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    April End of Month Review

    by , 05-01-2013 at 08:32 PM (324 Views)
    April End of The Month Review: In my March end of the month review I said that I wanted to remember two dreams per night this month, to improve my recall. Aside from the few days that I took off from DJ ing I did it! In April I recorded 62 non-lucid dreams! and 4 lucid dreams, 3 DILD's and 1 DEILD!

    Looking back I am very pleased with this months effort. I see a lot of improvement in my dream recall.

    Dream Goals for May: Record at least two dreams per night and have 8 lucid dreams, two per week.

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    1. RavenOfShadow's Avatar
      I didn't know you've had 4 lucids! Thats awesome! But these are good goals, I need to come up with some for myself to stay motivated... Though having my first lucid was motivation enough!

    2. Arkadast's Avatar
      Congratulations on your lucids! Awesome dream recall too. I need to improve my dream recall.
    3. Sangfoot's Avatar
      Hi RavenOfShadow!

      Yeah I have had four short lucids, actually 5 as of this post (had one last night ). I am not very satisfied with them though as they were short and unstable. I haven't managed to accomplish any of my long term dream goals in them. I am really basing them off of what I think a perfect lucid is based on my favorite dream journal Hyu . His dream journal is what got me into lucid dreaming, it is amazing! I would highly recommend checking it out!

      Definitely come up with some goals man! They help you to stay focused when you are loosing motivation, and give you something to measure your progress by It always feels good when you've accomplished your goals for the month
    4. Sangfoot's Avatar
      Hi Arkadast!


      I have been focusing almost exclusively upon recall for the last two months and I have seen dramatic growth! It wasn't easy though! Sometimes it is so hard to stay motivated to reach for the note pad in the middle of the night lol. But starting the dream note pad has been the best thing I have done to improve recall.