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    6-1-13 Dream Journal

    by , 06-01-2013 at 01:15 PM (314 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 6 hours

    This is night three of my one week goal of doing 3 serious WBTB attempts per night. Then I guess I have made a goal of doing 2 WBTB attempts through June so my one week push is not really that intense...

    I did well. I don't really have a lot of action for the first 4 or even 5 hours of sleep. It is kind of frustrating when I wake myself up during this time because I expect to be able to recall a dream but all I get are short fragments which I am not even motivated to write down, which means they are gone. So I wake myself up just to remember some fragments and then not even right them down?... hmmmmm

    I have gotten lucid 2 out of the 3 nights so far though! So there has to be something to this technique!!


    Dream One: Music Apocalypse

    I don't remember this one so here is what I have in my notes.

    "MUSIC!!, end of the world fiancee team".

    I have no idea what any of that is about lol

    Dream Two: Airport Gunman

    I am traveling internationally, I get off my flight in a large airport.

    I don't remember why and the dream is kind of hazy but I remember taking out a large pistol and shooting someone across the airport three times in the chest.

    I have no idea why I would do this but my dream self better of had a damn good reason lol.

    I realize I need to get rid of this gun, fast!

    I head towards the bathroom which turns out to be more like a small city.

    There are men everywhere, it looks like some of them live here!

    I can't seem to get a private moment to ditch the gun.

    I spend a lot of time looking for the perfect hiding place,

    There is something else to this dream I just can't remember it anymore...

    I think I may have transitioned and eaten something at a food court?

    Dream Three: First Portal


    I am awake. I have been slipping in and out of dreams.

    I feel myself plunging into another dream. Normally this awareness would wake me up to much and I would slip away from the dream.

    I fight for it. I start trying to visualize the scene. I summon a DC to shake my hand so I have something to feel.

    It is another forest scene. This time overlooking a lake.

    I let go of the DC and start rubbing my hands. I intake a large breath trying to smell the forest, it works this time! I smell the pine trees and the lake smells!

    It is at this point that I feel like I have actually entered the dream! I did it!

    I start walking down towards the lake.

    There is a grassy bridge cutting across the lake. I see some hiking trials on the other side that I start heading towards.

    NOOO! I don’t want to waste this dream hiking!

    I remember my dream goals, I want to try and teleport to the Green Moon! And if that doesn’t work I want to try and teleport anywhere just to try the technique.

    I know that for me teleporting is going to be all about focusing my intentionality.

    I need to really focus on where I want to go.

    I put my hands together and yell:

    “take me to the Green Moon!!”

    I thrust my hands towards the ground and start running.

    It is working, something is forming!

    Right where I am aiming the grass starts to boil and twist inwards like it is being sucked into a black hole.

    I run towards it and dive in thinking about it taking me to the Green Moon.

    I dive in. But once I am up to my elbows I start to experience some resistance and it spits me back out! What?!

    I try again.

    I put my hands together, point and the ground, and yell:


    The grass and ground starts to boil and twist again.

    I run towards it and dive in, focusing very hard on arriving on the moon.

    This time I only make it in to my wrists and it spits me back out again… bummer man!

    I’m not sure what is going on? I feel like there is nothing wrong with the technique, even though this is my first time experimenting with portals I can tell that it is forming like I expected and it should take me where I want to go… ?

    I decide to try and go somewhere else.

    Again I point my hands and the ground and now I yell:

    “take me somewhere cool!”

    Just like before the grass and ground starts twisting and spiraling inwards.

    I run and dive in and… I make it past my arms… my head is in…

    I start experiencing resistance so again I yell out and re focus my intentions:

    “take me somewhere cool!”

    Then I slide in all the way! It is working!

    The portal journey was the coolest thing I have seen in any of my lucids so far!

    I was being sucked down a wriggling, shifting, molten tube of energy.

    It looked like I was traveling through The Badlands from the first episode of Star Trek Voyager.

    I see the end coming.

    It looks like my portal ends against a black square nothingness. I can see the end of the portal like a wormhole entrance spread out against the black nothingness.

    I wonder where it is going to spit me out?

    I prepare to exit, I want to remember what exiting felt like.

    But… I did not really “exit”.

    It was more like I prepared myself and then blinked and I was out of the portal.

    I wanted to see the world forming around me but it just kind of blinked into existence all at once.

    I am in some type of underground maze/complex.

    There is blue light coming from everywhere and nowhere illuminating the tunnels.

    Now it kind of feels like I am in a MMORPG game exploring a long dungeon.

    I start traveling along the tunnel and I see a figure in the distance.

    I have no reason at this point to think it is not friendly but gaming experience tells me to prepare myself just in case.

    The only weapon that I see is a plank of wood lying on the ground so I pick it up and prepare to defend myself if necessary.

    As I get closer I get a better look at the figure.

    It is a blue squid like creature. It moves around like it is swimming through the air which gives it a very creepy otherworldly motion.

    As I get closer it notices me and instantly start heading towards me with it tentacles extended in my direction.

    I am not afraid, I don’t want to over react and attack it for nothing, maybe it just wants a hug?

    As it gets closer it starts to accelerate towards me and I start to notice that it definitely is not giving me a “I want a hug” vibe. More like a “I want to wrap you up and suck out your energy vibe”!

    I whip out my plank and start beating it off,

    That is to say, I start hitting it as hard as a can.

    A health bar appears! Sweet!

    What?! I am hardly doing any damage at all!

    Stupid plank

    The only good thing is that it seems to have a nice stagger effect so I can atleast keep the creature off of me, as long as I can fight him alone I should be able to whittle him down…

    Oh great here comes another one!

    Ok, if this was a game I would have to have some type of energy attack right?!

    I focus my energy on forming some type of magical attack.

    I shoot my left hand out towards the creature expecting something cool to happen and blow it away.

    A small bubble shoots out of my hand and splashes across the creature and its health bar drops a quarter of the way!

    Cool I guess, but a small bubble?

    I look down and notice that I am now holding an empty plastic water bottle.

    I shake it up and stab it at the creature like a sword and another bubble shoots out, this ones not as big though and doesn’t do as much damage.

    I also notice at this point that my Bubble Bottle (just got that name) doesn’t have a stagger effect and so the creature is right on me now!

    I hit it with my plank again to keep it away and charge up a bubble attack by squeezing the plastic bottle.

    I stab the bottle at the creature again and this time a much larger bubble shoots out and hits the creature who slumps to the ground… I killed it! Wahoo!

    I notice that the other creature is very close now.

    I take a moment to see if this is what I want to spend my lucid doing… and decide that this is a really good adventure! I might as well see how it goes. And who knows, maybe I will be able to come back to this place!

    I start engaging the second creature and now that I know how to operate my Plank and Plastic Bottle I easily kill it by alternating the plank to keep it away and the bottle to deal damage.

    Once I am no longer under any immediate threat you can guess what my next thought was… LOOOOOT!!!

    Unfortunately the dream takes a transition here and I start to lose lucidity.

    The scene completely changes as a lose lucidity (which I like, I don’t want to be running around in my lucid world/place as a non lucid DC version of me!)

    All I remember about the non lucid dream is running around collecting health vials and then a giant attacks that has bogus amounts of health. I path glitch it (get to a place where he can’t hit me) and just start hitting him like crazy. He has ludicrous amounts of health though and it will take me forever to kill him… the dream fades.

    I regain lucidity as the dream starts to fade, I consider trying to DEILD but I feel very awake and plus I don’t want to forget anything about this WILD so I get up to fully dream journal it!

    This is my first legitimate WILD!!!!!!!!

    Only took me three months to do it… But I finally got it!

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    1. BrotherDaniel's Avatar
      Woow, cool dream! I've never had any success with WILD but I mind as well try it tonight!
      Sangfoot likes this.
    2. Sangfoot's Avatar
      Hi BrotherDaniel!

      Here is a WILD guide that I have found very helpful.
      Good luck getting lucid tonight!
    3. Unbound's Avatar
      Nice dreams, congratulations on the WILD! That portal journey sounds awesome, I have got to try it someday!
      Plastic bottles and planks, typical low level gear I would say! Also, healthbars, hahaha!