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    4-27-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-27-2013 at 05:14 PM (259 Views)
    Technique: Went to bed at 1 woke up at 10. Nothing new really to talk about here

    Oh yeah... I tried to read back through my DJ it found it is kind of difficult to find any one dream. I am going to start naming each dream to make it easier to find later.

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

    Dream One: New Targeting Systems

    I am at my grandparents farm hunting with my grandpa. We each have a really old shotgun that we found at the back of some shed, I'm sure the haven't been cared for at least a hundred years.

    We head out and get to a deer blind.

    Eventually a herd of deer comes by, but my grandpa is gone! What should I do?

    I start to study the deer, to try and discover whether or not I should kill one.

    And in the way that is only possible in dreams, I find that I KNOW the deer. Not like they are one of my friends or anything like that.

    I just mean that I could understand them, I realized they had a sort of intelligence, and I decided not to kill them.

    Dream Transition:

    We are back at the farm and the deer have followed me back.

    Their intelligence appears to have grown again, they are very smart now. (Think the deer creature from Princess Mononoke if you have seen it)

    The lead deer, which is a female, comes over and starts nuzzling into my hand.

    I am a little hesitant at first, but then start scratching her like she is my dog. Then I tackle her and we start wrestling around for a while.

    I remember thinking "what a gift this is, I feel so blessed that she would trust me enough to come and expose herself and her pack. This is such a great dream"

    After I finished wrestling her I went and scratched the rest of the herd briefly behind the ears and then they were gone.

    Dream Transition:



    Where did that come from!?

    I look up and see uncle B.L has just opened the door to an outhouse (which had someone in it, and by the way doesn't exist. Gross) and shot something that was living inside it.

    He brings out a dead possum. I don't get sad or anything, this one was just a possum.

    He explains he was testing a new targeting system he invented. He works as an engineer at Cessna and he says he has developed a new targeting system for the military.

    Then I am on a plane that is kind of like a hovercraft ( Think the Halo Pelican Drop Ship, if you've ever played Halo) and he is attacking the Russians to prove his new targeting system works!

    At first I figure he's gone crazy, he's attacking the Russians! But his system does appear quite effective... so I decide to just enjoy it.

    The dream fades.

    Dream Two: Crack

    I head over to R.B house to see what is going on. I walk in and his house is not at all like I remember.

    It looks like a bachelors pad and there are three or four guys playing video games and smoking something.

    I go to find out what it is.

    And they have figured out how to smoke crack through a hookah?

    They are all REALLLY high, and I want nothing to do with it.

    I turn to leave and the Police bust down the door and start arresting everyone.

    The Captain looks in everyone's eyes to see who has been smoking, and they let me go. Whew

    Then everyone who has been smoking says they haven't, just like me.

    To make them prove it the Captain orders them... TO DANCE!

    "Dance for me if you are not HIGH!" he orders.

    So everyone starts dancing, but they are indeed to high and they start tripping all over themselves.

    Except for two black dudes who lock legs and start doing like a cirque du soleil act! They are amazing, but as good as they are they Captain doesn't let them go because throughout their act they kept shouting "DAMN we are so HIGH, how are we doing this! We are amazing!... Then they would pause for a moment and repeat like they couldn't remember" so yeah

    Dream Three: JAPAN!

    I am going through customs to get into Japan.

    My family is planing on moving there this next year (not in RL) but I have come three months early to start school on time.

    I meet a cool Japanese guy who is also going through customs. He shows me what to do and we hit it off right away.

    I get the feeling that even though he looks really cool, he is kind of a loner. He doesn't fit in with the cool kids because he is really smart, and he doesn't fit in with the nerds because he is really cool. So he is kind of screwed. Perfect! That's just like me

    The customs agent is a little concerned because I am to young to be traveling by myself (I was going to Japan to redo high school) but when I tell him my story he lets me through.

    Once we get out of the airport a pretty girl comes over and says she overheard our conversation and she is in a similar situation, we should stick together. Fantastic! Just out of the airport and already got two friends! I love Japan!

    There is two months before school starts back up. I came early to start learning the language so that I could keep up with my studies.

    We head to my hotel/apartment where I will be living until my parents show up and start hanging out.

    We find a pool and start swimming, cook a meal, and read some comics.

    Me and the girl (who's name I never got!) start talking about manga, chess, anime, about being nerds and loving it.

    At the end of the dream I think I am starting to like her, like her

    Dream Four: First Day of School

    I am back in Japan, it is the first day of School!

    I spent the last three months with my friends, studying and learning the language, and now I am ready for school! I feel so excited!

    I get my schedule, holy crap I have like twenty classes everyday! I am not worried, I got that no problem.

    I am walking down the halls and happen to see my nameless girl-friend from earlier giving a speech in her class. I stop and lean on the door just ogling her for a moment. She is great, and she speaks very confidently, she is awesome

    I remember I am heading to the office to fill out my final paperwork and meet the principle.

    I get there and he greets me (he knows my name, which I thought was weird) and tells me to wait for a moment in the lounge area.

    After a few moments a teacher comes with three other students, and then the principle shows up.

    These three other students have to finish their paper work to.

    The principle directs the first student, another smarty-pants-honors class-nerd like me to fill out his paper work... dun dun dun ... on HIS OWN!

    Side note: don't know why that felt so daunting, but it just felt like the teachers where supposed to help the kids finish their paperwork.

    He doesn't look worried though. He begins pulling out papers, filling them out, and signing them. When he is done everyone claps for him, well done!

    Then the principle looks at the other two students and tells them to fill it out on their own too. They start crying, they are not smarty pants kids, they are the cool kids.

    But in this school it is the nerds who are "the cool kids" Yay

    Then everyone starts making fun of them because they can't fill out their paperwork on their own.

    I get very angry at this, I don't approve of bullying in any form (even in my dreams apparently) and so I gather the two crying kids and help them fill out their paperwork, and then fill out my own too.

    I go and defiantly hand them to the principle expecting a fight... he just calmly takes them.

    He doesn't approve of bullying either, and even though it looks light he was instigating it in this case, it was more of a test to test the quality of the other students. Would they go along with the bullying just to score points with the principle?

    He was very impressed that I had stood up to him

    And while I knew this wouldn't get me any favors, he doesn't play favorites, it did show him the quality of my character, which would mean something eventually.

    Go Day One!

    the dream fades

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