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    4-29-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-30-2013 at 07:03 AM (239 Views)
    I was going to take a break from the DJ today but I had one quote that I really wanted to remember.

    Dream Quote: The dream was really long so I am just going to explain enough that when I read this next year I may remember what was going on.

    I was having a recurring dream where I am a devil. I'm not really like an evil tormentor or anything like that, more like a teenage boy with way to much power and no oversight.

    I did a whole bunch of stuff but my favorite part is when I stop, gather everyone around me and announce:

    "Listen to MEEE!!!! I DECLARE ... this shall be the AGE-OF-TECHNO! ... There shall be no music other than the HOLY TECHNO!! Let the 500 years of techno BEGINNNNNNN!!!!!!!"

    Haha I just found this so hilarious when I woke up! I wanted to make sure I had it recorded somewhere.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention my subjects reactions. They all began rolling their eyes at me and moaning. They came to start complaining, begging that I reverse the declaration, but meanwhile techno music starts building in the background... of everything... like it is coming out of the Earth itself. Soon it is incredibly loud and I am loving it! Everyone else is loudly protesting that they can't put up with this for 500 years! I have to make it stop!

    I laugh and keep rocking out, they will get over it eventually... HAHA because the declaration is mine to make!!! LET THE AGE-OF-TECHNO BEGINNNN!!!!

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