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    4-13-13 Dream Journals

    by , 04-14-2013 at 03:34 AM (209 Views)
    Technique: I was really tired when I went to bed last night. I set an alarm to go off after three hours sleep but I don't even remember waking up to turn it off. I remembered a series of dreams when I finally woke up but they weren't very vivid.

    I have felt really groggy all day and so my RC checks and ADA practices have been sloppy. And I have a big day tomorrow so I am kind of stressed and so I am not expecting much from my dreams tonight, which is kind of bumming me out even more since I have really grown to love dreaming! It is so crazy how vivid they can be, it's like a second life except where you can do whatever you want! Way better than day dreaming.

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

    Dream One: I am riding a motorcycle towards my grandparents farm. I am passing a pizza boy on a motorcycle and realize he is heading to the farm, my grandparents must have ordered some pizza. I decide to race him back to the farm, and of course I win

    Dream Transition:

    I am at my grandparents farm and it is planting season (I have never been involved in this and have no idea what it entails). My cousin N.L comes over and he brought some food from their farm, they have already harvested their stuff?

    He gives me a pick-nick basket with some baked goods in it. I take the first one and it is a baked sweet roll with homemade ice cream and toasted apricots in it! I ask my cousin if it is apricot that I am tasting and he says it is, I lay on the ground and savor each bite of the roll.

    I take the second roll. It is a baked sweet roll with a sugar glaze and natural honey on it from their bee farm! I savor every bite of it and it may be the sweetest, best thing I have ever eaten (Go dream food!).

    Dream Two: I am a boat captain in a Water World setting. I love my boat! I go below decks and explore the boat. It has two bedrooms and with a family room and a master bedroom suite. It is really big and is fully furnished.

    I decide that I need to make some money so I should take on some passengers. I head towards an Atoll to pick up some passengers.

    I have an extreme prejudice towards those who live on the land, I can't believe that anyone wouldn't want to live on the freedom of the ocean.

    I head to the Atoll, who welcomes me when I tell them I am looking to take on passengers. There are a bunch of candidates, especially when they see how nice my boat is

    I decide to take on a really fat man who is really rich, I will have to re-arrange the family room for his bed because he won't fit into a normal room, but he is very rich

    My second passenger is a young fun loving attractive women. She is very cheerful and helps me re-arrange the family room for the fat man. I wanted to hang out with her some more, she wasn't so bad for a land lover, But the dream fades

    Dream Transition:

    I am at an Atoll and there is a huge storm coming in. I am standing on the docks hoping that the storm will change course, but it keeps heading towards the Atoll. I am afraid that it might destroy my boat!

    The storm is like a mixture of a tornado and a typhoon! I gain semi lucidity at this point just to appreciate how amazing this storm is.

    Dream Transition:

    I am out in the ocean kind of floating adrift, the tornado storm destroyed my mast and things aren't looking good.

    I see a swarm of sharks that is guarding a mast with a sail... convenient.

    I go over and punch some sharks in the face, and take the mast with sail. The dream fades.

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