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    6-4-13 Dream Journal

    by , 06-04-2013 at 10:27 PM (234 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 6 hours.

    This was day 6 of my one week goal to do 3 serious WBTB attempts per night. Last night was almost a total bust...

    I set my alarm but I was just to tired to make a serious attempt. I did naturally wake up quite a few times though.

    I need to get my sleep schedule back under control, starting tonight!


    Dream One: LDing Secrets

    I am on a team of scientist trying to unlock the secrets of dreaming.

    We find "the secret" to lucid dreaming.

    There are some people trying to come and steal it!

    We lock it up in a safe in a library and set up to blast them away if they come to steal our secret!

    Dream Two: Shopping With Dad

    I am in a huge mall looking for house decorations with my Dad.

    We go to a huge book store where I look for a serious I have been wanting to read in RL, but they don't have it

    Then we get hungry so we go to eat at Burger King. But by some combination of us not having enough money and them being to busy, combined with some serious dream shenanigans, we are unable to get our food. Not for lack of effort though!

    Then we go to a garden store where you are not allowed to wear shoes so I am walking around getting my socks wet. But the place is huge, more like a jungle, so I set of to explore it...

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    1. IAmLucid's Avatar
      Lol the secrets of lucid dreaming dream you had sounds fun