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    5-16-13 Dream Journal

    by , 05-18-2013 at 05:44 AM (201 Views)
    I am considering changing my DJing habits. I will continue to take notes throughout the night to promote recall. But I may not take the time to right out the dreams in my DJ anymore. Unless of course it happens to be an amazing dream

    This is only for the standard non-lucid dreams, I will right out every lucid dream!

    For the sake of tracking my recall I will start updating only the number of dreams that I remember, and any technique that I used for that night.

    # of dreams and Technique: Total sleep time = 8.5 hours. I remember 5 dreams.

    I have been focusing on being calm and focusing on remembering any dreams when I wake up. I have been training myself to think as I wake up "remain still can I DEILD?, what was I dreaming about?, good now be calm and aware as you fall back asleep, affirming that I am dreaming and I will become lucid"

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