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    6-5-13 Dream Journal

    by , 06-05-2013 at 07:12 PM (343 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 8 hours.

    This was my final day of my one week effort to do 3 serious WBTB WILD attempts per night. Last night I actually did 4 really good WBTB attempts because things were going well.

    In the last 7 days using a multiple WBTB WILD technique I have not only been lucid three times (3 times in one week! yay!) but I have also seen huge improvements to my non lucid dream vividness and recall! I actually think that even though being lucid three times in one week is a huge improvement for me, the larger improvement for the week was in my non lucid dreaming.

    There is something about waking up in between sleep cycles and then intentionally falling back asleep that makes my non lucid dream recall go bukoo.

    I really enjoyed this one week experiment and I am very pleased with the results.

    Good thing I made my June goals include doing 2 WBTB WILD attempts per night It is basically like I am continuing my experiment but with a little bit less and hopefully more sustainable intensity.


    Dream One: Hero of Infiltration

    I am walking up the stairs to my old apartments in AZ. Inside weird things start happening, I think there may be invisible people living in my apartment?

    I start exploring to try and find them. I go into the back room closet and open up the small attic access. Inside are like 20 invisible bums! They are not really trying to hurt me, more like they just use their talent to be better... bums.

    Then the dream becomes like a video game and I am selecting my character. I choose a lawyer who specializes in prosecuting invisible bums...

    My hero, an attractive women, comes and gets rid of my bum problem.

    Dream Two: Neighbor Problems

    I am driving my truck pulling a trailer in a field by a river. I am driving like a mad man and doing donuts leaving huge ruts everywhere and tearing up the grass.

    My neighbor, who owns the field (M.P) comes and tells me that I need to get the crap out of his field!

    If I don't then our family truce will be called off and something bad might happen...

    Dream Three: Skateboarding

    I am skateboarding all over a large industrial park. I am really good!

    This goes on for a long while and I am really enjoying skateboarding.

    Eventually I start to get a small following of fellow skateboarders and we end up in a skate park.

    There are a lot of other people already there and they don't want us to join them because they think we aren't cool enough for them!

    This pisses me off, I hate bullies! I challenge them to a skateboarding competition and kick all of their butts! Then I kick them out of the park, take that bullies!

    Dream Four: Lucid Dreaming Secrets

    I am at home sitting on my couch trying to explain lucid dreaming to my Mom. I am trying to explain RCs to her, but for some reason she is not understanding me.

    Then in the dream I stumble upon a technique that nearly promises guaranteed lucidity every time! I was so sure it would be a revolutionary technique but of course it doesn't make sense in real life...

    Dream Five: Joining a Gang

    I am hanging out in a gas station parking lot. It is getting late and I don't have anywhere to stay.

    A gang of white kids invites me to stay over at their house. Even though I know they are a gang and I should probably avoid them I really don't want to sleep outside tonight so I follow them home.

    They are actually really cool and turn out to be just normal kids living together. We all share a dinner of corn taco shells and hotdogs then go to sleep...

    I actually fall asleep in the dream...

    I get woken up by one of the kids attacking me! What the crap!

    I fight him off but every time I push one of them away another comes out of the darkness and jumps on me from behind.

    This gets old really fast! I have been pretty calm up to this point, I have been trying not to hurt anyone.

    But eventually I get fed up and decide that the next person that attacks me is going to get it!

    Another guy comes out of the darkness and I tackle him to the ground. I sit on his chest to pin him down and grab a metal pipe that was laying nearby.

    I raise it above my head to strike him! Right when I am about to hit him... FLASH! I camera flash goes off! And then another!

    Then the lights come on and everyone is cheering. It turns out this was all a photo shoot. I see a picture of me with the pipe in my hand come up on a big screen, I look very fierce! They tell me they couldn't tell me about the photo shoot because they wanted a genuine reaction, makes since right? lol

    Then we all have a snack of corn taco shells and hotdogs and go back to bed...

    Dream Six: WILD

    I am surrounded by darkness trying to transition into a dream.

    I have been in this darkness all night, I have been having a lot of trouble transitioning.

    Again I see a scene start to form.

    It is a interior second store balcony with a wooden railing.

    I imagine myself standing on the balcony and rubbing the railing.

    Hey its working this time!

    I start to become more enveloped by the scene.

    I am now standing on the balcony rubbing my hands together and...

    BAM I wake up in my bed.

    I know that I am still dreaming. I sit up and stand up out of bed.

    I do a nose pinch RC to make sure that I am dreaming and sure enough I can still breathe through my nose. What a crazy feeling!

    The dream is a little shaky but as a rub my hands together and focus my senses the dream starts to stabilize.

    I realize it is another month and I want to earn my TOTM wings again. What task was I going to try to do?

    As I am thinking about it I remember what NyxCC said about not concentrating on tasks so much this month and I think I was going to try something like that too?

    Oh yeah! One of the TOTM lined up really well with what I wanted to do in my next lucid anyway!

    I have been wanting to either meet my dream guide or find a lucid dreaming pet

    I figured I could find a large egg and when I hatched it it would either be my dream guide or a dragon or something for a lucid dreaming pet!

    I couldn't remember how to find an egg though? I remembered the previous TOTM where you had to lay an egg and I figured that would work?

    So I started squatting down to try and lay an egg.

    The dream starts to get foggy at this point.

    I can't quite make it all the way down to the ground to lay my egg.

    And now somehow I am naked?

    I kind of glitch down to the ground and the dream fades.

    I wake up and get out of bed to take notes and go back to sleep.

    My sister is walking by so I decide to get up and tell her that I just had a lucid dream!

    I tell her, then she tells me that she had a lucid dream also! But she is disappointed because she wasted hers conducting an experiment on long term memory and lucid dreaming.

    Then I am in the blackness waking up again?

    Dang it I just missed a FA, I can't believe I forgot to RC!

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