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    4-12-12 Dream Journal

    by , 04-12-2013 at 04:47 PM (378 Views)
    Technique: I went to bed at 12 and woke up at 7. This was the first time in the last couple years that I have woken up in the same position that I went to sleep in, I did not toss and turn at all throughout the night. I think that this is because I am teaching my body to sleep more deeply. I love it!

    Results: Color Code: Rl/Comments - Non Lucid - Lucid

    Dream One: I am driving up a tall rocky mountain with my friend J.W. We reach the top and there is a really awesome stone castle that we are staying in, like a hotel. We go in to explore the place and there are rose petals everywhere and some other peoples luggage all around. I think what the crap is J.W doing? He obviously prepared this place for his wife, why am I here? Supper awkward.

    He says that it is not his stuff though, so we start rifling though it to see if we can find anything cool

    Eventually I make my way to the master sweet. It is so cool. It is made completely out of this dark stone, and has a hot tub and cool shower area.

    I see a window looking out so I decide to go see what the view is like.

    It is probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. The castle we are staying at has a deck going all along this whole side. The stone floor of the deck is semi transparent though and I can see there is a stream bed about a hundred feet down, the deck is built out over a ravine. I want to go and check it out but I am not that confident in the structural stability of the deck.

    Across the ravine is a HUGE castle sitting on the top of the neighboring peek. It is made of a black stone that seems to absorb some of the light, which gives it a very dark and gloomy feel. It looks like the Beast's castle from Beauty and the Beast but even bigger. I am pretty sure that we must be in Transylvania because I think that it is Dracula's castle (I don't know why I think this).

    Dream Transition:

    I am back inside with my buddy J.W. Except he is coming at me with a rope and has a cage behind him? I think he is chasing me but why?

    I start to run from him. This goes on for some time and eventually I turn into a werewolf or something and we pretty much wreck the place in our chase.

    Dream Transition:

    It is late at night and thankfully my company finally left so I can get to bed. (I think I must have bought the castle or something because I live there now)

    I crawl into my bed, which is in the living room and start to fall asleep. And I notice there is a fire burning on the deck? I didn't think there was anything flammable out there?

    I run to the kitchen to get a bowl of water to put out the fire. The first bowl I pick up is big enough but has some left over mac n cheese that I ate for dinner in it and I might want that later. I contemplate using the bowl anyway, there is a fire burning, but end up deciding the mac n cheese is more important

    Thankfully I see another large bowl that I used to have some popcorn and it is perfect. I fill it up with water and carefully run, so that I don't spill any, out to see what is burning.

    There is a tree on the deck and a few of it's limbs are on fire. I start throwing the water onto it but by the time I put it out the tree has burned up and only char is left. A strong wind comes and blows the char away, revealing an old fashioned gas street lamp in the trunk of the tree?

    I figure that may have been what caused the fire? So I throw the last of my water to extinguish the lamp.

    I take a moment and look at the lamp. It looks like what would be around a nice pool? I guess?

    I look up and notice that there is a whole pool and thirty foot hot tub on the deck that I hadn't noticed before. There is a party going on and a bunch of people are swimming.

    I start to walk over to them and think, this is just to crazy, I must be dreaming. I do a nose pinch RC and I can still breath through my pinched nose! No way I think, that actually worked!

    Just to confirm I try the nose pinch RC again and it confirms that I am dreaming!

    Cool, pool party! I remember some of my dream goals but before I can get to attempting any of them I notice there is a hottie in a bikini in the pool waving me over. I can't deny the ladies right? lol

    I start to head over to her dodging the rest of the crowd. I make it to the pool and get in, but before I can swim over to her the dream fades away.

    I lay still and attempt a DEILD but it doesn't work and I start to fall asleep normally. I get scared that I might actually fall back asleep and forget my lucid! So I wake myself up completely.

    Analysis: So Cool! Lucid two nights in a row! I think that I must be finding awareness right at the end of the REM cycle when my mind is naturally already starting to wake up. I don't know what to do to combat this other than getting really good at DEILD so that I can just get back into the dream lucid

    Another thing I wanted to note was that I was much calmer when I gained lucidity this time. I didn't get the adrenaline rush of excitement that I did last time, so I got to stay in the dream longer

    Oh yes, another thing. I have got to learn to stop engaging the dream! I keep engaging my DCs and they either make me loose lucidity, or they pull me away from my dream goals!

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    1. Nicho's Avatar
      I make it to the pool and get in, but before I can swim over to her the dream fades away.
      Ain't that just a bummer and how it always goes...?
      Sangfoot likes this.
    2. Sangfoot's Avatar
      Hi Nicho!

      *cough* there may have been about a minute or so more of... content... that I decided to edit *cough*

      lol but yes I do hate it when that happens, stupid sub-conscience teasing me!
    3. Nicho's Avatar
      You can always put adult material in a titled spoiler
      Spoiler for Adult Content:

      At least that's what I do, just a suggestion, if you wish to keep it private, that's your choice, but after all, it's just a dream right..?

      Sweet dreams...!