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    4-5-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-05-2013 at 08:00 PM (302 Views)
    Technique: Went to bed a 1:30 and woke up at 9. I am finding that when I go to bed really tired I don't wake up in between my REM cycles so I don't remember as many dreams.

    To be true to myself I decided not to try a WILD last night, even though I woke up and could have tried one around 6. I need to take a break from my attempts for awhile to releave some anxiety.

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

    Dream One: I am at my grandparents farm having a huge party. The tree row which marks the end of their property is missing and in its place there is a beach

    I play some sand volleyball, which of course I win since I have TK powers (I am using a lot of TK in my dreams lately).

    Then I go to see what is happening at the pool (which isn't really there). At the pool I play some more volleyball, which I again crush using TK powers.

    I decide to stay at the pool for a bit longer after volleyball since they are about to have a bikini contest.

    Then I head into the house and play some cards but this part of the dream is a little foggy.

    Dream Transition:

    I am driving my truck to church with a trailer and a giant pool on it. My pastor found out about how awesome my party was and so they wanted me to set one up at church

    I am trying to back the pool into the sanctuary but the door is a LITTLE to small lol. I can't quite seem to get the right angle (since the pool is like 50 feet and I am trying to back it through a standard door).

    On my final attempt all of a sudden my legs are to short to reach the break and I am in reverse heading toward the door! I close my eyes and... hey I made it. The pastor is happy and we have a great pool party.

    Dream Two: This was a long dream but since I don't have time to type it out I'll just hit major plot points

    I am at my grandparent farm again. I am with twelve other guys that I don't know real well and we are solemnly walking over to the basketball court. Once there we each find that we have a shield or something waiting for us and so we pick them up and in so doing awaken some ancient protector.

    We all split up and run because this protector wants to kill each of us.

    I hide in my grandparents house. I am in their cast iron tub, but I run cool water to disguise my body heat, and I cover myself in some type of acid to change my smell. It burns me but I survive the acid and manage to escape being detected by the protector.

    Dream Transition:

    The protector that we awoke is destroying the world. It is 5 years in the future and I have been able to remain in hiding the whole time. In those five years 13 clans have risen to power over the whole planet. My Dad leads one of them.

    Many of them have fallen to the protector, I am not sure how many remain.

    The protector is destroying my country, there is no longer any green and everywhere is dusty and windy. I hate what my country has become.

    Dream Transition:

    Another 5 years in the future. I think that I am the last of the 13 that awoke the protector left alive. The others have either been betrayed for favor with the protector (who now rules the earth) or have been found by her (the protector is now less menacing and is like a very regal women).

    We are the last free clan, the only one able to hold out against the protector. Every day she comes to our cities and causes destruction, sometimes I think it would be better for my people if I just turned myself in, but each of the other clans where almost immediately destroyed after they lost my counterpart in their country.

    Dream Transition:

    Two years later, I am still in hiding. It has been twelve years since we awoke the protector.

    The other twelve colonies are beginning to rebuild, under the protectors reign. We are still holding out, and things are improving as trade develops.

    One day an agent of the protector comes into my hiding place which is now a trade shop. I go and hide but the agent hears me telling someone that I am going to hide and comes to investigate. He finds me and summons the protector who I know will appear in less than ten seconds.

    At first I am very afraid, then I become resigned to the fact that I am probably going to die. I move out into the middle of my shop and fall to my knees with my hands behind my head.

    She appears. She is very satisfied that at last she has found the thirteenth. She has a pain stick with her, which is a common discipline tool used in her countries. It will cause death if used on the wrong place, or if used for to long (two or three seconds).

    I can see that she intends to quickly kill me but I calmly ask her:

    "What must I do to atone for my debts?"

    "6 stabs of 4 from this pain stick"

    I do not understand but I take it and stab myself in the thigh. It hurts very bad and so I quickly remove it and look at her.

    She smiles and shakes her head. Then I understand, I must hold the pain stick on me for 4 seconds 6 times. It is an impossible task as 2 or 3 seconds is usually lethal.

    I then realize that my thigh doesn't really hurt that badly. I must have some nerve damage from the acid I used to disguise my smell all those years ago.

    I take the stick and begin stabbing and counting. 1, 2, 3, 4 on my feet, on my thighs, in my stomach. By this time I could hardly move at all, the only part of my body that wasn't wildly twitching around was my wrist where I still held the pain stick. I could not control my arm to stab something, I only needed one more count of 4. All I could manage to do was flip my wrist over and let the stick fall on my calf. I couldn't take the stick off me, and I could not audibly count to four, I did not know if she would count this last attempt, and I passed out.

    I woke up some time later, so I guess I must have passed her test to atone for my debt. My Dad came and told me that she was VERY angry that I had managed to pass her test but that she had kept her word and left our town alone since then. I had been asleep for 2 months.

    I wake up and begin balling. I AM FREE!!!! This is the first time in 12 years that I am not in hiding, I AM FREE AT LAST!!!!

    I get out of bed and look at my dad and say:

    I am tired of just surviving, I will not just survive! I WILL make something that is beautiful, I WILL make something that is green and alive. I WILL find water, I WILL surround myself with good people and I WILL SUCCEED!"

    "Will you trust me with this? Will you give me the resources to start?

    Dream transition:

    I am going around and collecting all the people who have helped me survive all these years. I am surrounding myself with good and honorable people. In particular I remember recruiting three beautiful women who had helped me in the past and where now living together in a trailer, they deserved so much better than that!

    Dream Transition:

    I believe that I should have woken up by now, but I was granted this last vision.

    I am standing on top of a tower looking out at my country. Everything is green and lush, the people are happy and thriving.

    My country is by far the strongest of the 13 nations of earth.

    I am very content.

    The dream fades.

    Analysis: Just a side note to myself I don't feel like that last dream was spiritual or anything, It was just a regular dream... A very good one

    It just didn't have that "feel" that I think spiritual dream do.

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