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    5-15-13 Dream Journal

    by , 05-15-2013 at 04:23 PM (247 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 8 hours.

    Last night I feel like I made real progress. In my hunt to become lucid I had allowed my desire and expectation to make me feel rushed and anxious. Not only did this give me horrible sleep, but it was also blocking my lucid goals.

    Last night I focused on being calm, taking the slow route, and being okay with whatever happened. I had no anxiety, and I got great sleep.

    When my anxiety went away my dream vividness and recall came back, which feels amazing.

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

    Dream One: Beards

    I was a beard counselor.

    Yes that is exactly what it sounds like.

    People would come into my office and I would give them advice on their facial hair

    Dream Two: Football on TV?

    That is all my dream notes say and I don't know what they mean?

    Dream Three: War

    Again I have some dream notes that I don't remember. They say:

    "SOHYRJN, Fighting dishes drool. Mages, this means WAR!"

    I literally have no idea what any of that means lol

    Dream Four: Burn Notice

    I am a spy operating in Russia. I am about to complete a mission and the police are chasing me.

    After leading them on a long, cold, chase I feel sorry for them, their just doing their jobs right? So I take them out to get ice cream.

    There are like a hundred of them standing in line waiting to get into the ice cream shop. I am going down the line apologizing to them and shaking their hands. They are angry, but I feel like they will get over it.

    Side Note: I remember their was somebody in front of me in the ice cream shop ordering. She wanted some ice cream to help her take some pills? She sprinkled these pink pills all over her ice cream, but then started complaining.

    She had ordered vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. But when they gave it to her she started complaining about the chocolate syrup, saying it would make her pills taste bad?

    I was annoyed, why are you taking your pills with ice cream anyway!?

    Dream Five: Skyrim

    I am on my grandparents farm with my cousin N.L.

    I find some lego weapons like what I have been looking for in Skyrim (A game). There is a Lego bow with a supper fast firing time, a crossbow, and a grappling hook.

    I play with them for a long time, shooting things all around the farm.

    Then I think that the Lego grappling hook may be a collectors item so I think about selling it on Ebay.

    Dream Six? Almost DEILD then WILD

    This morning I was woken up with somebody leaving the house. It was at the end of my last dream, and I thought I might be able to DEILD back into it. I lay still and tried to visualize the last scene to transition back into it lucid. I was so close! I could vividly see the scene and I was slipping in and out of it. It was so cool because it was like looking at a picture and trying to enter it. When I would get close it would start to move forward in slow motion, but when I would slip out it would become like a picture again... pretty cool

    Then I thought I would try to WILD. There was some of the same stuff I have experienced in the past trying to WILD but then something new.

    I just had a thought, maybe I should have RC'ed because I probably had entered a dream without knowing it!!!!

    Here is what happened. As I was trying to WILD, and feeling pretty close, I started to see a bunch of faces flashing by. I didn't know any of the people, and they were both male and female from multiple nationalities. They where passing by my vision like a slide show. I was absolutely amazed at how creative my mind can be. How is it coming up with so many faces I have never seen before so quickly?

    I wonder if it can do anything else? I thought about seeing landscapes instead of faces and instantly the slide show changes to one of scenic views. It was amazing! The landscapes lasted for like 15 slides but then I became to exited and amazed at my mind so I snapped out of it.

    Looking back I am almost positive that I had probably transitioned into a dream without knowing it! I can't believe it! So cool!

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