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    4-25-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-25-2013 at 07:25 PM (385 Views)
    Technique: I have been incredibly focused on WILDing. I figured I would start from the basics again, since I felt that my technique had been getting sloppy. I had stopped counting because I thought that it was keeping me to awake, and I would never actually fall asleep to transition during a WILD. I didn't ever realize that since I have stopped counting, I have had the opposite problem. Lately, I have been falling asleep to quickly which is really frustrating. So I started counting again last night to anchor my mind while my body is falling asleep, and it kind of worked. I got back to the point where I will be drifting into a dream, realize what is happening, and snap back out of it. I will then start counting again and repeat the process. After this happened five times I got frustrated and just fell asleep. I am having so much difficulty transitioning into a dream.

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid - Lucid

    Dream One: I am on a road trip with my Dad. We are traveling in a huge van that we have rented that is more like a small house inside.

    Inside the van we each have our own bedroom, and all the amenities of a house.

    We stop at a gas station to take a break and get a drink.

    The gas station is kind of dirty, so we both quickly get our drinks and head to the counter to pay. Right before we pay I notice that they have a flavor of soda that I somehow missed. It is a Kirby flavored soda?

    I go back to get a second drink, I mean how could I possibly pass up a Kirby flavored pop?

    When we go back to pay somehow a line of twenty people has formed in front of the register!?

    My Dad is pissed and so he decides to just cut the whole line. We go to the front and they just make room for us... great.

    We go to pay and there are two problems. First our card isn't working and my Dad has gone behind the counter to argue with the employee. Second I have taken a drink of the Kirby pop, and it has the side effect of producing Kirby star stickers in your stomach, which I am regurgitating and passing around.

    My Dad and I get into an argument about how to pay, but finally manage to get the card to work.

    Dream Transition:

    We are walking back to our rented van. We are walking towards an intersection with a street light. There are three shady looking guys already waiting, and they are inspecting two pops that are on the ground by the light! I run ahead and tell them not to touch those, they are mine! How did my pops get ahead of me? I must have set them down?

    They three guys start following us towards the van. My Dad is arguing with their leader, who starts singing a Ramstein lullaby to prove his point. This makes my Dad even angrier for some reason. But I am listening to the song, I have never heard it before and it is great! The dream fades.

    FA One: I get up out of bed and start focusing on dream recall, I would really like to remember some of those lyrics from the Ramstein song. I grab my note pad and start to record my dreams. Then I get up and head towards the bathroom. Things start looking weird and I wake up.

    FA Two: I wake up again. Man that was a FA! I can't believe I didn't RC! I grab my pad again (which is empty) and start recording again... wait... I forgot to RC again! This could be another FA! Right when I thought this I knew I was dreaming. But I went ahead and nose plug RC'ed just to be sure. And of course I could breathe through my plugged nose.

    I focused for a second on stability, but I was already calm and engaged. And I knew that this FA wouldn't last long so I just skipped this and moved on.

    I started to think about my dream goals. Maybe I should try the advanced TOTM?

    But I knew that I didn't have long in this FA so I decided to spend some time exploring to see if something cool happened.

    I walk out of my bedroom and see my mom calling me in the kitchen. NOOO!! IGNORE! (I have a problem with engaging my family in LD's and losing lucidity)

    I walk away from her with her calling after me. Keep ignoring.

    I see a strange dark hallway that is not there in RL.

    I walk down it and come out in a massive Library entrance room.


    I look around for a second. It is big and pretty, but not really that interesting, moving on.

    I see another dark hallway, I walk to go down it.

    Now the dream is starting to fade and things aren't working logically.

    I am heading towards an exit, a group of Werewolves comes out and is guarding the door. I move on

    I am heading towards an exit, a group of vampires comes out and is guarding the door. I move on

    I am heading towards an exit, a group of Frankenstein monsters comes out and is guarding the door. I move on

    I am heading towards an exit, a mob comes out with torches and pitchforks they are guarding the door. I move on

    This time I feel a presence behind me. I quickly turn! but to late! Voldemort is right behind me and he stabs me in the back with a stun baton and I wake up!

    I wake up. I quickly RC to see if this is another FA, no such luck. Oh well... that was freaking awesome!

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    1. Sangfoot's Avatar
      I have spent some time thinking about what I could have done differently to use this lucid time to accomplish dream goals rather than just wondering around, fun as that is to do while lucid

      When I gain lucidity I almost always feel rushed, like I know time is running out. Rather than letting this feeling control me I am going to learn to really stabilize the dream, and fully engage my senses in it.

      Also, when I am lucid in the back of my mind I am thinking about the real world, like "I wonder what time it is", or "I am probably going to wake up soon". When you read the really great dreamers DJ's to stabilize they completely forget about the real world all together. It doesn't exist at all, you have to convince your mind that what is around you is reality. There is no chance of "waking up to soon" because there is nothing else to wake up to, this is reality.

      Next time I am lucid I am going to try and think like this. Even when I feel rushed, I will fully engage my senses like I am going to have all the time in the world in this dream. Once, and only once, I feel like I would rate what I am experiencing as a 10 out of 10 on a reality scale will I consider dream goals.

      Even if stabilizing is the only thing I end up doing it will be worth it. Even though these thirty second LD's are fun, they are not going to help me accomplish my dream goals and so I will adjust my methods with end goals in mind
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    2. RavenOfShadow's Avatar
      Great dream, and awesome analysis afterwards. You sound spot on with your thinking - its all about living in the present. You have to forget any due dates, deadlines, and larms - it will only make your dream crumble. A friend told me that in his prime he could actually meditate in his lucid to make it like 100 times longer. Time flow is arguably the most advanced thing to control when lucid dreaming. But keep at it and you will get better and better at it!


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    3. Sangfoot's Avatar
      Hi RavenOfShadow!


      I am so jealous of your friend! I would LOVE to have that much dream control! Maybe some day if we all keep at it we can get there too

      I am just kind of frustrated right now because my lucids are few and far in between. Even though I know that I am progressing, and doing quite well actually, I am getting frustrated that I am not progressing more quickly! You know what I mean?

      When I started this DJ almost two months ago I was expecting that by this point I would be having lucids three or four times a week by now. And that is just not happening... yet...
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    4. RavenOfShadow's Avatar
      Yea I hear that buddy. I've only been doing it for a week or so, and I don't seem to be making much progress in lucidity. However, my dream vividness and recall has become so much more impressive, which gives me hope. I've been experimenting with melatonin but it doesnt seem to do much... It makes my dreams more vivid but it makes recall harder because I'm much drowsier when I try to write my dreams down. I have started to wake after every indivudual dream though, which I'm proud about!

      We just gotta stick at it Evidently its the most amazing thing ever, so no matter how long it takes we have to stick with it!

      Keep me updated!

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    5. Sangfoot's Avatar
      Yeah your so right.

      I love it when I wake up from a really crazy non-lucid dream that I can remember perfectly! I always think "I can't believe I spent the first 23 years of my life not dreaming!" It feels like I missed 23 years worth of episodes of one of my favorite TV shows!

      Waking up in between dreams is such a great habit to get into, I am also learning to do it. I usually only manage to do it after four or five hours of sleep though, when my dreams naturally start to elongate and intensify. I am hoping that eventually I will be able to "feel" when I am waking up from a dream and DEILD back into them! I think it is the most consistent method of lucid dreaming.

      Let's stick with this and soon both of us will be lucid dreaming left and right!
    6. RavenOfShadow's Avatar
      Sounds awesome!

      Once we really start getting it we will have to start a "Dream club" or whatever they call them. Little groups within DV that make their own monthly goals and do their own research Haha. But so true, I can't believe I've let dreaming go to waste for this long. But better late then never!

      Keep up the good work, and stay in touch!