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    Dream Journal 1-11-13

    by , 01-12-2014 at 01:20 AM (353 Views)
    Had my first lucid dream worth journaling in a while last night. Just for the sake of my records I have had three lucids this last while that I didn't bother journaling because they where short or not important/cool.

    Dream One: Niece

    Great dream, I was in a large room full of my family and we each had our own bed. AG, my niece, was a little bit older than she is in RL, like a toddler and she came over to me and we started snuggling and it was the sweetest thing ever. She was so happy, and so sweet nuzzling into my chest. Then I wrapped her up in a blanket and she laid next to me and we took a nap. On a side note my dad was busting SB for wanting to drink, and he told me “well he isn’t the guy we would have picked for her, but he loves her and he has done a great job so far so I think we are satisfied.” Pretty cool stuff

    FA 1:

    After that last dream I wake up and get up to go brush my teeth and i feel the dream fading, crap I missed a FA!

    FA 2 and Lucid:

    Then I get out of bed again and I think, better RC even though this feels so real, and immediately I am lucid. I start wondering the house and everything is SOOO vivid. I start thinking of sexual things but I promised myself I wouldn’t waste another lucid like that. The dream starts to fade a little but I begin concentrating on my surroundings and the dream restabilizes very well. I see a large window leading out to the street, I am on the second floor. The street outside is made of large cobblestones that are a dark redbrown from the rain that/mist that is falling on them. I am in a neighborhood and there are other really nice houses around me. I purposefully phase through the window and land in the street. I expect to smell and feel the rain and I do. My skin gets damp and when I finish phasing I smell the air and it smells just like it would after a fresh rain. I start calling out down both sides of the street, because I am alone, “alright God, I stopped myself, and I said I would try to find you or worship you with my dreams, I am here now, what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do?” As I am shouting the dream starts to fade.

    FA 3 and lucid 2:

    I wake up and get out of bed to start getting ready. I think I better RC after those two FA’s, you’ve got be kidding me three FA’s and two lucids in one morning, amazing! This dream is the most vivid I have ever had, I got out of bed in my room, and it felt like I was in my greandpaprents house where I am living now. I get teleported outside and I am now standing outside in their carport. The dream still feels amazingly real, I have actually managed to stop thinking about reality for a while, so I am not even thinking anymore this is a dream, I am just completely in the moment. I see my niece coming home down the road. She is a little older now then when she was in the last dream, and she can talk now. She is very happy to see me and she runs at me and gives me a hug. She is all covered in blood but I know its not hers and she seems happy enough so I give her a hug and appreciate the moment of seeing her smile at me and talk with a full set of teeth, since she is only 9 months old now in RL. I ask her “why are you all covered in blood, where have you been at?” she is unphased and responds that she is just getting back from the north pole, nothing to worry about. As she speaks she points off towards the north end of the farm and for the first time I look up at the horizon. Somehow I just understand that this is normal for her, at night she comes to this place and goes on dream adventures to these different places. On the horizon are like fifty different bubble scenes going around me in a three sixty. I remember being amazed and looking at each of them, but I can only really remember what ten or so looked like. Each one was like a chapter of a book that promised a different adventure. The north pole one she had just come from had a very smooth frozen sheet of ice, and the northern lights going crazy. It looked like there where two skies because the northern lights where reflecting off of the ice sheet. Now I knew why Amelia had gone there, because she liked the bright lights and wanted to check them out. I starting looking at other scenes. I asked her “do you have time for another adventure? Or do you have to go?” she took a moment to think about it, and even though she was coming home to wake up she said she could probably stay and hang out. So we started looking at the available adventures to see what we wanted to do. There was a beach scene right on the ocean with white sand and perfectly clear blue waters. And a world dominated by a huge volcano that was erupting and spewing magma everywhere, on that adventure I knew you would be jumping from rock to rock trying not to let the lava monster get you lol, I laughed. Then I saw a world that was calm, but had like 10 large white mountains forming in a circle. Around the mountains where flying balls of energy of all different colors, probably fifty or sixty of them in all from all colors of the rainbow. I knew that Amelia would be attracted to this place because of the colors so I showed her by pointing it out and her face lit up and she got very excited and she said “Yes!”

    The next thing I know Amelia and I are standing in a white pit in what I can only assume was that world. But now there is not anything flying around, no balls of light, only white mountains and calm. I see these little mechanical devices laying on the floor and I pick on up. I feel like I recognize it somehow, like I should know what it does and how to use it. I pick up another and start trying to activate them. Amelia has lost interest but she is willing to stay a little longer since I have been so engrossed by these machines. I start trying to activate them by force of will, or pouring my energy into them or something, or anything come on work! I feel like I am starting to figure it out when another guy shows up. He looks surprised that we are here, then he takes another look at my face and is shocked! Like how can I be back here? He comes to try to take the machine from me but I don’t let go. I change the positioning in my hand according to lines on the ball and smile at the man. I still don’t know who is is, but I feel like I used to know him. The ball begins to glow and when it does all the others come to life around me. I remember what they are, they are used to make music by reverberating off the surrounding mountains using different frequencies. I start spinning them around but it just makes a horrible noise, the guy is very displeased by this so he shows me how to move my arms like an orchestra director to make music. I do so and I hear a question in my mind, as if from the machines, “what type of music shall we make?”. I think for a second, but decide techno of course. I start conducting the symphony and they start playing the techno song I am thinking about. Amelia is very pleased by this and starts dancing among the lights as they spin around, enjoying the techno music they are making. Then without my noticing she kind of slips away at this point. I enjoy making music for a little longer, and then I start thinking this is amazing that my mind can remember every note and so many different songs to be able to duplicate them in my dreams so perfectly. When I start remembering these things knowledge of reality starts coming back and I know I will wake up soon. I turn the machines off and land them so they wont be hurt by a sudden turn off and crash to the ground. Then I wake up as feeling and awareness returns to my waking body.

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