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    4-26-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-26-2013 at 05:03 PM (373 Views)
    Technique: Went to bed at 11:30 and woke up at 10. I was very focused on achieving a WILD last night. I was using a breath counting method again to try and anchor my mind until I could transition into a dream. I ran into the same problems as before when using this method. Counting just keeps me to awake, I need a new way to anchor my mind that keeps me awake enough, but will allow me to fall asleep at the proper time! Once I had done 3 100 counts with very little progress because my mind was so active I became frustrated and gave up. I wish I could remember how quickly I fell asleep once I gave up, I'm sure there is a lesson to be learned there.

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

    Dream One: B. and D.H show up at my door with some food like for a pot luck.

    They walk in without being invited and ask if I am ready for the meeting?

    I am very confused, what meeting? And why do you have food?

    She tells me we didn't really decide to have one, but she is calling one because she thinks we need to meet.

    We all gather in the living room and she starts the meeting. It was all very weird because usually I would be leading the meeting, I felt like she was very aggressive.

    She asks us to spend some time thinking about something. I do and I feel like I have come up with a solution. She asks what we have come up with and I start to share.

    She stops me and says that's not what shes looking for, Okay, Now she's crossed a line! I stand up to tell her she is being inappropriate!

    She stands up with me and her personality completely changes back to her usual self. She is very sweet and acts like nothing is going on. She offers us the food she brought with her, which is a very tasty lasagna with garlic bread

    Then B. and B.H are heading out the door thanking me for meeting with them? Hmmmm

    Dream Two: I am on a school trip with my college buddies J.D and L.T. We are staying on the floor of some motel room, we all have are sleeping bags out and are prepared for bed.

    I pull out my phone, which is supper high tech (Think Transformers style) and start playing a game.

    Side Note about the game: I am an antelope with a sword. I am approaching two turtles with red bars over their heads, they must be bad guys. They are guarding a door, and I just remembered that door is where I want to go!

    I swing my sword, I wonder how strong I am? Right before it connects I start moving really slow? Lag? or what? I am concerned that I will be really weak, or my timing will be off. But then an "S" appears on the screen and I quickly push it. Then a series of letters, "a", "A", "Y" and so on. It is a timing sequence like the finishing moves in Darksiders if you have ever played it.

    I complete the sequence and end up cutting off the turtles head and burying my sword to the hilt through its shell killing it! Hell yeah!

    For some reason I become very afraid and run away from the other turtle. It doesn't feel like a game anymore. My dream has completely transitioned and now I am the antelope. As I am running from the turtle I change into a zebra. I am running down hill towards a water hole/lake. There are hyenas chasing me now, RUN!

    I see an island in the middle of the lake, there is a GINORMOUS elephant standing on the island, it must be forty stories tall at least. I figure that must be the safe zone, no hyena would go onto that island.

    I am close to the water now. But there are two hyenas already between me and the water! I manage to kick one and am heading towards the water.

    I jump in and the other hyena follows me in, he is so close now!!

    He is gaining on me! Swim faster!!

    I am back in the room in my sleeping bag holding my phone. I guess I must have died, that was a cool game I guess?

    There is a knock on the door, who would be coming by this late?

    L.T jumps up to go answer the door, he had been expecting this.

    It is his high school want to be girlfriend who he is always talking about.

    We hang out with her for awhile, she is pretty cool I guess, although it is obvious she has no interest in L.T.

    At one point she wiggles under me and starts playing my phone game.

    I don't really remember how we got in this position? But I realize I am on top of her breathing down her neck. I apologize for breathing down her neck.

    She dismisses it, saying she thought it felt good. Hmmmmm

    Dream Three: I am driving a bus?

    Oh yeah... that's right, I am a bus driver.

    I am driving a group of Amish kids to an anti AIDS convention.

    I guess that at this time AIDS is pretty much everywhere, and even the Amish have to be educated on how to avoid it.

    After the convention I am merging back onto the highway and see they have two options. They have an AIDS highway and an AIDS FREE highway. I take the AIDS FREE highway.

    We stop to get some food, but only stop at an AIDS FREE restaurant. I get my food before all the Amish kids go through.

    I go to fill up my pop, but they only have regular pop? I remark that they don't have any diet soda! and someone remarks that who would want diet soda anyway?

    I DO!!!

    ALSO... every flavor is GRINCH flavored! Who wants to drink GRINCH flavored pop?!

    I yell out:

    "This is so stupid! Who would want to drink GRINCH flavored pop!"

    And at this all the Amish kids raise there hand and say: "Ohhh I dooooo"

    Oh well, guess I'm not in touch with the demands of this generation. Who thought to market grinch flavored pop?

    Well done sir, well done.

    The dream fades.

    Analysis: I am just so frustrated with WILDing right now. I just can't seem to transition.

    The only reason I have been able to keep up with it for so long is that the attempt seems to make my dreams afterwards more vivid, which I really enjoy.

    I don't normally take naps, but I hear that can be a good time to WILD. I am going to wake up supper early one morning so that I will be tired in the afternoon and I can nap. Then I will try and WILD and see if I have any success transitioning.

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