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    3-27-13 Dream Journal

    by , 03-27-2013 at 05:24 PM (336 Views)
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    I have been trying a WBTB WILD every night now with no success. I feel like I have learned a lot and practicing relaxation techniques is helping me get to bed easier at night. But, since I have not had any success I am starting to half ass my attempts and I am probably starting to learn some bad habits. I am going to take a week break from my WBTB WILD attempts and try to DILD instead.

    I am interested to see how this will affect the vividness of my dreams. I usually have my most vivid dreams after a failed WILD attempt, so we will see if it is because that is when I sleep the heaviest or if it has something to do with WILDing.

    Results: I feel like I had at least four good dreams, but I can only remember two of them! It is official, I am going to get a pad next to my bed to record major plot details throughout the night. One other thing I am going to try to record is any conversations I have. Right now I am TERRIBLE at recalling conversations, and I feel like that is a very important skill to have.

    Dream One: I am in an underground tunnel with an army. We are marching towards hell trying to kill as many demons as we can on the way. Everything is lit by a strange red glow, as if there are unseen fires burning everywhere.

    I have not seen any demons yet, and I am anxious to start destroying something. I notice that we are coming up on a junk yard. I see a fire hydrant and decide that destroying that is just as good as fighting demons, right? I start beating on it with my sledge hammer.
    (Very interesting! I almost never use weapons in my dreams preferring hand to hand combat and submissions. It was a long wooden shafted, square sledge hammer. I am not sure what the head was made of, but it never dented or scratched as a beat on things with it. And I had the ability to manipulate the weight of the head, so that when I got more angry it would be heavier having more power).

    I spent a long time beating on that fire hydrant, I can clearly remember thirty or forty strokes, and the damage that each one was causing.

    I transition into my buddy L.T. house, the fire hydrant and motivations come with me. L.T. is trying to talk to me about something but I am intent upon obliterating this fire hydrant, of which maybe half is left, it is in very bad shape, my sledge is very effective.

    I take a moment to look at him and notice that something is not right. It feels like there is some evil presence manipulating him. I decide that I better do a quick search of the house to see what I can find.

    In L.T. bedroom I notice that one of the walls is not right and bust it down with my sledge. Behind the wall is another tiny room with just enough space for a soiled sleeping pad and a dresser. It smells horrible inside, and I know that some kind of demon has been living here.

    Side Note: I did actually step up, put my face in the pad, and sniff! I don't know why, the pad was so dirty I knew it would smell horrible. And it did.

    I turn to tell L.T what I have found and to my surprise he is not shocked at all, he is angry with me for discovering his secret!

    He transforms into some type of shadow demon and attacks me. I am fighting him off with my sledge and I really like it!
    (this is the first time I remember fighting with a hammer, or any type of weapon at all. I guess I kind of liked it, I will have to keep track to see if this becomes the norm).

    I don't remember much of the fight, but he was no match for me and the hammer. I remember I kept increasing the weight of the hammer until I was throwing him though walls with every hit.

    After I had defeated him I went back to finish off the fire hydrant. It was completely destroyed with my first swing! I forgot that my hammer was MUCH heavier now then it had been originally and so the hydrant was no mach.

    After that the dream fades.

    Dream Two: I am at my grandparents farm working with my uncle M.L. We are one of probably twenty teams competing in a build off.

    I am not sure at this point exactly what we are building but it is very complex, apparently M.L. has some idea what we are building because he seems very confident.

    I spend most of my time assembling the tools and handing the next part to M.L. Even the tools are incredibly complex and it takes me some time to assemble them.

    Dream Transition

    It is the next day and it is my turn to build! I am not sure exactly what tools I am going to need so I prepare them all and lay them out for easy reach. I am very excited to get to build something!

    Finally the judges come around and give me the materials to build with! (Think Lego box lol) It is very confusing but I am sure that if I just stay with it I will learn what I need to in order to succeed.

    Eventually a crowd starts to form around me to taunt me. At first they are not very distracting but once they notice that their taunts are not affecting me they step up their game. They start stealing my pieces when I am not looking, so I frequently have to go around and pat people down to find my next part. But every time I turn to pat someone down another person just steals another part!

    GRRRR!! I am determined not to fail and so I continue in this grueling manner. Eventually I come across a tool that is just way to complex. There is no way I am going to figure it out with this crowd around me, by this point they are actually bumping me causing me to occasionally drop what it is that I am working on making me start over.

    The dream starts to fade but I am not satisfied because I am not done building yet! I try to hold on but in a couple more seconds the dream fades.

    Analysis: I am going to start concentrating on DILD instead of WBTB WILD. There are certainly plenty of dream signs for me to catch!

    I still haven't had my first lucid experience (since coming to DV) and I am very anxious to have one! Even though I really like remembering such vivid dreams I need lucids so I can start trying some of my dream goals! Come on brain lets Go!
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