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    4-2-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-02-2013 at 05:39 PM (296 Views)
    Technique: Went to bed at 1 and woke up at 7 for a WBTB WILD (fail) then slept until 10:30

    I tried another WILD at 10:30 but was to awake to fall asleep.

    Results: Color Code: Rl/Comments - Non Lucid

    Dream One: I am in a castle for a estate auction. I am an old women and I am here to represent the interests of some museum.

    A large brown leather trunk comes up for auction. I am not interested in it but there is a phone bidder who is bidding very aggressively.

    Suddenly I know who the phone bidder is, it is my arch rival in the museum business! I have to win this trunk!

    We both start bidding very aggressively, the bid is at 1,200 pounds. Then my rival jumps the bid to 25,000 pounds!! Thank goodness her banker walks in and says that she can only cover a bid of 12,500 pounds! Thank goodness

    The bid is now at 12,500 pounds, Damn that women!

    "50,000 pounds!"

    What! I look around to see who has made such an outrageous bid, and everyone is staring at me. Did I make that bid!?


    Says the auctioneer.

    Everyone is coming to congratulate me, but I am in a panic, how am I going to get 50,000 pounds??? And I don't even know what the trunk is? I wasn't even interested in it a first!

    Dream Transition:

    I am in a lobby with my other museum representatives. Some stewards bring in the trunk and I announce:

    "Eww, who would want that piece of crap?"

    "Umm, don't you remember. You bought that mam?"

    Oh really. I remember now, I wonder how much I paid for that crap. I go over and look at the tag.

    "Oh my, I paid 20,000 pounds for this! (serious denial)

    Um, No mam, you paid 50,000 pounds.

    I look at the tag again and realize that indeed it does read 50,000 pounds!

    "I can't possibely have paid that for this?! Why didn't anyone stop me!

    "I'm afraid so mam"

    Dream Transition:

    I am at a church praying and trying to figure out how I am going to cover my debts.

    Suddenly I realize the answer to all my problems, the church lottery of course!

    The church is doing a lottery, and the pot is... 50,000 pounds! Yay!

    I hadn't entered my name before because I thought it would be unbecoming to enter myself while representing the museum, but now things have changed

    Dream Transition:

    There is a priest coming to pull a name from a hat to see who wins the lottery.

    ... he fishes around... ... fishes some more... ... and announces...

    "Mrs. Bricken Bottom!"

    Yay! ... I guess that's me right? lol

    Suddenly the priest realizes just who I am, and he to thinks it was improper of me to enter myself when representing the museum.


    Dream Two: I am playing basketball on an NBA court. I am not really THAT good at basketball, but I know that if I concentrate I will be able to do well

    We play for quite a while and I start to earn the respect of the NBA players.

    There is one player that keeps fouling me hardcore. Every time I go to shoot he litteraly hangs off of my other hand draging me down.

    "How come you are shooting the ball one handed?"

    ?! What!

    "Because you are hanging on my other arm! Get off!

    Dream Transition:

    I had to leave the game because I got a bloody nose. I go to the bathroom to try and stop it, but I realize that it is a bloody mouth? Yeah? The real problem is that my mouth is bleeding and it is making my nose bleed? Yeah that's right, or something.

    I stop the bleeding and head back to the court.

    The team is all gathered around and coach is giving a speech. But the coach is my great aunt P.

    She asks me:

    How come it took ya so long?

    I try to explain about the mouth bleed but the dream fades away.

    Dream Three: I am in an old Gothic style castle that is run by Orcs. They are very friendly and are giving me a tour.

    Eventually we make it to the basement and he is explaining how they get their power.

    They have these huge pits in the ground that each have a lap dog that is the size of a house in them. They are very dirty, and they are angry at their treatment, but I can tell that they are good dogs.

    I feel kind of bad at betraying my host, but these dogs need to be freed, they were not meant to be a power source. So I release them.

    We run away together and I think everything is great. But they suddenly stop and start to inspect me.

    It is great that I freed them, but I am still a humanoid so they will not trust me to be in their pack.

    Their leader comes and starts smelling me. And I start smelling him back?

    Yeah... That's right... I don't need to be afraid because I am not really a humanoid. I am a vampire?

    I start smelling him back.

    He decides that since I am a vampire it will be okay if I run with the pack, so we take off.

    Eventually we get to a secret room in the castle, you see the castle was originally the dogs and the Orcs have stolen it from them, they know the castle much better than the Orcs do.

    The room is a lounge room and has a giant freezer full of ice cream and ice cream sandwiches.

    The dogs have a unique way of eating, they each take a bite out of a sandwich then pass it on.

    At first I think that this is gross, sharing germs with dogs, but the ice cream IS very good and it is nice to sample each kind. Dang these dogs are smart!

    I go to get some water from the doggy bowl and the dream fades...

    Analysis: I am going to stop trying to WILD so hard for a while. The attempts are actually helping me to sleep better so I have no complaint there. But, I really want to have a lucid dream! I think that my anxiety is putting to much pressure on my WILD attempts and so I am going to back off for a while and see if that helps.

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