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    1. Tron Legacy Battle

      by , 06-02-2011 at 06:46 PM
      I was in the main room of my house, and everything looked as though it was like the movie Tron: Legacy. I was basically on a team with the British judge on the TV show "So You Think You Can Dance," this woman I've never met before, this bald guy on the anime "Bleach," and I looked like Chase from the TV show "House." Basically we would run around fighting other teams, and the team with the most points would win, and the losing team would die or something.

      If you hit the other time three times with a disc, (my team's discs were blue) then your disc would turn into a animal on contact. I did this, and then when my discs hit something, they would turn into large blue dolphins, about the size of a minivan. I threw 4 discs at this one guy, and he dodged the last one, but it turned into a dolphin and wrapped around him and he died or something.

      Then we started another match, but as it turns out, we were all there for punishment of some sort, and the authorities wanted to get rid of us, so they divided the team into two teams and made us fight. I was with the bald guy. I was fighting the British judge, and he was good. He dodged all of my throws and I dodged his. Then, it turns out we were in some sort of holodeck or something, because everything started malfunctioning. There were random animals flashing around the room. Then the other team basically decided to stop fighting, they blamed it on the malfunctions but I could tell they didn't want to fight.

      We went to the table for a meal, and it looked disgusting. It was owl meat apparently, but it smelled really weird. My plate had what looked like a half melted top half of an owl, and it was dripping in gravy or something. There was also peas and mashed potatoes. I felt as though I should eat it, because I thought that food might be scarce and I should be grateful. I wasn't even hungry, though.