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    7-27-13 Dream Journal

    by , 07-28-2013 at 12:08 AM (849 Views)
    Yay I found a few free minutes today to DJ so here goes. I don't really have a ton of time so most of them will probably just be shorthanded.


    Dream One: Bear fight

    I am in a large underground cave like the bio-dome from the TV show Eureka. There are large purple stalactites/stalagmites, whichever are the ones that come down, hanging from the ceiling and there are snow covered paths snaking through the bio-dome. I am with my family riding around on snowmobiles. We run into a large brown bear, he doesn't seem to mean but he is interested in playing with us which just doesn't seem safe. The path is to narrow for us to safely get around him so we start turning around. We escape him but he says his black brother is going to hurt us now because we wouldn't play with him. He calls out "He is going to get you, he is noticeably black" whatever that means. I start scanning the woods for something that is "noticeably black" and see a patch of something that looks like moving shadows heading towards us. The bear kind of comes out of the shadows but he is so black it is still hard to see him. We manage to escape him to and get safely back to our fort.

    Dream Two: Space

    I am walking along a dock and look up. I notice that the moon is SUPPER huge and beautiful tonight so I get my phone out and start taking pictures. Then the dreams turns into 3rd person and I am looking at the solar system focused around a HUGE burning sun in the middle. Everything is interactive, I can see clouds moving on the planets, and there are solar flares coming off the sun. I see some circular distortions come out of the sun and move, even though I don't have a body, my hand out to pop them like a bubble. They pop and when they do they make a huge electric space storm that rages on for a couple seconds then burns out. I pop three of the distortions then the dream transitions again and I am back on the dock with my phone in my hands. I realize I have video recording of everything I just saw so I start showing people around me and they are amazed at how real it looks. Then when I show them the space storms they are just so cool looking people want to watch the video over again.

    Dream Three: Water Manipulation Powers

    Very little back story on this dream, I don't know my motivations. The dream starts as I am walking into a large water park. For some reason me and my friend, who has freezing powers, don't like this water park or the people who run it so we are going to trash it. I start clapping my hands in a cadence, 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4, clap clap clap clap. I am using my water manipulation powers and with each clap Reaking havoc around the park. Water tendrils are shooting out and grabbing people. Some of the tentacles are smashing the buildings and stuff like that. I remember being just amazed that I could control so much water at once. My partner with freezing powers was coming behind me and freezing the people in the tentacles, which put them in a kind of stasis. The dream takes a transition and I am standing on top of a water tower over the park negotiating with the owner. I am making some kind of demand but she is not cooperating because she thinks I am joking. I am not joking, not at all. I remember feeling very serious, I did not like it at all that she was not taking me seriously. I put my arms out to the side, focusing all my power, I slam my hands together manipulating the water in a woman's body who is standing below the water tower. I send her blasting up into the sky, she is quickly out of site. I start counting down from ten, I tell the owner that if she does not meet my demands the woman will die when I reach zero. She still thinks I am joking even though I stare at her solemnly as I count down to zero. When I reach zero I say the woman is dead (side not the women really was dead, I could since her land on a tree a long ways away, she didn't survive). The owner is starting to realize that I am serious, but is still not willing to meet my demands. I hold my arms out to my sides again, and slam them together focusing all my power on a man below the water tower. This time I launch the man straight at me. If the owner won't give in to my demands when I kill a woman out of site, perhaps she needs a more... clear... demonstration. I launch the man at me and as he approaches I bring my right arm back and punch at him again manipulating the water in his body. I focus on sending it in all different direction, the man explodes and his blood covers everyone on the water tower. Through all this I continued to stare at the owner, I never showed anger, just solemness to let her know I was very serious. She gets the picture now and urgently gives into my demands as a once again had began bringing my arms out to the side. The dream fades away.

    Dream Four: Submarine and Crocodiles

    I am in a huge huge huge submarine shaped like a giant see turtle. The man who is the cook from the show Falling Skies is the captain of the submarine, he is up on a stage performing some karaoke. I am a prisoner and he starts leading me down a hallway. The hallway is lined on both sides by big swimming pools. I see that there are large crocodiles synchronously swimming around in circles in the pools. He throws me in one of the pools, the disturbance of me entering kicks up a tone of mud from the bottom and so I can't see anything anymore because the water is so murky. The dream takes a transition and I am no longer scared. I reach out and start petting the crocodiles. The are soft, kind of slimy, and like being petted. I somehow learn they are slaves to run the submarine. They have some device that captures the momentum made by the crocodiles swimming in circles to propel the submarine. neat.

    Dream Five: Arena King

    I am a women fighting in arena combat. There is loud techno music playing, and hundreds of people over the arena betting on the combat. I am loosing to the man I am fighting. There is some kind of lull in the combat, I don't know why because he had clearly one the fight. I look up and notice that there is somebody in the crowd I know and I don't want him to see me lose. There is now a huge dream transition and I turn into the man I was earlier with water manipulation powers. This time I am angry, very angry at this man for hurting and beating the woman I was before. I hold my arms out to my sides but this time I focus a different power and throw my arms down to the ground in a summoning ritual. Then I throw my right arm out first catching a sword that appears out of a portal, then my left arm catching another sword. I yell out "These are the swords of the ocean, Rashni and Krishna (Side note: no idea if those names have any significance, anybody ever herd of something like that... they mean nothing to me). I hold them out to my sides and a ton of power floods from them into me. With their power I am so much more powerful than the man I was fighting that he is not even in my league anymore. It would be pitiful to even fight him, so I just glare at him and turn to leave. He is strong enough to since my power and he is terrified. As I turn to leave he looks re leaved and just slumps to the ground. I leave the pit and enter the crowd, everyone is looking at me. I head to the throne and approach the leader of the arena. I am challenging him for the right to rule. Weird turn of events here. The challenge is not a fight. To become arena king, I have to chose a cookie out of a nearby cookie ten. If I choose and eat the right cookie then I will be arena king. I don't even have to choose blind folded or anything. I look in the ten and can clearly see the cookie that will make me king. But I choose another one and the current leader says good I knew you wouldn't choose the king cookie. I accepted this statement as a matter of fact and the dream ended.

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    1. Sangfoot's Avatar
      I just had an awesome revelation! I have been focusing on being more aware of my surroundings in real life as a reality check. In two of my dreams last night, the Bear Fight and Space I looked up to be aware of my surroundings when I don't ever remember doing that before!