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    3-23-13 Dream Journal

    by , 03-23-2013 at 08:50 PM (207 Views)
    Technique: Went to sleep at 12:00 and woke up at 8:00. Set an alarm for 4:00 to try a WBTB WILD.

    I have noticed that with each day I am seeing noticeable improvements in my dream recall. I am now remembering three or four good dreams per night, and it makes dreaming a very enjoyable experience! :-)

    Accompanying my improvements in dream recall is dream awareness. I feel like I am much more "myself" in my dreams now, if that makes sense. I am actually able to have conversations with my DC's now, which I haven't been able to do in a long time. I am hoping that with this dream awareness I will be able to start recognizing my dream signs, which could lead to some LD's!

    Results: Color Code: Real life/Comments - Non Lucid - Lucid

    Side Note: Since I am having three or four long dreams per night it takes way to long to try and record each one in detail. I am going to start only recording major plot points unless I feel like it is a special dream.

    Dream One: With my Dad playing basketball, then we start counseling people.

    Dream Two: At college in the winter, there is snow on the ground. One of my buddies, P.G just got two wolf pups.

    Dream Three: Playing on a jungle gym but I can only use one hand. (I sprung my right wrist in RL and it was bothering me last night.

    Dream Four: On a school trip to some restaurant. I try to order some alcohol but I don't have my ID on me. Thankfully someone I don't know agrees to buy it for me I wake up before I actually get to drink any

    Analysis: I keep trying a WBTB WILD but I haven't had any success with it yet. I am starting to get better at it though, and I am now much calmer when the hypnagogia comes.

    I have noticed that even though my WILD's don't lead to lucids, I usually have a very vivid regular dream after the attempt, which is gratifying in itself

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