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    4-17-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-17-2013 at 07:04 PM (288 Views)
    Technique: I was really focusing on a WILD last night. I felt like I had been falling asleep to quickly, so I decided to really focus on it and try to make it all the way to a dream! This didn't work to well All that really happened was the usual HI crap and then me not falling asleep for two hours I was tired so not being able to fall asleep was not the problem. I just can't seem to transition into a dream!

    Anyway, during my second WBTB attempt I did discover something new, so I guess I'll just keep plugging away and maybe eventually succeed in a WILD. I discovered that I have been way to focused on what is happening with my eyes, not paying attention to my whole body. I believed that by concentrating on visuals I would be able to "envision" a dream and then enter it. What I learned (which isn't any great revelation, it should have been obvious) is that dreams don't really have anything to do with the eyes, it is in your head, literally. At least for me there is a kind of place that is more in my head than in my eyes where I can drift off and daydream. For some reason I hadn't associated this place with lucid dreaming. Once I started focusing on visualizing the dream, not with my eyes but more like a day dream the visuals really increased and I was more immersed than I ever have been before. I still didn't manage to transition into a WILD though...

    I have also been trying to learn to recognize when I am coming out of a dream so that I can DEILD back into it. I am getting in the habit of waking up in between dreams, which is good for a DEILD. But I have a horrible habit of rolling over into a new position every time a wake up. I will experiment more to see how this will affect a DEILD, I may have to break this habit.

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

    Dream One: I am at a board meeting with some college faculty and church staff. I am not really that engaged, I know that no one is really listening to what anyone else is saying, they just want to push their own agenda. Nothing is really going to come of this meeting.

    Eventually they start arguing over something completely redundant that no one really cares about, like what brand of dish soap they are going to use?

    R.F leans over to me and says:

    "And that's the signal that its time to move on, its stamp time"


    "Oh, stamp time is a phrase I have picked up from these meetings. It signifies that no real discussion is going on anymore and it is time to be done"

    "I picked it up from a board meeting we had many years ago where we spent three hours debating what size and style of stamps to use for our Christmas invitations. After that whenever we start arguing about something that doesn't matter we call it... stamp time "

    I guess that makes sense.

    Dream Transition:

    Time skips forward a little bit and this is R.F telling a story about why he has been gaining weight.

    Side Note: I'm sure it could be refined some to make it make more sense, but this is how I remember it in the dream.

    Somebody asks R.F why he has been gaining weight recently.

    "Well that is a great question, my wife recently asked me the same thing and I will tell you the same thing a told her"

    "It is a question of appetite, appetite and pride. You see, I recently came to the realization....

    Dream kind of fades at this point... and picks back up here:

    And that's why it's because of my PENIS! You see I just have so much pride, and my junk is just so large that how could I not eat to excess?"

    At this point I bust up laughing in the middle of the board meeting but nobody else thinks it's funny so I look stupid. The dream fades

    Dream Two: I am running out of time to journal so these next Three dreams will be shorthand only

    I am at a reception for E.H wedding. But for some reason they are calling it off? I eat a bunch of Jalapeno Doritos and cake. Then to console E.H we start drinking some strawberry flavored beer, it is actually pretty tasty even though it sounds gross. T.T was also there drinking with us, I don't know why.

    Dream Three: I am at a DQ/Dominos. They are having a huge party to try and draw in new customers. I order a pizza and a *cough*$$$$beer. I am trying to order a beer, but disguise it by acting like I am ordering a ROOT beer. The guy behind the counter gets what I mean and hands me a beer and winks at me. It looks like beer but I am thinking no way does DQ serve beer now! I taste it to see and it is just root beer, very good root beer! Then I pay with some chocolate bars (Part of the promotion to bring in new customers?) and leave. The dream fades

    Dream Four: Crazy dream, just to crazy to describe in the short time I have. I am delivering hay to cows and horses down the highway. But I am using a tractor that is more like some long leg extensions with a hitch on the back for a trailer? It makes me 45ft tall, I know because I passed under a bridge with a 45 foot limit. But I could limbo to get under smaller doors?

    Also, apparently you needed a permit to run these vehicles, but nobody ever checked my permit before selling me hay, I wish they would have this thing was supper dangerous!

    Near the end somebody who knows how to run one comes by and straps me in saying "that is how it's done". But being strapped in makes it much more difficult to manage, and now I can't slow down! I am trying to slow down but I can't shift my weight right to do it. I can't remember if I crash or manage to slow down.

    But I am unloading hay and I look to see some REALLY huge cows waiting to be fed. They are like twenty feet tall, at first I am scared of them but they turn out to be nice. I pet one, and consider riding it, but a bull comes over and gives me a look so I get out of there. The dream fades.

    Side Note: I may come back to flesh out that last dream some... but probably not so blah...

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