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    5-23-13 Dream Journal

    by , 05-23-2013 at 07:15 PM (175 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 8 hours. I went to bed really early last night even though I wasn't tired. I am trying to get back onto a regular sleep schedule which should improve my lucid dreaming :-)


    Dream One: Techno

    I am back at high school at a karaoke party. It is my turn and I am expected to sing something.

    I don't want to sing anything, plus that has been done SO many times before. I want to play techno!

    I start messing with the mic to see how I can get it to make techno sounds. Eventually I get it and I start banging it and swishing the mic around playing some of my favorite techno!

    The scene changes to a rave techno party. All the cool kids (more like the ones I think are cool ) start bouncing with the beat. All the uncool kids start complaining that they don't like techno and I should stop playing it.

    I ignore the haters of course and keep playing techno!

    Dream Two: Best Teacher Ever

    I am in a high school class with the best teacher in the school, she has only elected to teach five students.

    She is independently wealthy and so she doesn't even cash her checks from the school, she just comes because she like to teach!

    I guess in this school the teachers aren't allowed to teach about some things, it is mandated by the government. But she refuses to do anything that would harm the students so she teaches us anyways!

    She pulls out a model airplane engine, and then a model airplane. I guess this is forbidden knowledge? We aren't allowed to learn about airplanes?

    She teaches us how to assemble it, then about how the engine and propeller work. Then we quickly fire it up.

    We only get to run it for a second though because it is to loud and the guards will know we are learning about something we shouldn't.

    Right after we start it I hear someone in the hallway:

    "Hey what is that noise?"

    Then the teacher gets a scared look and we quickly dissemble the airplane and hide it right as guards come poring into the room. Whew... CLOSE ONE.

    Side Note: For some reason I have strong deja vu as I am writing the second dream. Hmmm, well if it happens again I have record of it now

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