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    6-12-13 Dream Journal

    by , 06-12-2013 at 04:23 PM (285 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 9 hours

    This was night one of my one week goal to do 2 serious SSILD attempts per night.

    I think that I actually ended up doing 3 really good attempts. I am not sure how I feel about the SSILD technique. One thing that it has going for it is that my dream recall is really high right now. I remembered a dream from EVERY rem period last night which is pretty awesome.

    What it has going against it is that I am not sure how it is helping me to become lucid... well I guess I can't judge to harshly since I did have one poor lucid last night, but the quality was really low.

    I have heard that it takes some time to learn to do the technique properly and get results. I have 6 more nights to test it


    Dream One: Movie Night

    I am with my childhood friend A.H. We are having a sleepover and watching movies all night. For some reason I feel like I am starving and make a ton of snacks, but they are spoiling before I can eat them all!

    Dream Two: Grown Up Sister

    I am hanging out with a future version of my sister A.G. She is giving me a tour of a new apartment she is renting, it is across the park from mine

    Her neighbor comes over, it is E.W! She starts telling us that her brother (who is a journalist) is in trouble for one of the pieces he wrote and is in hiding underground. She whips out a huge map of some underground tunnels and wants our help to find him. All the map instructions are in French! Useless! But apparently E.W speaks french! I decide that if I am ever going to have a chance with her I am going to have to learn french

    Dream Three: Balloon Tour

    I am in a huge futuristic city with my parents. We are on a balloon tour floating up over the city which rises miles and miles up into the air!

    We go by a capital building which has what looks like a forest of flags around it that are each miles high. The only reason we can get so close to them now is because I helped to design the flag polls.

    We get back to the balloon launching pad and now there are two larger balloons there. I want to take a tour on a HUGE one that can change its shape. But my parents want to ride on one where you get to stand on the ceiling of the blimp and feel the air around you. Turns out I know the captain of the one I want to ride so we go on that one for free

    after a weird dream transition I see two poor women attaching tithes of money and food to strings on the bottom of the blimp... I don't know where they were sending them to though.

    Dream Four: Mrs Miles and Lucidology

    I am back in high school again with my favorite teacher Mrs. Miles! Today we are studying Lucidology! Sweet!

    She passes out a paper that explains an 18 point lucidology scale that ranges from psychedelic to lucid.

    I am very interested in it, of course, but I start to get sick and so she sends me home

    Dream Five: Merfish

    I am a prince in an underwater human colony. It is my responsibility to watch over the cleaning rats (that clean the castle) at night.

    After I have collected them all at the end of the night while I am taking them back to their crates I run into my rival prince Merfish. We are not actually old enough yet to wage serious war but we like to fight each other to test our strength.

    We start play fighting but I know I don't really stand a chance because Merfish develop faster than humans plus they are naturally stronger anyway.

    But during the fight he makes an off handed comment that insults my uncle Jain Farstrider (Wheel of Time book series character) which really gets my blood boiling. I start fighting him more seriously than I ever have before giving him a series of hard jabs and sharp crosses and am eventually able to knock him out.

    I sling him up over my shoulder and am going to carry him back to court as my prize which would dis honor him today. This would be a great boon for my honor as I have been carried back to his court as a prize nearly every other time we have fought...

    He start to wake up before we arrive and starts begging me to please not present him in court. I say I won't as long as he takes back his insult of my uncle. He agrees and so I let him go after he apologizes.

    Dream Six: T and C.C

    I am hanging out watching movies with my great friends T and C.C. Someone has come by and dropped off some snacks for our movie time. Some of the snacks are great but some of them have been pranked in some way, so if we want the good ones we will have to risk the pranks

    T picks up a bottle which starts buzzing like it has a whole bunch of bees in it. I am scared of bees and so I run into the next room. T fearlessly opens up the bottle and something like bees starts crawling out of the bottle which scares me even more! It turns out that they were just ants though, and they had stuck a phone vibrator in the bottle to make it buzz like bees. Pretty good prank I thought.

    Dream Seven: Lucid

    I am in the void, I can tell that I am VERY close to waking up. Normally at this point I would just wake myself up because as soon as I try and enter into a dream I would wake myself up.

    I decide to try anyway, got to keep growing and learning right?

    I make it into a very foggy non vivid dream.

    I am in a large empty room with hard wood floors and brick walls. There are large bright windows on the walls but I cannot see anything out of them which was weird.

    I try to stabilize by rubbing my hands together and focusing on my senses but it doesn't work at all.

    I think about trying a task of the month but I expect that I will wake up at any point so I don't bother.

    I figure I might as well wonder around for a while before I wake up to see if I can find something cool.

    I start walking around the room and I keep trying to stabilize the dream which doesn't ever work.

    I hear a voice behind me and I turn to see a doctor standing over an alchemy table (Skyrim). He is telling me that he knows that I am a lucid dreamer and he can make me a potion that will increase my dream stability and make it very vivid! Sweet!

    Finally I have found a useful DC! I tell him that would be great and he starts working away on his alchemy table.

    While I am watching him I start to question whether he might be a dream guide? I read someones goals the other day and rather than expecting to learn the secrets of the universe from a dream guide (like a was/am) they were just trying to learn 2 things from a dream guide to start off with. I thought this was a much more realistic expectation.

    While I am still pondering this the doctor turns to tell me he has finished the potions but I wake up before I can drink them or ask him any questions! Bummer

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