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    4-30-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-30-2013 at 05:25 PM (171 Views)
    Technique: Went to bed at 1 woke up at 11. I was able to wake up in between dreams last night and I would try a WBTB after each one. I was falling asleep to quickly every time. Even though I knew this was a problem and I should wake myself up more I was just so comfy so that didn't happen

    I was trying to wake myself up in between dreams to DEILD but I instinctively roll over into a new position when I wake up. I am going to have to try and break this habit if I want to DEILD.

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

    Dream One: Tower Defense

    Playing a tower defense game mixed with the SIMS. My setup was perfect and nothing could breach my defenses.

    Dream Two: Little gem of a conversation

    Playing basketball in my new DC buddy Da-rell's house. I am trying to find a place to park my car out of the way and it ends up in Da-rell's driveway. His dad comes out and I have this conversation with him.

    I offer him my hand

    Hi Da-rells Dad!"

    He walks over and inspects my hand

    "Is it safe for me to shake that? You haven't been in airports or hospitals have you?

    Oh great... we got a hypochondriac on our hands

    "It's clean enough, I would shake it"

    That is good enough for him so he shakes my hand

    So Mr. Dad is it okay if I park my car here while we play?"

    "I don't know let me check my schedule"


    He takes out a magic question ball and shakes it....

    "Dangit I spilled ketchup on my self!"

    ... this is getting weird, I just want to leave now and play ball. I try to score some points with him...

    "Yeah... ketchup is the worst condiment isn't it"


    Oh my goodness calm down man

    "So about my car....

    Then the dream fades

    Dream Three: Big Fight

    I had a big fight with my Dad

    Dream Four: Lucid Feng Shui

    I arrange my room to be the perfect lucid dreaming environment

    Dream Five: Olympics

    I am on the Olympic team. I am the best in the world, I was planing on just coasting through the games. Then I meet a girl who's routine is better than my current world record so I decide to compete my hardest and improve the world record.

    Dream Six: Knee Snow Skiing

    I invent a knee board that is like a wake board with a snowmobile track underneath it for off road snow skiing. I ride it all over my grandparents farm.

    Dream Seven: Shadele

    I was in a Denny's with my sister and brother and law. When we went to pray for the food a bunch of employees came over and started watching us, it made me feel very awkward. Then I forgot to pray when it was my turn.

    Dream Eight: Movie Time

    I was watching a movie with my younger sister and her friends. We were trying to decide what to watch, I think we settled on The Fox and The Hound.

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