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    5-31-13 Dream Journal

    by , 05-31-2013 at 06:49 PM (230 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 9 hours

    I made a commitment to do 3 serious WBTB attempts every night for one week. So last night I set alarms to go off after 3 hours and every 2 hours after that.

    The problem was that last night was one of those nights when you just start sleeping REALLY deeply and are catching up on sleep. So my recall was total crap and I just kept slipping into a really deep sleep.

    Around 6 I just gave up on trying to WILD and fell asleep for good, I figured my body must need it.


    Dream One: Assassin Character

    I am playing some MMORPG and kicking some serious butt. I am playing a Warrior character and I love tanking through huge crowds.

    Then I get one shot by a rogue I didn't even see coming from huge sneak critical damage. I respawn and then it happens again.

    Then I start to see rogue's everywhere one hitting people and I realize that the rogue class is seriously OP.

    Normally I would rage quit the game.

    But in the dream I decide to create a new assassin character

    Dream Two: Dinner with fiancee

    I am with my childhood friend A.H. We are both engaged (not in RL) and are trying to get ready to go out on a double date.

    Things keep going wrong and we can't seem to get dressed properly.

    Finally we manage to do so and head towards the restaurant.

    Then I realize that I don't have a fiancee!!

    For some reason we keep heading towards the restaurant, I will just be a third wheel...

    A.H. calls ahead to tell his fiancee so... and she dumps him on the spot! lol

    We decide to go to the bar and drink away our problems, then the dream fades

    Analysis: Just because last night was a WBTB failure I will not let that discourage me from completing my 1 week goal!

    Tonight is the night I get lucid!

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