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    4-24-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-24-2013 at 05:54 PM (211 Views)
    Technique: Went to bed at 11:30 and got up at 10. I decided to try something pretty radical to try and achieve a WILD. I set an alarm to go off after two hours sleep, and then every hour thereafter. I figured this would maximize my WBTB attempts.

    Not a good idea! First off I slept really crappy, and all that it really achieved was to break up my REM cycle horribly. It felt like I was being woken up at the beginning of my dream, every time. I had the same dream fragment four times, pretty frustrating.

    I am going to shoot for quality not quantity in the future.

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

    Dream One: I am at my grandparents farm... doing something?

    My sister is there with me, we are exploring a big shed.

    And..... Que the alarm.

    Dream 2-4: Same as dream one.

    Dream Five: I am walking up a large set of concrete steps towards a sky scraper. It is dark outside, there are bums living on the steps. There are no street lights or anything, the only light is coming from the fires the bums are burning to keep warm in 50 gallon drums.

    I am dressed in a nice suit, the bums are looking at me. I am afraid that they may try to mug me, so I pick up my pace.

    I reach the top of the steps and turn to look if anyone is following me. I am a little embarrassed because no one is paying any attention to me at all, and I must have looked the fool running up the steps.

    I glance further up to look deeper into the city. It looks like the infrastructure is still well cared for, and the city is actually really clean. But, there are thousands of bums living all along the streets.

    I walk into the building, there is a movie theater with stadium seating set up inside it.

    There are maybe two hundred people already seated for the movie.

    I walk halfway up and take a seat in the middle.

    I wonder what movie we are here to watch?

    I sexy business women comes and sits next to me.

    She starts to question me and two other guys about what degrees we have,

    She is going to choose one of us for a boyfriend.

    I make up a ton of crap, and tell her I am a genius

    She sits down next to me and the movie begins. I don't even notice what is playing, I start reaching to put my arm around her shoulders.

    She pulls away, I think she is refusing, but then it becomes apparent she was just creating space to take off her sweater.

    She leans in and I put my arm around her shoulders. We snuggle together.

    It feels great, she is warm and soft, and her hair smells good.

    I run my hand up under her shirt, and start messaging her shoulders.

    This goes on for awhile. Then we snuggle again and the dream fades.

    Analysis: I want a lucid dream so bad!

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