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    The town, the bunny and the highway

    by , 03-24-2012 at 03:21 PM (423 Views)
    hello people, i just woke up and i remember some fragments of a very weird dream
    this is the traduction(i will post the original, in spanish, if someone want's me to, it is easyer to understand):

    It was a town like "chacabuco". We arrived in a car to a church. it had a highway on the side of it (right side), and a bird was standing in the "wall" of the highway(you know, like when there is a pillar holding the highway?), "picking" the other wall/mini-stripe-of-material next to it. then my dad told me something and I STARTED TO FEEL, SMELL, HEAR AND SEE like an animal (i believe i "possesed" him somehow, like taking over his body). i/him started to run through a park/forest that was near the church and when i/him was eating a bird, A NUMBER WOULD COME OUT OF THE BIRD counting how many i already ate. this went for a while, and in a moment i jumped to the top of a small building, closer to the church. i saw a bunny, and i ate it, but the number didn't was from 3 to 4, or 7 to 8, it was like 12-19 or something like that. i looked back and i saw my father, who told me "did you see that they are better?" (that would be: "¿viste que son mejores?).
    I believe that the animal was a fox, a dog or a wolf.
    i did some childish drawing of a "map" of the whole place, i am redoing it again in paint and i will upload it
    thank you for reading

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    1. santix23's Avatar
    2. superchaz's Avatar

      nice map how did you do it?
    3. Parkour's Avatar
      Looks like paint....
    4. santix23's Avatar
      yep, i did it in paint
      you would be very shocked if you see the original one