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    8-1-13 Dream Journal

    by , 08-01-2013 at 04:06 PM (329 Views)
    I had four good dreams tonight but I am just going to record part of one and then the lucid I had.

    After the wedding ceremony the four groomsmen get up on stage. They are all pretty drunk and this point, and the rest of the wedding party, and the bride in particular, are looking very nervous that they are going to do something stupid and ruin the wedding.

    They get in a line and act like they are going to sing a song, everyone is relieved. Then another man, not a groomsmen, comes out from behind stage and gives each of the 4 groomsmen a shot glass and starts filling it up from a HUGE bottle of vodka he is carrying around.

    They all look at each other like what is going on, but then shrug as if to say "hey I guess we have room for one more shot before we begin the song... RIGHT?!"

    So the three on the right down the shot, but he groomsmen on the left starts to look like he is having second thoughts. (Side note: this is where their actual performance starts. Well I guess it had already started before hand but this is where I thought it started in the dream). He notices there is a discarded metal drum nearby and moves to pour his shot out in it.

    When he is over it he pours out his shot... but the shot glass has way more vodka in it then it should! He just keeps pouring and pouring until the whole metal drum is filled up! He looks incredulous like he is wondering what the heck is going on.

    Meanwhile when he is about done filling up the drum one of the other groomsmen has a heart attack and falls to the floor dead. When he hits the floor his body immediately starts decomposing and he quickly rots away and shrinks until all that is left is a tiny skeleton that is about a foot tall.

    Another groomsmen grabs the skeleton and brings it over to the drum they just filled with vodka. He goes to dip the skeleton in the vodka but it is just a little to wide and tall to fit into the drum.

    Se he stands the skeleton up while the other three groomsmen pick up the drum and splash the vodka onto the skeleton. It absorbs all the vodka, no a single drop misses or falls to the ground!

    The skeleton starts growing and coming back to life. It is able to walk around on its own but is still in a state between life and death. It looks like his cartilage and some ligaments are back but he has no muscle or skin.

    The third groomsmen takes of most of his clothes and starts rubbing himself vigorously. Soon it is like his skin is smoothing out and kind of stretching to start forming around him like a cocoon. It starts near his feet then as he keeps rubbing his legs then torso then shoulders the cocoon keeps forming around him. After he does the shoulders his arms are stuck so he head still isn't in the cocoon. He sticks out his tongue and starts rubbing his lips. The cocoon effect spreads from there and covers his whole head and connects with the cocoon covering his body.

    When he is fully cocooned he falls to the ground. After about ten seconds of laying there he bursts out the center like an Alien baby coming out a chest cavity.

    He is all sweaty and slimy, and naked.

    He picks up the skin cocoon left over and drapes it over the skeleton like a robe. It starts to sink into his body, first his muscles form, then he gets all veiney, then it settles over him and he is just like he was before he died! Pretty cool magic trick! The bride looks relieved and happy that they did something so creative, and didn't ruin her wedding.

    There is a whole lot more to this dream before and after, but I don't want to bother to write it all down and that was the cool part. Other than to mention my friend J.D was there and told me he was getting married! What!?

    The dream fades and I wake up. Even though this feels real I figure I might as well do an RC to make sure. Right when I though about doing a RC I knew I was still dreaming! I did a nose pinch RC anyway and I could still breath through my nose! I love that feeling!

    I realize I am still in the Arena that my last dream was in. I stand up and say "This is a dream, I am lucid, Clarity NOW!" Even though the dream was stable it seams to stabilize further and my level of lucidity improves quite a bit. I know that I am not in danger of losing lucidity anymore so I stop stabilizing and start exploring.

    I think about doing a TOTM. Then literally LOL and the horrible timing I have with lucids as I know it is Aug 1st and I have not had a chance to look at the new TOTM yet! Dang!

    Oh well I will just explore and see if something cool happens. I start flying around the Arena for a while and it feels really good. Then I imagine I am connected to the ceiling by a string and start swinging back and forth.

    After a while I notice there is a man watching me, the Arena had been previously completely empty. I fly down.

    As I get close he starts talking to me. He looks friendly and I realize I have been wanting to have a conversation with a DC so I decide to engage him and see what he says.

    "High I'm Lillie, how are you doing?"

    "High Lillie, I'm _____ nice to meet you. I'm great since I am lucid! How are you doing?"

    I repeat his name to myself a couple times so that I will be sure to remember it.

    "Yes _____ I know that you are lucid that is why I am here. I need you to deliver a message to my wife and son, Luke. You see, I messed up a while ago and there is a woman in Vegas who will be getting the results of a paternity test soon that will show her child is mine. They don't know about this and I wanted to tell them but never did. Will you find them and tell them for me _____ ?

    For some reason I don't ever think to answer his question. I am just trying to absorb the information.

    At some point while he has been telling me this 3 other guys have shown up and they are standing nearby listening to our conversation.

    For some reason all I think about is trying to remember the information, and I want to get there names right.

    "You said your sons name was Luke, fantastic that will be easy to remember (thinking about Star Wars). What was your Wife's name again? Crud and I have forgotten your name also!"

    In the dream I couldn't remember what he said his name was in the beginning. But I was able to remember it when I woke up.

    For some reason when I said his sons name would be easy to remember everyone started laughing like it was a joke? By everyone I mean Lillie and the three men watching us. I tried to ignore them to hear Lillie's response.

    "Yes my sons name is Luke. My Wife's name is Madhu (I can't remember it perfectly but I think that is close. And mine is Pujo (pronounced pooj-ha)" (Side note: I am pretty sure Pujo, the name, came from Archer in the episode where he becomes pirate king. The archeologist that is there says he is a something-Pujo which means pirate slave)

    At this point I remember that his name is Lillie so I say so and everyone treats it like a joke and starts laughing again. I am confused and the dream starts to fade away.

    Hmm that was an interesting dream. I am very pleased to have had such a long conversation with a DC! Even though I don't think he was a DG or anything I am making progress in the right direction, Whoo!

    I should also take a second to mention that I don't believe at all that I was actually communicating with the dead or that there is a message I need to deliver.

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