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    5-18-13 Dream Journal

    by , 05-18-2013 at 06:20 PM (191 Views)
    # of dreams and Technique: Total sleep time = 8 hours. I remember 4 dreams.

    Dream Four: Being a Woman - Non Lucid

    My Dad has just woken me up to ask if I wanted to go golfing. I know that I am dreaming now but I don't become lucid, probably because I am to tired and just want to sleep.

    In the dream I am a girl playing volleyball. My team stops playing volleyball and we start doing synchronized dancing. We were wearing revealing outfits, and I was very interested in watching my attractive teammates move. Then I notice my own leg, it is very feminine and I find it attractive.

    This feels kind of awkward, to be admiring myself, but I know that it is not my normal body so I decide that it is okay to be attracted to myself...

    Then the dream takes a weird turn. I realize that I am really strong, probably the strongest girl.... EVER!

    I start doing handstands, and my arms feel strong enough to jump off of them!

    I start doing handstand jumps over the volleyball net. I get the feeling of being very strong and I am enjoying my strength.

    After jumping over the net five or six times I start to hear my Dad calling to ask if I am up yet. Again I realize that I am dreaming but don't become lucid. I decide it is probably time to wake up.

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