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    4-10-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-11-2013 at 04:58 PM (274 Views)
    Technique: Still a day behind in updating my dream journal, which will no doubt mean that some of these dreams will be sketchy. If I don't record the full dream in the first few hours after waking up most of the small details are gone.

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    Dream One:

    Side Note: This dream sequence was much clearer yesterday and I should have recorded it then. I had three separate dreams about fighting orcs and goblins.

    I am in this underground dungeon city, in the human quarters. There are maybe two hundred of us in this offshoot cave of a much larger central passage.

    Outside are many orcs standing guard to make sure we don't escape, but there is no danger of that because the humans are physically and spiritually broken.

    You can just tell that everyone has given up hope. They have no purpose in their eyes. The women try to cover themselves in scrap as best they can to avoid unwanted attention from the men, who mostly just go naked.

    I have not been with these people to experience whatever they have been through, I am a new comer here, and I am not ready to give up hope! I realize that words will do nothing to inspire these people. So I am going around trying to show them that with a little work and ingenuity they can improve their lives!

    Mostly I try to kill pockets of insects which are really bothersome. I also try to improve sleeping situations by finishing excavating the "holes" where most people sleep.

    Surprisingly the thing that seems to inspire people the most is making pottery. There is good clay and water around and I spend some time teaching people how to work it and fire it into vases and pots. This really inspires people as it gives them a place to store things, to have something to hold on to and fight for.

    After a while I can tell that while things are trying to improve it is very slow going because everyone is starving and people are dieing everyday.

    I know that what these people really need to lift there spirits is to see the sun and feel the light, not just physically but spiritually as well, people were not made to live underground! They had been dehumanized, they had forgotten what it means to be human! And no amount of pottery was going to be enough to remind them. The Dream Fades

    Dream Two: I am the leader of a clan of warrior nuns. While we do train our bodies for war our main talent lies as blacksmiths. We are master craftsmen and our weaponry is highly coveted, by both sides of the war.

    We have allied ourselves with a rouge goblin clan against the orc goblin alliance.

    I don't really remember much of what we did, but at the end the goblin leader of our alliance comes to me and says:

    "This alliance wont last long, it will soon fail, and when it does I hope ya come for me first so I can stick ya in the gut! And eat you! Hahahahah"

    I don't really remember anything else but I have a feeling he lived to regret those words, I'm pretty sure I did find him, and I killed him

    Dream Three: I am in a bed in a human fortress, one of the last remaining. It feels very good, it feels like I haven't relaxed or allowed myself to deeply sleep in so long. But I know that soon I will have to get up, it is my intention to launch an attack that will destroy the orc goblin alliance.

    Dream Transition:

    I am at my grandparents farm with seven human heroes. There is a goblin army of twenty marching down the road towards us. This is a representation of the major battle that will be fought to decide who will win the war.

    We are ready for battle, war will be upon us within the minute. I tell the men to remember their passion now, to stand strong and fight with honor. They look nervous, and they are each doing a nervous tick.

    I go to each individual and encourage them, and one by one the nervous ticks disappear. The men are now ready.

    Dream Transition:

    I do not remember any of the actual battle (Which is really frustrating!). All I remember is that at the end of the battle, when it looks like we will surely be defeated, I remember that we have the power of the light on our side, literally the power of the sun!

    I raise my arms and pray that the light would come now and deliver us.

    The clouds slowly start to part, and then are quickly boiled away. A blinding sustained light begins to fall down and everyone on the battle field is enthralled.

    The light begins to quickly build in intensity, it is very hot! It begins to burn away the darkness. Not the darkness of the physical world, which is easily illuminated, but a much deeper spiritual darkness that is within the orc/goblins and within some of the humans as well.

    Wherever the light finds spiritual darkness it brings fire, and the battle is instantly over.

    Those of us who are left fall to our knees and worship. The dream fades

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