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    6-9-13 Dream Journal

    by , 06-10-2013 at 12:27 AM (194 Views)
    Technique:Total sleep time = 5 hours

    I have been really busy these last two nights so I haven't had the chance to update my DJ. Thankfully this afternoon I had a nice nap and remembered these dreams.


    Dream One: Child Star

    I am a child movie star! I have just completed a movie and I am in a huge mansion with my co-actors and the Director to see the movie for the first time.

    We get all comfy to watch the movie but my Dad keeps making a scene. So I pause the movie and take my Dad outside and we have a huge argument.

    Eventually we settle it and we go back in to watch the movie. I want to rewind the movie to see what we missed (for some reason my pause didn't work).

    I think this may upset them so I bring in snacks to keep everyone happy. Chocolate ice cream sandwiches baby!

    We start the movie and the director keeps asking us if we liked that scene? Then we always scream out that it was AWESOME!

    Then there is a scene with umpa loompas from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and they sing and dance a song nearly identical to that movie. I start to feel like we are making a rip off, umpa loompas? Seriously?!

    Dream Two: Escape From The Devil

    have to leave soon so this is going to be summarized. I am at a kids summer camp, as a kid. It is beautiful with these custom oddly shaped pools everywhere. I find a friend with a baseball bat (becomes convenient latter). I sneak away from the camp counselors (I always sneak away from people in my dreams ) I get to an out of bound zone and see the camp director putting people through drills! They are terrified of him because he is the Devil! He will kill them if they mess up, torture them for a while, then bring them back to serve him again! I get a hold of a map of the camp and start helping people escape. Then I start killing the guards with the baseball bat. But later they come back to life and they know all my moves because I already beat them once! I get killed by a laser ring.

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