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    3-29-13 Dream Journal

    by , 03-30-2013 at 01:55 AM (208 Views)
    Technique: I only got three hours sleep last night... So I didn't get into my good REM cycles, so no dreams from last night.

    I did take a three hour nap this afternoon, which had two good REM cycles and two good dreams

    Side Note: I tried to WILD starting my afternoon nap and had better HI than I ever had before! I am really working on not trying to expect anything in my WILD stages but just passively observe them as they come. I really enjoyed my visual HI, they were very vivid and I thought they were beautiful.

    Results: Dream Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

    Dream One: I am with my buddy D.J from college. I managed to pick up two tickets to see my team in the NCAA championship and we are leaving to go see them

    We are taking my truck but for some reason I am going to let D.J drive? I am very nervous about him driving especially since he is un-insured. He does well but when we get to the highway he starts playing a game on his phone and we get in a wreck!

    Dream Two: This was a heck of a dream. I am just going to record major plot points.

    I am in a futuristic city protecting my family and friends against a zombie attack. It goes on for a long time.

    My dad forges me a sword from some dead zombie bodies.
    (my second dream weapon, maybe I am starting a new trend )

    I use it and crush some zombies, I also have TK powers.

    There are so many zombies and they are wearing me down.

    I get my family on a train and get them out of the city.

    Side Note: at one point my dad forges me two more swords, they are powerful but have a limited life.

    Analysis: I am going to keep trying to WILD. I have also started practicing ADA based of off HUKIF's techniques. This will hopefully lead to some DILD. Even if I don't get lucid this technique helps me to have better self awareness in my dreams and be more "me"

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    1. bossman3232's Avatar
      That second dream sounds like Minecraft.