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    6-11-13 Dream Journal

    by , 06-11-2013 at 05:21 PM (311 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 10 hours.

    Last night I was trying a new technique I just read about called SSILD. I set 2 alarms, one after five hours sleep and one after 7 and a half to try the SSILD technique.

    I am not sure how I feel about it. One thing I do like is that it helps me to fall asleep very quickly I think one reason why it didn't succeed for me last night was because even though I was excited about a new technique and did everything right my intentions to get lucid weren't actually all that high. I was more just excited to see what would happen with the technique.

    I will try SSILD again tonight and this time I will keep my intentions to become lucid high.


    Dream One: Counter Spy

    I am the top counter spy agent working for GD from the show Eureka. I am helping right now to keep their top projects safe and secure from spys.

    It was cool because I was working with Zane and Fargo, two of my favorite characters from the show.

    Dream Two: Butler

    I am working as a butler for a rich family. Even though this might seem like degrading work in the world I was in most people where extremely poor and the butler job paid well so it was very competitive.

    I was trying to help the family find a book that had been stolen. It was a blue book shaped like the silhouette of a women in a ball gown with butterfly wings on her back.

    I kept finding the book but then it would get stolen again! So annoying!

    Dream Three: Blackmail

    I am at my grandparents farm helping my grandpa mow. Then my cousin comes over to visit and we start going through some of my grandpa's old stuff. We find a huge perl that we think will be worth a ton of money.

    Then we find a rolled up naked poster and somehow we know that it is an original of Harrison Ford's wife... oooh how embarrassing! My cousin thinks it would be good material to blackmail Harrison Ford with but I am not so sure...

    Dream Four: Just Crazy

    I am guarding the gates of some city with my Dad. We see three criminals trying to enter the city, I think they are some type of war criminals.

    When I discover them I have a very intense emotional reaction. I feel rage start to boil up, I hate them like I have never hated anything. I know there is nothing I wouldn't do to them because they deserve it for whatever they have done.

    We surround them and arrest them for execution. They are such bad war criminals that we have authorization to kill them on site without a trial or anything.

    They are with a group of maybe fifteen other innocent people.

    We don't want to let them know that we are going to kill them or else they will fight and we won't beat them.

    We gather them all together and get them on their knees.

    I go to hide behind a nearby pillar while my Dad walks out among them. When He is in the center he sets off a stun grenade which they were not expecting.

    The whole group goes down stunned. I come out from behind the pillar were I was unaffected.

    I pull out my knife and head toward the first criminal, a man writhing on the ground. I put my left hand on his forehead to hold him still and then slit his throat from ear to ear. Blood spurts out and covers my hand and arm.

    I get up and head towards the next criminal, a women writhing on the ground. She has seen what I did to the first man and I can see the terror in her eyes. She is still stunned though and cannot control her body.

    I calmly walk over to her stepping over the innocents caught in the blast. I calmly reach out my left hand and hold her forehead to keep her head still. Then I slit her throat from ear to ear. Again blood gushes out and covers my arm and hand.

    I move towards the last criminal, a man. The effects of the stun grenade are beginning to wear off but he still cannot move. I reach him and put my left hand on his forehead to keep it still. As I am reaching out with the knife I feel the dream start to fade! NO! I quickly re stabilize the dream (even though I was not lucid at all).

    I know that I have to complete my task, and my rage is enough to stabilize the dream.

    I slit his throat from ear to ear but I am not able to cut through his skin all the way. I turn the knife around and come from the other direction making an X. The second time I push very hard and am able to cut through his skin.

    When it is done I head over to my Dad and I calmly sit down next to him. He says well done and the dream starts to fade...


    Analysis: I think that I will really like the SSILD technique if it starts to produce results for me. I am starting a one week SSILD intensive starting tonight! During this week I will perform two SSILD attempts per night.

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