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    5-22-13 Dream Journal

    by , 05-22-2013 at 08:45 PM (206 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 10 hours! Wohoo!

    I am out of town on a minny vacation. I got to sleep in and it was great.

    I remember having a bunch of dreams but I didn't bring a notepad with me and plus I didn't really care to remember them unless they were lucid. Then I got woken up in the middle of a REM cycle and since I slept to long I feel all groggy and crappy now. It always surprises me that sleeping to long makes you more tired... silly

    Dream One: Call Of Duty

    Playing a Call Of Duty match. I run and get a sniper first, sweet! I LOVE sniping in dreams, head shot every time baby!

    I snipe every member of the opposing team... they re-spawn and I kill them all again.

    The dream goes on for a long time, eventually I start using an assault rifle and grenades which is also fun.

    Analysis: I have been staying up to late recently. I was having huge improvements in both recall and lucidity when I was getting on a regular sleep schedule. I don't know why I changed my schedule...

    I am going to try to start going to bed around 11:00 and waking up around 8:00. Which is a ton of sleep and will give me good morning dreams

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