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    6-25-13 Dream Journal

    by , 06-25-2013 at 09:11 PM (196 Views)
    Wow it has been a while since I last posted. I have been SUPER busy lately and so I haven't had the extra effort to give to dream journaling. I have been practicing my techniques, ish, but I haven't really seen a lot of improvement lately.

    I think my life is about to start returning to a normal schedule so maybe I will start DJing regularly again because I really miss it.


    Dream One: Driving Inside

    I am driving around my large truck indoors in a small space. It is to small to maneuver correctly and eventually I just say screw it and start bashing into the walls. When I finally make it outside I figure out how to transform my truck into a motorized scooter and start riding it around. I wonder why I never figured out how to transform my truck before in real life because this is really fun...

    Dream Two: RPG Game

    I am starting a RPG Pathfinder D20 adventure with a group of friends. We are all going through character creation and are making some crazy characters. This is going to be a combat heavy campaign so we are all making broken characters.

    I am not sure how strong my character will end up being but it sounds fun to me to just make an absolute TANK so I throw everything into defense and make him indestructible! I remember comparing my armor rating to the others at the end and their armor rating was around 22 and mine was 273!

    They were complaining because they thought I would be worthless at any offense now because I had put everything into armor. So they were hoping that in the first session my character would die so that I would have to make another.

    So they ditch him in the middle of an encounter and leave me to fend for myself. Then I discover that basically my fists are like adamantium because of my crazy armor and I start bashing people in the face with my fists! Heck Yeah!

    Dream Transition:

    I'm not sure how much time was supposed to have passed but the gist is that after that event our characters split up and went separate directions. Then they show up in a town and are looking for help and I am the guild master of the town! I have managed to become super powerful and now they need my help, take that you haters!

    But I was missing them, and I wanted to continue our adventure so I rejoin the group and we set out to adventure

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