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    2-11-14 Dream Journal

    by , 02-12-2014 at 06:36 AM (355 Views)
    Dream One: Observing a Mage battle

    I am wondering through a castle dungeon like setting and things are very blurry and confusing. I open a door into a largish chamber. Inside the chamber half of the room is painted red and the other blue. Standing on each side is a mage. On the red side is a female mage who looks very smart and cunning. On the blue side is an old man who is clearly insane, and doesn't look at all powerful or wise. They start dueling each other, even though I am standing in the room they are not at all focused on me and I feel completely safe to observe their duel. I don't remember all of the battle but I remember that at one point the male mage summoned a large block of cheese and chest bumped it causing little cheese baby monsters to squirt out the other side and go attack the female mage... This attack was obviously not successful. The battle goes on for some time, and even though the female mage is clearly the superior in power she can't seem to kill the male mage. He keeps flashing in and out of existence, and somehow her attacks are ineffective. He is clearly insane and not doing any of this on purpose, and it was not an act, he really wasn't all there.

    While this battle was going on I start to zone out and begin pondering his insanity. I wonder if he knows that he is insane? Or in his mind, is everything normal and functioning perfectly? I wonder if it is even possible for him to see the signs and know that he is insane? While I am pondering this a take a moment to consider the fact that maybe I am insane and don't know it, because I might not be able to see the signs just like he can't. So even though I think everything is normal and functioning perfectly, maybe I am also insane? Who can know....

    Side Note: this ended up being a profound thought for me when I woke up and considered this dream. I related it to my faith. Technically I am kind of insane right now, because I don't know everything and I am only able to see part of the picture of this world now. Yet still I have the false belief that I can know what is best for me. That is why I must have faith and trust that my God knows whats best for me and loves me enough to save me and lead me. Because even when i think things are normal and functioning perfectly I can not see the whole picture. Kind of a weird and new thought.

    Dream Two: Lucid

    I am sitting at a kitchen table talking to my grandma and my dad about that last dream. I am trying to explain the thoughts that I had about insanity to my grandma, but I don't really understand it well enough myself and so it is very difficult to properly explain it to her. She is being good natured and trying to understand, but I can tell that I am not being clear. My dad has been zoned out for a while now, it is still the early morning and he is not interested in having a theological discussion so early.

    I take a moment to collect my thoughts and look out the window. Hmmmmm.... I notice that on the horizon there are so EXTREMELY weird cloud formations. They appear to be rainbow clouds of dinosaurs holding hands? There is a T-red, and a Triceratops, and a Brachiosaurus??? Everything feels SOO real that I think that I can't possibly be dreaming. So, I get my grandmas attention and point at the clouds. She starts looking at them, and I think to myself "alright, this is so weird I have to be dreaming, but it feels so real, I am going to look like a fool, but I have to do a reality check to make sure I'm not dreaming". I reach up and plug my nose and attempt to breath in through it, NO WAY! It worked! I am so shocked I have to try it again to make sure, so I do and sure enough I am dreaming! Because of my disbelief the dream starts to fade, I start to re stabilize and am rewarded with a dream transition.

    It is night time, I am standing on an asphalt parking lot in the middle of a forest. I am completely lucid now. I take a look around and admire to stunning beauty of the forest. It has been recently raining and everything is damp and shining in the moon light. Without really making a decision a get this strong desire to fly around for a little bit. It has been a while since I have been lucid, and it feels so refreshing to fly around. I easily take off into the night air and I feel blissful flying around with the crisp night air on my skin and in my lungs.

    Eventually I reach a deeper part of the forest, where the moon is not shining so brightly. Without my noticing I have flown into a storm. I look at the horizon and see large black clouds all around me. The wind is fearsomely gusting around me now and it doesnt feel safe to fly any longer. The air is full of leafs, and my visibility is quickly dropping. I land and stomp my foot trying to make the storm stop, or the dream transition back to the peaceful night I was in before. It doesnt work, and I suddenly have the thought that the storm is representative of the chaos of my mind and soul.

    If this is the case, than I need to find someone to guide me. It is one of my dream goals to meet a dream guide and this seams like a great opportunity to try. So I yell out "God, send me someone to guide me!" Then a large elk like creature with mostly black fur but a white chest comes running out of the forest straight at me. He isn't slowing down at all and so to avoid being hit by his antlers I dive out of the way, I wouldn't have been fast enough to dodge him but at the last moment he swerved slightly to avoid actually hitting me. He never stopped or anything, he just ran right past me back into the forest.

    I think to myself, well if he was supposed to be a guide I am not really understanding his message. What should I do now? Then I see two smaller fawn colored dear creatures crossing the clearing and re entering the forest through a small clearing in the underbrush. I quickly chase after them and sneak into the clearing before it closes behind them. After walking through the underbrush for eight or nine feet I come out into a completely different world. The dear creatures see I have followed them and are startled and run away. I don't think to chase them, I just look around at the world I have found my way to. It looks a lot like the standard windows PC desktop picture with the rolling green hills and bright blue sky.

    I don't have any time to appreciate the scene though because the humans who where keeping me prisoner in a previous dream realize I am here again and start chasing me to wipe my mind.

    I again realize that I need a guide so while I am running away I am searching for one. I see two fox creatures and run over to them. They don't look very nice at all, but I am truly desperate for a guide at this point and so I roll over on to my back like a dog to submit to them and beg them to guide me. They are none to friendly to humans, and one closes his mouth around my throat and I feel his teeth digging into my skin. They are considering killing me to send me from this place, but I beg them to guide me in some way.

    Unfortunately I can't remember what happens next and the dream transitions again.

    I am back in the same place as before with the foxes but everything is peaceful now. I am with my sister now. We walk up to a table and see a nearly completed puzzle on the table with just one piece left to place in. I realize that the puzzle is telling the life story of the humans that were chasing me earlier. Apparently time passing very strangely in this place. The humans that were chasing me are all old now, and the puzzle is showing them in a peaceful setting representing the good life they have led. This somehow feels right to me, and I move to put the last piece into the puzzle and in so doing finish their story and leave them in peace. My sister was walking behind me and hadn't seen the puzzle yet. I invite her over to see it and watch me put in the last piece. When she gets over I realize that she isn't seeing the same puzzle setting as I am, even though we are in the same dream we are not seeing things exactly the same. Oh well. I feel the dream starting to fade now.

    The dream transitions once more before I wake up.

    I wake up into a false awakening but immediately become lucid. I am in my grandparents house, I get up and go find my sister to talk about the dream. I find her and she says that she has been practicing lucid dreaming, and that she will try to remember this dream when she wakes up for real. I feel myself waking up so I say goodbye then wake up for real

    When I woke up I texted my sister to see if she remembered any cool dreams from last night and told her about the dream. She said she didn't, but thought that it would be cool if it was possible. Bummer, oh well, it was still a heck of a lucid!

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