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    3-20-13 Dream Journal

    by , 03-20-2013 at 03:11 PM (251 Views)
    Technique: I am trying to get myself onto a more regular sleep schedule. I went to bed last night at 10:30, which is EXTREMELY early for me. It was a frustrating experience. I had a very difficult time falling asleep, I wasn't able to fall asleep until after 1:00 a.m (the last time I actually looked at my clock).

    I have been meaning to get on a better sleep schedule for a long time now, I am going to continue going to bed at 10:30 and hopefully things will get easier as my body gets used to it :-)

    Let me just say that spending three hours trying to fall asleep did crazy things to my mind. "Forget dreaming techniques! I just want to sleeeeeeep!!" Anyway -_-

    Results: My dream recall is horrible, just horrible. I only remember two dreams from last night when I know that I woke up and tried to remember at least six or seven. I think that for a while I am going to start focusing purely on dream recall techniques and forget about trying to WILD of DILD. As things are now my recall is so poor that even if I did manage to become lucid I probably wouldn't remember it -_-

    Dream One: My family and I are exploring a new huge mansion that we just bought. We must be rich!! I'm not going to spend to much time with this one but I can remember quite a bit of detail about the house.

    Dream Two: Yay! This is one of my favorite recurring dreams! It may not sound very exciting to some of you but was just a fantastic experience.

    Side Note: A little back story to help explain things: When I was young we had a brindle female boxer, Katy. She lived to be sixteen and I slept with her every night, I stinking loved that dog. I moved out of state to go to college and she died my freshman year. Ever since then I have dreams were she will come and sleep with me :-)

    Kind of weird I know but I love seeing her anyway so... fooeee on you naysayers!

    That is pretty much all the dream is, Katy comes and sleeps with me. But it was so nice to have her at my feet again! I slept so well and it was a great dream.

    This must have been a very long dream because I feel like I can remember a whole nights worth of sleep with Katy. I would keep waking up and she would be there so I would go back to sleep.

    Analysis: I really need to be focusing on dream recall. It is frustrating to know that there are dreams that I am forgetting!

    Side Note: The new mattress pad and pillow that I bought are great! They have really improved my morning back and joint soreness. I would highly recommend the forty dollar investment to anyone that wakes up with back or joint soreness.

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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Trying go to bed on time is very familiar to me! Since I was a teenager I have trouble falling asleep on time. One thing that I notice that helps is actually not to try to fall asleep. What I mean by this, instead of going to bed thinking I need to fall asleep and become hectic about it, I just think, oh, I don' t care if I fall asleep, I am just relaxing here. There is no need to accomplish anything, I tell myself, I am completely happy here, right now, simply relaxing. I gently pay attention to my breath, not attempting anything, not counting, just relaxing, and then I just drift away, because I wasn't trying to force myself to it.
    2. Sangfoot's Avatar
      Hi NyxCC!

      Thanks for the response

      Haha that is so true! I love this; "oh, I don't care if I fall asleep, I am just relaxing here. There is no need to accomplish anything."

      I have always been fascinated by the power our frame of mind can have. Isn't it amazing that if you are able to become aware of whatever is stressing you, and see how it is affecting your behavior (making you hectic or whatever) how powerful it is to change your frame of mind. To go from being stressed to, I am just relaxing here seems to change everything!

      Thanks for the post It really made me laugh.
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