. I suck at drawing, design, architect... But who knows?

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