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    3-28-13 Dream Journal

    by , 03-28-2013 at 04:01 PM (341 Views)
    Technique: Last night I went to bed with the intention of focusing on a MILD or DILD. I will give it another shot but I felt like especially the MILD technique really interferes with my sleep. My technique is "when I am dreaming my hands will come into my field of vision and I will perform an RC". This made it very difficult for me to fall asleep, the concentration and sense of expectancy really kept me awake. Then when I would fall asleep I would "pull out" of it because I didn't want to miss anything.

    Maybe I was just concentrating way to hard and was anxious because it was a first attempt? I will give it another try and hopefully the sense of expectation will lessen and I can just sleep and dream :-)

    Last night I also started writing down key plot points on a notepad. I especially wanted to record conversations when they were fresh. It woke me up a little bit more in between dreams which made my sleep even more fitful, but I have more conversations in my dream journal today

    Results: Dream color code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid - Lucid

    Dream One: I am at my grandparents farm with the family. It is late evening and it is snowing outside.

    We have plans to go bowling, my sister and I are both ready to head out the door but my parents are taking forever to get ready. I go into their room to get an ETD (estimated time of departure) from them and they are putting on their shoes, good they should be ready soon.

    My great uncle B. comes over with some pictures of the farm he has taken. Normally we would all politely excuse ourselves and head out the door to go bowling. But for some reason my parents are actually really interested in the pictures! Oh NO!

    I hear my mom saying

    "Oh these are so beautiful"

    crap... I go to check on them to get another ETD... and now they both have their bath robes on and have settled in with tea to look and the pictures! I go to tell my sister that it looks like our bowling plans are pretty much ruined.

    I hear my Dad saying

    "We are coming to a season where if you don't work hard you won't succeed in America"

    I don't know what that is in reference to but I go in again.

    ""Come on guys!"

    My Dad looks at me and says

    "I could be ready in literally one minute"

    and looks at my mom as if this is her fault! He is sitting there in a bath robe!

    Dream Two: I am grilling a feast for my family. I am using some HUGE charcoal grill and have like thirty steaks and three hundred hotdogs on the grill. I takes a long time but I am very excited to get to cook for my family and so a work really hard preparing it all.

    Dream Transition

    I am back at college and am going through the food line. I head over to the salad bar and realize that all the food I prepared is in the salad bar! That food was for my family!

    Somebody is saying

    Dang this is a good looking salad bar!"

    I head over and say

    Crud guys, there has been some type of mix up, that food is for a meeting we are having today at lunch."

    Everyone is disappointed, but surprisingly they put the food back and everyone walks away, sweet! Thank you for cooperating sub conscience! I start trying to stack as much as a can on my plate to carry over to the family.

    Dream Transition

    I am sitting at a lunch table with both my high school group of friends and my college friends. It is kind of awkward at first but then everyone is getting along great. I have finished my meal but I am staying around just to be with my friends. I notice I have not finished all my chips so I start snacking on those.

    I decide to look at the ingredients to see what the chips are made of, CRAP! I stand up, get everyone's attention and say

    "You know what I hate?! Multiple serving per bag! Here I am eating these chips and thinking, "awesome I get to eat all of these chips" but really your only supposed to eat 1 in 10! Those Jerks and their multiple serving per bag!

    everyone agrees with me and so I sit back down.

    Then I group of waiters like from a restaurant comes out from the kitchen and they are clapping like its someones birthday. I don't know the person but who doesn't like singing happy birthday?

    We all stand up and sing

    Happy Happy birthday from all of us to you, we wish it was our birthday so we could party to! HEY! we sing that three or four times for good effect, and then the dream ends.

    Analysis: Well there were certainly multiple dream signs for me to pick up on. My self awareness was not very good in these dreams, I need to become more skeptical of my surroundings in RL and hopefully that will transfer into my dream self also.

    My MILD technique did not succeed tonight, but it will in the future!

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