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    6-10-13 Dream Journal

    by , 06-11-2013 at 04:49 PM (235 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 8 hours

    I was hoping that this would be a great dream night because I had the free time to sleep in. But I was just so tired from this weekend that I slept really deeply throughout the night . I guess my body needed it. I did get these two nice dreams on my last two cycles that are something at least.


    Dream One: Canada

    I travel with a group of friends up to Canada. We haven't made any lodging arrangements so when we get there we just start asking around if anyone will let us stay with them. A nice old man says that we can stay with him, but it may be a little tight. When we get to his house it is a HUGE mansion! Sweet! Why would it be a little tight?

    When we get inside we realize this guy is a major hoarder. The whole house is filled to the brim with junk leaving only a tinny walking path from room to room. Oh well, at least it's warm, in fact it is really warm!

    He must be spending a fortune to keep the house this warm!

    We mention it and he takes us on a tour of the insulation he invented for the house. That is what he did before he retired, insulated homes. Underneath the house he has raised it off the ground with stilts to keep the ground from leaching out warmth. And there is a really complex pipe system in the space that carries and distributes heat throughout the house. Interesting... not

    Dream Two: Building a House

    I am with my family trying to build our house. All of a sudden a huge group of our friends shows up to help us with the construction. They all know what they are doing and our house starts forming very quickly.

    I am helping M.P with some type of metal, what did he call it... fabrication! He has a machine that rolls the metal in ways that he directs to shape the metal. And another tool like a hand grinder but with these spikes coming out of it that beats the metal while it is spinning to help him do something. As the spikes hit the metal they release huge clouds of sparks. M.P and his friend expect that I will be scared and back away but I am very interested in learning metal fabrication and so I stay very close to see what he is doing. The sparks hit me in the face but they don't hurt to bad. I can feel my beard singing together though, they say congratulations I will have a metal workers beard, Cool!

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