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    March End of Month Review

    by , 04-01-2013 at 05:34 PM (215 Views)
    End of The Month Review: I have been a member here for 16 days now and have recorded 39 non-lucid dreams!, and 0 lucid dreams . I have been practicing WILDing almost every night, and my technique has improved tons. I believe I keep learning something knew and practicing something I enjoy ( *cough* positive refrain for "failing") because I am to easily amazed. Many have said that one key to WILDing is to remain passive and not get "to caught up" in each stage. But, with my natural child like curiosity I just can't help myself

    I think "yay I made it farther than last time! " and completely wake myself up. I have learned to just enjoy this and know that as I experience each stage next time, or the next next time, I will get farther

    One huge payoff is that I am sleeping much better than I used to! I wake up feeling much more rested, I feel like I sleep much more deeply.

    Dream Goal For Next Month: Remember two dreams per night

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