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    8-12-13 Dream Journal

    by , 08-13-2013 at 01:23 AM (323 Views)
    Had two interesting dreams, one last night and one the night before.

    Dream One: The Hobbit

    I am a Hobbit just like in LOTR, and I am in the LOTR universe but it is not the LOTR if that makes since. It doesn't to me so I don't know why it would to you

    I am a Hobbit and me and a group of Dwarfs are heading out on an adventure. After a couple days of journeying we run into a dragon and he kills us... the end

    except then I come out of the void again and we are starting the adventure over just like we did the first time. It is not like it is a video game and I have multiple lives. It is like I time traveled back but only I can remember the future.

    This happens three time, each time as we are approaching the dragon I try something different to keep the group alive but we die each time. First by the dragon again. Then by a group of Orcs we run into avoiding the dragon.

    Then on the third time I end up fighting my own group because I ended up telling them about my future foresight and they thought I was crazy and tried to kill me

    Dream Two: Super Demon

    I am like a rival gang leader walking into the territory of another gang. Everything has a dark red cast to it, I look up and realize there is no sun in this place. Just a orangy red glow that seems to come from everything. (this is my representation of a hell setting in my dreams). We are in the ruins of what looks to be a modern day city with the broken and rusted remains of sky scrapers and destroyed concrete buildings around us.

    As I walk towards the rival gang two members come over and restrain me by each putting a hand on my chest. They were stronger than I thought they would be and there pressure stopped me in my tracks. I allow myself to be restrained

    The leader comes over and says something but I don't remember what he said.

    I told him he didn't belong here, he nor his gang had earned the right to be this deep in this place.

    He got cocky and beginning with him each member of the gang releases their energy and I feel it like a strong pressure around me. Like the air has become much more dense and it is now hard to breath through their spiritual pressure. There are heat waves in the air and I can feel that the temperature has started to rise dramatically in this region.

    Again I tell him that he has not yet earned the right to be this deep. He needs to leave.

    In his cockyness he asks who I am to demand he leaves, who am I to tell him what he has earned the right to do.

    In a completely nonchalant and non aggressive way I begin to release my own spiritual pressure. I am not fighting with him, party because I am so much stronger than him, but partly because I am just answering his question.

    I say this is a million year level.

    Then I release the spiritual pressure of a hundred year level. They are all invigorated by this energy, most of their energy output is much greater than what I am now doing.

    I am planning on slowly ramping up my energy to give them time to leave if they want. They are pretty cocky and I know that now that they have made the challenge they will probably not leave or they will lose face.

    I release to a thousand year level. This is slightly above what most of them are doing. There own energy is pushed back into their body and the excess energy starts to turn their skin red as in a bad sunburn.

    I release to a ten thousand year level. All but the leader drop to the ground and start writhing in a silent pain. This level is exponentially more than a thousand year level, and they are now dieing simply by being in my presence. They cannot breath and are suffocating because the air is so thick. And their skin has gone beyond a sun burn and is actually on fire in some places.

    The leader is still standing and his pressure is matching mine. He is not surrendering even though he knows that if he does not he will likely die and all his men will die for sure.

    I begin to release to a hundred thousand year level. As I do I start floating up into the air, the spiritual pressure I am releasing is pushing me off the ground with its intensity. I spread my arms wide and fully release at a hundred thousand year level. A sphere of fire surrounds me for at least two hundred feat and anything in it is consumed. Remember that this power is not merely 100 times the thousand year level, it is exponentially greater. The very ground I was standing on, the concrete, has collapsed and is now sunken like a beach ball would press water aside. The gangs bodies are completely consumed in the fire, only the leader remains even though he is basically dead, though he remains standing somehow.

    There are now by stander demons coming from the surrounding areas to investigate what is going on. I cannot yet see them, they are keeping their distance to see what happens. They are incredibly strong and ancient beings. Remember that I first said this was a million year level.

    Now that I have their attention I must release my full power to a million year level or they will attack me as I did this gang. I raise my arms high and stretch as I release my full power. It is a wonderful feeling that I still remember clearly. This power makes what I had previously released feel like a drop in a lake. Rather than being released as heat it is released like radiation. I feel strong particles leaving me that start destroying my surrounding at the sub atomic level. Reality itself start bending and solid matter becomes like liquid and starts flowing into new forms.

    I can tell my power has satisfied the on lookers that I belong, so I calm down and begin to sink back down to the ground.

    As I do I wake up.

    That last dream was such a cool dream. I am reluctant to get into any dream analysis as it looks like I have serious power problems. So I am just content to say that it did feel good to hold so much power and release it, even if I was a demon

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