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    6-3-13 Dream Journal

    by , 06-04-2013 at 10:16 PM (250 Views)
    Technique: Total Sleep Time = 8 hours

    This was night 5 of my one week goal to do 3 serious WBTB attempts per night. I really only got 1.5 serious WBTB attempts in, but I did wake up many times (possibly in between every cycle which would be a great habit to get into) which resulted in a ton of dreams.


    Dream One: Gambling

    I am in a casino boat with my family. I have 72 dollars that I decide to gamble with.

    I am playing a game I have never seen before in RL that was pretty fun.

    Numbers would spin from 1-10 and stop when you pulled a lever. You got to do this 10 times costing money for every attempt.

    If you matched two numbers in a row then you would multiply the two matching plus however many other times that number had appeared. For instance if I was on my 7th out of 10 attempts and I matched like this... 3 - 4 - 5 - 4 - 2 - 4 - 4 then since I matched two fours I would multiply them plus however many other times a four had appeared, so I would win 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = $256.00!

    So there is the chance for a huge payout. But, of course I lost all my money playing it

    Dream Two: Russian Boarding House

    I am staying in a Russian boarding house. I hate it so I am trying to escape.

    Most of the dream is me running from the guards.

    Then I bust into the girls dormitory! and they are all naked

    I stay there for a while talking... yes just talking... to the girls leader then she kicks me out

    The dream ends with a guy who looks like me getting shot by the guards

    Dream Three: Forced Prostitution in Asia

    I am traveling with a basketball team in Europe and Asia.

    I get separated from them in Asia, but it is okay because I end up in an ice cream shop... and everything is freeee!!

    I am cautious to eat anything though because I don't know what kind of weird crap they might put in the ice cream...

    Then a girl I know goes missing so I decide to go look for her?

    I am walking through a really rundown district with prostitutes everywhere.

    I start to get hungry and decide to check out a restaurant. Plus it might also be a good place for me to get some information on where the girl I am looking for is.

    I realize I don't have any money, and this restaurant isn't free like the ice cream shop.

    Some rich people who didn't finish all their food leave, and I ask the store owner if I can by the scraps from him for $5 (now I have $5).

    He says they are stupid to leave food on their plates, it's insulting and he is a made man in Asia...

    I get the feeling the rich people who just left may soon find themselves as prostitutes...

    But he likes me so he sells me the food, and says I have just made a friend.

    I am about to ask him about the girl I am looking for but I wake up.

    Dream Four: Lego's!

    I am working in a daycare building a huge Lego city with the kids.

    It is time to start cleaning up but the other teachers say I have to clean all the Lego's by myself! No fair!

    I spend a crap load of time loading all the Lego's into boxes to put them away, but no matter how many I pick up there are always more.

    Then I realize we are in one of my friends house (D.H) so I need to take extra care to make sure it is clean!

    Dream Five: Youth Prison

    I am an inmate at a youth prison.

    I slip away from the guards and start exploring to find out what they don't want us to know.

    There is very little security because everybody is really docile and doesn't want to leave...

    I escape into the basement and see a automated factory line that is producing a drug and inserting it into our food and water systems! That is why everyone is so docile!

    The drug, which is both chemical and magical in nature, is made by melting down albino cow's head's and then concentrating it by boiling it to make it thicker.

    I get the crap out of there!

    Then somehow at the end of the dream the guards realize I am gone and they flip a switch which turns me into a robot. Back up security system it seams...
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