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    4-21-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-21-2013 at 08:41 PM (298 Views)
    Technique: Went to bed at 12 and got up at 7. I was really focusing on dream recall, as that is the technique that gives me the greatest improvements in dream vividness and awareness. I noticed that during the last week, when I was really focusing on WILD and DEILD, my recall really started to lapse so I came back to the basics. I will keep focusing heavily on recall for awhile, because recall is the foundation that all other dream skills are based on

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

    Side Note: I recorded notes for six dreams last night, but only one of them wasn't boring work related stuff I only get the work related dreams when I am stressed out, so they should go away after this weekend

    Side Note 2: Just in case anyone is actually going to bother reading this wall of text let me say thank you, and sorry in advance!

    Dream One: I am in a futuristic city/town. There are a group of forty store apartment buildings surrounding a lake in the middle. It is a training camp for those of us with supper human abilities

    I live in one apartment on the west side of the lake on like the thirtieth floor with five other peeps. There are three guys and two girls.

    We are all training at this supper human boot camp, we go to classes and stuff but we have a lot of free time. The teachers encourage us to use our free time "free training" to interact with the others where we can learn more about our powers, and learn to use them in combat. There are maybe a thousand of us in all at the camp. They have us separated into groups of six, after training we will start going on missions in our six man squads, there is great competition to see which squad will be the strongest!

    I go to the balcony of the apartment and then fly out over the lake. At first it is kind of difficult to fly, and I am loosing altitude, but then I "power up" some and start to easily fly around in circles inside the ring of apartments. I take a moment to look around at the competition. There are maybe a hundred other people out flying around right now, but I know none of them offer me any real competition. I am one of the strongest at the camp, with a wide range of powers. Who is the strongest has not really been determined yet, with the top five, me included, all vying for the spot. It will be decided soon, based on who can develop their powers to the next level first.

    All of a sudden I become very determined to step up my training!

    Dream Transition:

    I fly back into the apartment, I must speak with my master about becoming stronger.

    I go to my master's room. My master is an old women, she is so old and stooped that she can barely walk. At this school the student chooses their own master when they first come. This women had not had a pupil in a long time, but something about her gave me the feeling that everyone had been severely mis-judging her. She looked very wise and powerful to me, and so I asked if she would be my master.

    I was correct in my judgment of her. She is one of the most ancient teachers at the school, and she is very wise and powerful. She almost chose not to accept me as her pupil, I didn't even know teachers could do that? Saying that she only had time to train one more pupil, and she was not sure that I was worthy. I don't know how, but somehow I managed to change her mind.

    Dream Transition:

    It is several weeks in the future. I have been training hard but have not made any real breakthroughs. I have spent the last couple weeks frustrated with my master, who is not giving me the answers I want.

    When I asked her how to become more powerful she just said something enigmatic that I did not understand at all, and then gave me some burnt out power stones. Since then she has been silent! Not answering any of my questions!

    At this school one source of power is from these stones that everybody has. There are many different kinds and each gives out a different kind of power. I don't usually bother with them though, as my natural abilities are stronger, and the stones have a limited power supply and quickly burn out. Everyone knows that none of the most powerful people use the stones at all.

    So why did my master give me these burnt out power stones? She gave me seven of them, each of a different kind. At first I was intrigued by them, wondering if they were somehow different than the others, but after a few days of studying them I became board and frustrated with my master for giving me something so useless.

    Dream Transition:

    I am not making any progress and my competitors are starting to pull ahead of me in terms of power.

    I take the seven stones and go into my master study, joining her in meditation. I see that she is holding one of the stones like the one I have. I pick it up. Nothing is happening...

    We sit in meditation for a long time, when my mind has begun to drift I notice that master is doing something weird. She seems to be drawing power through the burnt out stone somehow!

    I can't see how she is doing it, but thankfully she finally decides to explain!

    "I am not sure that you are ready... or worthy... for this knowledge yet. But, our time grows short and so I must choose to push you beyond what you may handle. Know that once you begin this process it cannot be stopped, if you do not surrender you will be burnt out, just like the used up stones"

    I nod that I understand and she continues.

    "You must understand the nature of the stones. Many believe that they in themselves contain power, and that you are borrowing the power of the individual stone, but this is not the case. The stone is merely a conduit, the crystalline structure acts as a conduit for your mind allowing you to harness a much greater power. Without understanding of this structure, it is easy to abuse it and in so doing destroy the delicate structure of the crystal, burning it out"

    "What you must learn, is that with proper understanding, it is possible to tap into these different power sources by replicating the structure of the crystal in your mind and body"

    "This will give you access to great amount of power, but also exposes you to great risk. If you do not properly mimic the structure of the crystal when drawing power, than like the abused crystal your mind and body will be burnt out... killing you"

    "In this exercise there is no try, if you fail you will die. You must decide now if the risk is worth the benefit. If you decide to go ahead, seeking power only for yourself, then you will surely fail and die. You must meditate on your future.... then decide on your own. I cannot make this decision for you."

    And with that she disappeared.

    Dream Transition:

    It has been several weeks since my master disappeared. I have not tried to learn anything new about the stones, her warnings and following disappearance have made me feel very uncomfortable. I put the stones out of my mind, I guess I figured that if I ever found a motivation outside of myself like she was talking about then I would risk trying to learn the stones.

    Future Transition:

    It has been several more weeks. I am at one of my friends apartments hanging out. I guess this afternoon things just changed and without even really thinking about what I was doing I picked up one of there stones and starting kind of "absorbing" it into my body. I was kind of shocked at what I had done but I new that now if I stopped then I would die.

    It was actually really easy. As the stone was being absorbed my body kind of naturally learned its structure and then it kind of rearranged itself to mimic it! It felt great and so I picked up six more stones and just kind of started plugging them into my body all at once!

    When it was done a "energized" the new structures that my body was mimicking and I felt power like I have never felt before!

    I opened up the window and started flying around the apartments! I was so fast! I knew that with this power there was no one who would be able to compete with me, I was even stronger than the teachers! I drew in power from all seven of the structures and let my aura shine around me so that everyone could see how powerful I was.

    Dream Transition:

    I am traveling down a highway with my family in a tiny compact car. I am disappointed that my last dream has ended, I was really enjoying being a supper hero!

    I turn to do something, and then off in the distance I see a giant beam of light on the ground, I can't tell if it is coming from the sky or from the ground, but it is very bright.

    Then a atom bomb goes off and there is a MASSIVE explosion! I huge mushroom cloud forms, my Dad swerves off the road to the side into the ditch to try and hide us from the radiation that the bomb is putting off.

    At this moment I remember that I am a supper hero and it is my job to investigate and see what is going on. I feel like we are being attacked, on a massive scale, like a war.

    I know that I can fight the battle, but I must find a general to direct our war efforts. I get out to fly towards the explosion to see what is going on. I grab somebody out of the back seat that was traveling with us. I know that he has a photographic memory and so I will fly him over the scene and he will be able to report later everything he has seen.

    I fly quickly to the site, where an enemy camp has formed. There are turrets all over that are shooting at us, but with my power and speed I am easily able to avoid them. I fly us towards the center of camp, and we see a map table that has the enemies plans on it. Good, since he has seen it we should be able to replicate it and form a strategy to fight the enemy.

    Dream Transition:

    I am not really sure how the war effort is going, I think it is going good? I realize it doesn't really matter, not to me, not right now. I just need to make sure that I do whatever I have to to make sure that we win this battle.

    There are some tanks rolling over a hill attacking me. They fire at me but I don't even bother dodging as their bullets are not strong enough to hurt me. I fly at them very quickly putting my arms ahead of me like a spear I fly through the row of tanks easily puncturing their armor and destroying them.

    Then two enemy supper heroes appear. They have been waiting for me to come out, they are the two strongest of the enemy, and they expect that together they will be able to defeat me.

    Someone says, MAX SPEED and then they are both coming at me faster than I can see. They are much faster than I expected.

    I activate all seven of the power sources within my body and I am able to match them blow for blow, two against one.

    They are very surprised, as they expected to overwhelm me with the first attack.

    I hold them off for a moment, judging their strength. Then in one moment I move as fast as I can turning horizontal to the ground I grab one of their heads between my thighs, and the others neck with my right arm. Then I surge all of my power into my legs and right arm, crushing their heads! I see a moment of shock on their faces, they can't believe how fast I am, then they die.

    After they are dead I realize they are androids. They managed to attain their level of speed my replacing parts of their bodies with machines. Hmmmm.

    Anyway, they were no match for me.

    Dream Transition:

    Some years latter I randomly run into my master at a gas station. She says that she has been watching my development, and that she is very proud of me.

    She is going to die soon, but is glad that she at-last found a worthy pupil before she past away.

    She asks me to watch her dog after she dies. She is a very nice golden retriever, who is also quite old. I tell her I will, and then she again disappears.

    I don't ever see her again, but I do remember taking care of her dog.

    The Dream Fades.

    Analysis: Oh my goodness that dream was much longer than I thought. If that is what focusing on recall gives you then bring on the recall baby! That was amazing!

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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      So you were nonlucid this entire time? Really cool dream!
    2. Sangfoot's Avatar
      Hi JadeGreen!

      Thanks for the response, I was afraid that the wall of text would scare away all the readers

      Yes I was non-lucid this whole time, but my awareness level was high which aided in my recall. I think why the dream was so long is because what I experience as a "dream transition" is actually a whole new dream, I have just DEILDed or returned to the previous one, still non-lucid though.

      So this may have actually been three of four dreams.

      I really enjoy it when this happens because it allows me to have "one" really long dream, and have a pretty substantial plot.