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    11-19-13 Dream Journal

    by , 11-19-2013 at 07:19 PM (266 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 8 hours. Nothing else to mention really, other than I have continued using the SSILD technique.

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid - Lucid

    Dream One: Inheritance

    There is a royal family having a discussion about their inheritance when their parents pass, who will get what kind of stuff. At this point of the dream I am just a bystander, I don't even think I have a body.

    The family argues for some time about who deserves what. Eventually the king and queen, who are both still alive, become offended and decide on another way to settle this matter.

    They send for me to settle the matter.

    I am a small girl (in the dream), I look young but I think that I am very old. The family gathers around a table and everyone takes a number one through six. It is my duty to role a six sided dice that will determine who will get the inheritance. This is my purpose within the community, to settle matters based upon luck, which supersedes matters of justice or worth in this community.

    There are three males, who are all married, and a younger daughter in the royal family (yet somehow they all added up to six in the dream). As each takes a number their life story flashes before my eyes and I get to know them each very well (I still remember but that amount of information would take forever to write down, so.... nope).

    I find that I identify most with the youngest and only daughter. So I manipulate fate in her favor and roll the indisputable dice. Her brothers, and their wives, are all very upset at the outcome. But I am convinced that in the future she will be the most deserving, and strongest future queen for our community.

    Dream Two: Wow, just freaky

    I transition after my last dream and am now meeting one on one with the now dieing king. He wants my help to calm his restless soul before he dies. He wants me to read him to determine weather he has lived a worthy life.

    He knows that the process will be extremely uncomfortable, it is very unpleasant to have me shred through your memories to know everything about you. But he agrees anyway, as he is dieing.

    I take his head in my hands and begin to focus in on his eyes, like they are windows into his soul. As I stare at them he gets sucked in, he is scared now but I don't break the contact. I see his pupils dilate until his whole eye is black, and I know that mine have done the same.

    At this point I am sucked into his memories as if they are really happening around me. I center on a time when he was very angry with his wife. As I find this memory the king feels great shame, he had managed to forget about this moment and doesn't want to remember it now. He tries to break the contact.

    I continue and push through his resistance. I find that in the moment he was physically abusive to his wife and oldest son, who was the only child born at this time.

    As we relive this memory together I can tell that he feels great shame and guilt. Even though in RL I would of course have grace on him, he did live the rest of his life without any repeat of the physical abuse after all.

    But within the dream that was not my purpose. I have to hold him to the highest of standards, he is the king and MUST set a good example for everyone else. I pass judgement on him, and declare that he has not lived a worthy life....

    As I break the contact he falls to the floor weeping.

    Side Note: wow that was a crazy dream! I love it!!!

    Dream Three: hmmm pretty much just sexy time

    I wake up and I know that it is early morning and I should get out of bed. Instead I decide to WILD. I haven't moved yet and I am still very relaxed.

    I relax my body and I feel myself start to fall asleep very quickly, good this may work I think to myself.

    I start trying to visualize something to pull myself into a dream. Trying to shake a DC's hand has worked in the past so I think to try that again. But it doesn't work this time.

    I start visualizing myself walking down a trail, and I start to see a trail forming before me! Haha but I am not walking like in RL, I am controlling myself like on a computer game. I click a mouse and a ping forms on the trail ahead of me, and my character starts walking towards it.

    This annoys me, I don't want to waste this lucid playing a video game character. So I say out loud:

    "Enough with the clicking already!"

    Instantly the clicking is gone and I have full control of my dream character, it is at this point that I would say I officially transitioned into the dream.

    At this point I make the unwise decision to waste my lucid on sexy time...

    I don't want to get into describing sexy time, but I do want to comment on the vividness of it. It was amazing, everything was extremely vivid and I had full control!

    ... enough said I guess! lol you get the point.

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