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    Tales of the Observer

    1. Spider-Man Dream and Whatnot

      by , 09-22-2012 at 01:57 PM (Tales of the Observer)
      Despite my totally crappy dream recall, I've managed to remeber two dreams I had. Yay!

      In the first dream I was Spider-Man, or was playing a Spider-Man game (doesn't matter really).

      So, I swung around the town to get to my objective, which was apparently, an Oscorp building. So, I crashed a glass panel and jumped through it to enter the building. What happened from there is hard to recall, but I think I fought seveal rows of enemies. Then Hulk came from nowhere and I wanted to leave, so I jumped back through the glass I'd broken before.

      Yep, pretty dumb, I know.

      And I've also had a dream where I was playing a game on my ipad... And that's it...

      Oh well, at least I did recall something