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    4-1-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-01-2013 at 06:16 PM (257 Views)
    Technique: Went to bed at 1 and woke up at 7, took a nap form 9:30 to 11. I tried a WBTB WILD but fell asleep to quickly. I have been half assing my WILD attempts and almost always fall asleep to quickly.

    I will make a more serious attempt this afternoon and am excited to see what happens

    Side Note: I can't believe it! I kept records of major plot points for four dreams, when I woke up I realized that my pen had run out of ink and every page is blank! I know it was not a FA because I tear out the pages after I record them so I can check on that.

    Results: Dream Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

    Dream One: I am at a restaurant that has a ping pong table. (Side Note: I am really good at ping pong in RL) I have been waiting in line to play but when my turn comes two guys try to skip me! It is A.Z and T.

    They start their next game but I walk up to them and say:

    "Come on guys I was clearly waiting to play"

    T. says:

    "We have already started this game so just wait for the next one"

    "Hell No!", "I would be willing to play doubles though"

    Then me and my sister play them. They thought they were really good but I started slowing down time and using TK powers to completely CRUSH them!

    Dream Two: Me and my sister are playing doubles ping pong. We are on opposite teams now. She is partnered with the African guy from the TV show MONK. And my partner is... also the African guy from MONK?

    We are not really playing on a ping pong table anymore. We are playing between to mattress frames and there is like ten inches between where we are trying to play.

    The African guy is cheating hard core! He has the ball attached to his paddle by a elastic string and pulls it back before you can hit it!

    My sister says:

    We are going to beat you so bad!"

    "IMPOSSIBLE", "We will crush you!"

    Dream Transition: It is the last point and my African guy cheats hardcore. My team wins and my sister is really pissed

    Dream Three: I am a bounty hunter in the old west. Me and my partner have just caught up to our bounty and are taking them hostage.

    One of them doubts that we are legit:

    "Are you two even real bounty hunters?"

    For some reason I feel the need to prove that we are.

    There is a tire swing near by and I come up with a plan. I start swinging on it upside down and my partner whips up a stampede.

    As they come at me a let them graze me seven times and perform a cool trick after each time.

    They are very impressed and agree to come into custody...?

    Not to be outdone my partner wants to try and do the same thing.

    "That wasn't so hard!"

    He climbs up the swing and I whip up a stampede.

    Instead of being lightly grazed like I was he just gets straight up racked seven times in a row! It was so funny! He is swinging and a cow runs by and gores him straight in the nuts

    Not to be outdone he keeps trying... and he gets nut shot seven times in a row!

    Our bounty was not longer impressed, but had enough respect for me to come along quietly.

    Dream Four: I am with three of my buddies in a van on a cross country road trip. We are playing a RPG game along the way where we fight people and learn new abilities!

    We keep getting stronger and stronger until I beat the game while they are visiting somebody they knew in an old person's home?

    Dream Five: I am with the African American girl from the show Butter at my aunt and uncle's house.

    They left to get us some more food, but she is to hungry to wait.

    There is a baking pan with some black crust on it, she starts peeling it off and eating it.

    "Mmmmmm, tastes like French Butter Baked Banana Bread"

    Even though it looks gross I decide to try it. It was very good. (Side Note: you can taste in dreams)

    We eat a bunch of that and when my aunt and uncle get home we are full

    Analysis: Wow! Sorry about the wall of text lol. Even though my notes weren't any good the act of writing helped me to remember a lot!

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