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    1. 015:

      by , 09-30-2014 at 10:44 PM (Tides of Sleep)
      Notes: I've been having lucid dreams very frequently since eating shit on bike this summer and concussing myself. These almost always occur just after falling asleep and usually end with the sensation of choking, resulting in waking up. I also almost always drool during these events.


      I appeared, quite suddenly, in a long metallic looking hallway glowing with a strange red tint. I perceived that this was representative of some distant war fire.

      In reality, I had just sent my friend a Facebook message before suddenly falling asleep. Instead of focusing on the still empty hallway I thought about that for a minute, then turned my attention to my physical body, which felt numb. I could feel myself drooling. Realizing I was lucid dreaming, I decided to stop wasting my time focusing on external factors and focus on the dream.

      My first thought was to dream about fighting off a horde of baddies. A bunch of grunts wearing steel helmets and lamellar armor appeared. An axe appeared in my hand. I started to fight.

      At first, I couldn't move quickly. Something in my mind was holding me back from fully controlling the dream. I thought "no, move faster" repeatedly until eventually, my dream self could move full speed.

      My brain continued to try and derail my lucidity. At one point I conjured some fat dude in office attire to grab me and pull me away from the action. After thinking, very purposefully, "fuck off" a few times, he did so. Almost immediately after that, the part of my brain that wants to confound me conjured my dad and tried to turn my lucid dream into a nightmare.

      He was being attacked by several grunts, his hand reaching out to me from between a door crack. I knew my dream was going to have him killed. I threw my axe and stayed one grunt, the other disappeared. My dad lay bent over unnaturally over a couch, I could tell part of my brain was waiting for me to interpret his figure as dead.

      "Nope, he's fine," I thought. Dad sprung back up, totally untouched.

      At this point, I started to feel the choking sensation and knew I wasn't going to be able to remain asleep. I felt like I couldn't breathe. The dream swirled out of focus. I began to hear my physical body making a choking noise. I woke up and breathed. My pillow was covered in drool.
    2. 014: Cannibal Touch

      by , 06-06-2012 at 05:24 AM (Tides of Sleep)
      Last night I had a strange dream.

      I’ll start at the interesting part: I stepped through a portal into another world. I opened my eyes and saw that I was standing upon a shaggy hill, covered in a grey, dead grass. In the distance there was a hardpan desert, blowing with thin dust. Right before me, there was a creature, almost shaped like a man. He was skeleton-thin, with long limbs. His muscles hung like pockets of flesh from his bones, and his skin was loose and veiny. He face was hollowed, with a fleshy snout and hanging grey hair. His overall appearance was dull and colorless, such that he might blend right in with the desert behind. Despite his appearance, I was not afraid of him.

      When I came through the portal, he looked up at me with empty sockets and said, slowly, “It’s only hard dust out here.”

      We looked at each other, each obviously curious about the other. After a while, he spoke again, “Can I touch your face?”

      It was a strange question, but I could tell he had never seen a being like me before and was curious. Taking his bony hand, I pressed it against my cheek.

      “It’s firm,” He said, sounding suprised, “Can I touch your neck?”

      Now I was getting a little creeped out. However, I didn’t want to offend this strange being, and so I started to take his hand to press it against my neck. As I did so, however, he stopped me.

      “Let me touch it myself. I’m not going to hurt you.”

      Hesitant, but still not wanting to offend, I consented and he touched my neck, putting a little more pressure than comfortable on the pulsing vein there.

      Next he asked, “Can I touch your heart?”

      I assumed he meant my chest, but now I felt scared. I tried to scramble back away from his outstretched hand, but my foot slipped on the dusty hillside. As I fell, his bony hand caught me in the stomach, pinning me to the ground with force. I could feel his skeletal finger digging into my belly button.

      “Ooh!” He called out in delight, “There’s more here!”

      At that moment, I knew that he intended to eat me to feed his skinny, malnourished body.
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    3. 013: Viking Boxing

      by , 06-24-2011 at 10:51 PM (Tides of Sleep)
      June 24, 2011

      Staying at my grandmother's house currently. Slept a really long time. Kind of a crossover from World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King, probably elements from reading too many fantasy novels.

      Entry 013
      I'm in a restaurant, and at first I'm eating by myself. As time goes on, though, I see a large group of people sitting to my right. I walk over to the group and realize that it's the entire Jackass cast. I sit down at the head of the table and join in on their conversation. They're so funny I'm practically breaking down in laughter. I vaguely remember going to the bathroom and something about Gene Simmons being in there or something.


      Now I'm wandering around some kind of deserted island nation. The ground is flooded with a thin layer of water about 2 inches deep, but my feet never seem to get wet-- It's as if I'm walking on top of the water. I see two girls here, both of them tall and skinny wearing athletic clothes. They appear to be sparring each other. The shorter of the two is obviously winning. I walk up to the shorter girl and challenge her to a boxing match. She's obviously several years younger than I am, so I'm not worried. She puts up a good fight, but I win.

      Just as we finish our fight, I notice a huge ship as large as several mansions cutting through the water nearby. Suddenly the water around us becomes very deep, and I fall in, unable to see the bottom. As the ship passes by I begin to be pulled toward the rocky cliff behind me. There's some kind of whirlpool forming there, apparently caused because someone pulled out some kind of key stone in the cliff wall.

      I'm swimming as hard as I can, but the whirlpool is too strong. I know I won't make it. Just as I'm thinking this I spot a loose rope coming from the side of the massive wooden ship. I grab hold and pull myself up to the side of the ship. Cut into the side of the ship is a platform with a metal dragon sculpture over the top of the entrance. Walking into the side of the ship is almost like walking into the belly of a monster. I pass through a hallway and eventually come out into the belly of the ship, which is apparently some kind of coliseum.

      There are seats everywhere, and the area gives off a kind of ancient feel to it. The thick wooden columns and seats remind me of the viking era. Even though the coliseum is apparently ancient, all of the seats are equipped with modern-ish devices. One such device is a bone arm rest which has rolling letters with which to enter book titles. Why book titles? Not sure.

      There is one section of seats in particular with glowing red glyphs above them, but these are empty. Only potential competitors are to sit here. As I look around I notice in the center arena a giant throne at one end. Upon the throne is a man with full polished steel armor, black cloak, hood and glowing blue eyes. In one hand he holds a massive, glowing blue sword, and I understand this is the "Lich Sword", a sword imbued with the power of the dead. This man is the king of this realm, whatever it is, and only the winner of the coliseum gets the opportunity to fight him and potentially take his throne.

      At once I see the first match is going to be boxing. The first competitor enters the ring, and I see it is the girl I challenged and beat earlier. Without really thinking, I jump down into the challenger's seats and am teleported into the arena. Again, the battle is a bit of a challenge, but I still win. I'm teleported back to the seats before a kind of magical forge. The forge glows with a yellow light and a sword, similar to the king's Lich Sword, spawns there. I take it. This is my first prize-- the "Earth Sword".

      Suddenly, I'm transported back into the ring. I was foolish. This is far from over. The same girl I just defeated reappears, only this time with a team of other people and a giant black panther. She and her team jump onto the panther. I realize I've been tricked. The girl was an agent of the king, purposely luring me into joining the tournament. I mount my own panther, but without a team. I don't think I can win.

      I wake up.
    4. 012: Otaku stalker

      by , 06-23-2011 at 05:29 PM (Tides of Sleep)
      June 23, 2011

      Sleeping over in a hotel room tonight. Have been going to bed very early since coming back to the states. I haven't written any of my dreams down for awhile so I figure now's as good a time as any. At the last dream I started to become a little lucid seeing as I was waking up every five minutes to the sound of my mom's alarm clock. Recurring themes of school and crossdressing.

      Entry 012
      I'm in a cave, swimming in a clear underground lake. Around me I can see my old classmates swimming as well, though none of them are distinct. The teacher is a woman with dark hair pulled back into a bun and a thin, delicate face. Although I've never had a teacher who looked like her, she seems familiar. She pulls out an old photograph of her and her family and lays it on the rocky shore of the lake. "Bring me tokens, then we can move on." I don't know what she means, but I dive to the bottom of the lake and place a smooth pebble on top of the photo. My classmates bring other things they find and place them on the photo as well.

      We're going somewhere now, we walk into a huge chamber with a waterfall.


      I'm in Tokyo, and I'm Japanese. For some reason I'm dressed up like a man and wearing a police uniform. It looks like my disguise has fooled everyone. Well, everyone but one guy. In Akihabara some otaku wearing a long white coat and huge coke bottle glasses spots me and knows I can't be a man. He starts to stalk me. I don't start to run really, but I'm definitely trying to lose him. I come to a tall tower. The otaku sees a baby nearby and steals it, knowing I won't run away while he's putting the life of an infant in danger. I somehow outsmart him and retrieve the baby, ringing the doorbell of the tower and giving it back to the confused Japanese housewife inside. From there on the dream morphs into some kind of parkour chase across Tokyo, with only occasional pauses whenever I think I've lost him.


      I'm with my friend Jane, and we're at some kind of anime convention. We're both wearing costumes that disguise us as men, but the people at the convention can tell from our faces that we're girls. We're wearing tight under-armor shirts with padded muscles and tight skinny jeans with sneakers. We look convincing. We're there for some kind of competition. We walk into a packed room and head for the makeshift stage at the front. We're in a line of other costumed groups. The audience appears to be picking its favorite groups from the line up, shouting whenever the ones they like are mentioned. Our names are called out and we flex and pose for the crowd. We get a huge response, we move on to the next round.

      Next round and we're on stage with different costumes this time. Now we're wearing fluorescent pink and yellow pixie-cut wigs and matching tutus. Now we're competing against just one other group for the semi-finals. The last challenge is to dress up a girl from an audience to match us. I pick out a girl with brown hair tied up in a braid. For some reason Jane has left the stage and I have to do the makeup all by myself, even though I have no idea how. I spend the entire time allotted applying pink lipstick to the girl. Somehow, though, when she walks to the front of the stage, she looks just like us. We move to the semi-finals, but once there we lose because my design on the girl wasn't original enough. I have become somewhat lucid at this point due to an alarm clock, and I feel curious about how my makeup actually looks. I look in a mirror and look strangely old underneath the makeup. I can see wrinkles cracking the top of my upper lip and bags pulling down my eyes. It scares me.

      I wake up.

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    5. 011: A sandy-haired boy

      by , 04-30-2011 at 02:17 PM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 30, 2011

      I wasn't going to post this at all, but then I figure I've been neglecting my journal for awhile now, and so I've forced myself. Some familiar recurring characters here, also a carryover of my broker air con dripping into the dream. Kind of ominous, as per usual, and strangely unsettling, especially around Burnett and the house. One very, very memorable dream character whom I've never met before. I can still see his face in my head.

      Entry 011
      I'm laying down between Octavia and Burnett, with the rest of my friends on the other side of Octavia. At first I don't seem to noticed Burnett. We're laying down, but we're in a kind of stadium place. It's some kind of school trip, I think, and the rest of my classmates fill the stadium around me. The stadium doesn't really have seats so much as risers, so that there's no back rest or place for your legs to dangle down. Most people are sitting up, cheering someone on, but my group and I are laying down, looking at the night sky. Suddenly I hear someone calling my name, singing it, in fact. I glance to my right and notice a skinny-ish boy with chin length sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and a distinctive, but cute, face. I don't know him, even looking back he doesn't resemble anyone I know in real life, but I can still see his face in my head.

      I duck under the risers, swing down to the ground effortlessly. He's singing me a love song. I smile and watch him sing into his mic for awhile. Finally, I interrupt him, "Hey." I smile again. I take a couple steps forward and hold out my hand, palm-up. He looks startled, and stares at me for a few seconds with an expression of horror on his face. Before I can even react, he's twisting away, running. I'm confused, and a little hurt, but I don't really think anything of it. I go back to my place on the risers.

      As I'm laying there, looking up at the sky, I suddenly notice Burnett is laying next to me. I say something to him, and we start talking. Ironically, we're talking about lucid dreaming. After that, I'm talking about some photograph I have with me. He looks at it in a way that makes me think he's seen it before, and that it has a greater significance than I believe it to. After answering one of his questions, there's a pause until I reply. Once I reply he grins. My answer seems to have made him happy. Suddenly, without warning, he plants three kisses up my arm. I'm dismayed. I realize that I had gotten closer and closer to him and that now we were only inches apart. He sees the look on my face, says, "I didn't mean it that way...". It's too late. I'm scrambling away until I'm hugging Octavia, who had been angry I was ignoring her.

      When the event, whatever it was, ends, I walk home to a giant Victorian style house. It's empty, haunted in a way. There's a constant dripping from the ceiling, as if the house is in a perpetual state of wet mold and decay. My mom is in one of the upstairs rooms, and she seems to be very sick. I wait for a long time in the house, not sleeping even though I am tired and it's pitch black outside. I get the feeling I'm waiting for Burnett. Eventually, my mom calls me up to her room and tells me to go get some food for a party. This trip coincides with some journey I have to undertake.

      I find myself on highway at night. The area around me is somewhat desert-like, but it's so black outside I can hardly see a foot in front of me. Eventually, I come to a kind of way-station. Here there are a bunch of vending machines that spit out hot fast food. I walk up to the McDonalds one, hit the number of the food my mom wanted, then punch in the credit card information. Sure enough the machine spits out some hamburgers. Behind me, there's a huge line and a menacing looking biker makes it clear to me that if I don't get out now there will be trouble. I run out of the way-station, and I'm back on the road, heading somewhere...
    6. 010: Horrible night

      by , 04-25-2011 at 10:13 AM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 25, 2011

      Hardly slept last night. Went to bed at 1:30am, woke up screaming for my mom. Took me awhile to fall back asleep, not sure when exactly. Woke up finally at 6am. I rarely have outright nightmares. Creepy, ominous, yes. Horrifying? No, not really. If I ever have a nightmare I usually will become lucid and then either stop/change the dream. Although I did do that this time, it was really late and the nightmare was practically already over. Also, three dreams inside of each other. I could make an inception joke, but honestly I'm still creeped out. My dream self didn't realize they were dreams inside dreams. Motifs of nothing, I've never had a dream quite like this. Also, I had dreams this weekend but they weren't too interesting seeing as I lost sleep. Also I wasn't home, so I didn't bother to write them down anyways.

      Entry 010
      I'm in Dr. Clark's room. We have some huge essay to write, it's due in 30 minutes, but I'm so tired. I lay my head down on my desk and fall asleep.

      I'm in my bed, except I realized later that it was on the wrong side of the room and exact to my old bed back home. I'm half-asleep, my body is already paralyzed and my mind is mostly unconscious. As I'm lying there, about to enter a deep sleep, I feel something on my back. It feels like a hand. For a minute I don't feel particularly worried about this. The hand is running over my back, slipping lower until it runs over my ass. I feel uncomfortable. Then I can feel nails digging into me. I realize there is no hand, but the touch persists. I realize the hand belongs to some kind of demon, and that its intention is to murder me. My body is still paralyzed. I try screaming, but all that comes out of my throat is a strangled grunt. It's not loud enough for anyone to hear. I know that I have to stand up and get out of here. I try to stand, but I can't. I fall to my knees and drag myself to the door. Along the way I see something out of the corner of my eye. It's a little man, about as wide and tall as a bowling pin, dressed in clothes like Charlie Chaplin with white pasty skin, frizzy black hair and huge, staring, yellow eyes. I open the door and drag myself to the hall. I try screaming more, but I'm still not able. I think I see my mom on the couch, but it's dark. I get to the couch, someone's there. I'm safe. I relax, fall asleep by the couch.

      I wake up. I'm in bed. Something is touching me. Repeat of the last dream, but as I reach my door this time I think "My bed is on the other wall. Didn't I just have this dream?" and I realize I'm dreaming. My dream self, however, is still panicking. It's screaming at me to get the hell out of the room. The will of my dream self overpowers my lucid self and I fling the door open. There's a blinding white light.

      I open my eyes. I'm screaming. My mom is in the doorway.
    7. 009: Bitchy evil twin

      by , 04-22-2011 at 09:23 AM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 22, 2011

      After forgetting my dream last night, had 3 dreams tonight, one lucid. Went to bed at around 1am, woke up several times but eventually at 1:30pm. Great dreams tonight, some of the typical weird stuff that happens in my dreams. Attempted control at the end of the lucid dream, almost succeeded, blocked by some creepy projection of myself. Very memorable at the end of the lucid, very unsettling. Reoccurring people, which I've never noticed until I started this journal, and of course my dog Riley shows up again. Motifs of weird adventures, futuristic settings, otherworldly experiences, school, etc.

      Entry 009
      My first dream begins in a house. It's my house, only my room specifically seems to be bigger, with a really strange wall shape. The room sits kind of like a townhouse, on the second floor of some other apartment and only loosely attached to the main house. The atmosphere inside is just like my room-- books scattered everywhere, clashing color schemes and fabrics, random nic nacs on every surface. I'm sitting by the window, looking out at the street below. There's an eclectic shop across the road, filled with antiques and dried squid hanging from the ceiling (what?). I see a friend walk into view, maybe Sejal, maybe not, I can't really remember. She waves, I wave back then open up the window and jump down to the street. We go inside the shop for awhile. There's an old woman who looks like some kind of cartoon gypsy or one of those old fortuneteller machines sitting behind the counter, watching us like a hawk from behind her round spectacles. We leave and I go back up to my room, only to find everything either gone or covered in a white sheet. My mom comes in and said she did some "cleaning" and that she's packed up all my stuff for me to go to college.


      Another dream in similar setting to the first, only without the previous one ever happening and with the place that was my room now being a classroom. We live in some futuristic world, with tall white skyscrapers and even a couple flying cars here and there. Despite all the modernity, there are still places like the antique store with dried squid cramped along the narrow paths between buildings.

      I'm walking, then I stop at a towering building meant for residential apartments. On the first floor I can see Burell, but I'm not here to see him. I am at a different floor in the building. I ring the bell and Donahue answers. There are already some students waiting inside. I get the impression that we always have school in these residential apartments for some reason, even though the classrooms are more like personal houses of the teachers than classrooms at all. We have a lesson, but I'm hardly paying attentions. My gaze keeps shifting to the wide, floor to ceiling windows which give a panorama view of the world outside, flying cars and all.

      Eventually, one lesson ends and the majority of the students file out of the apartment. Only myself and a couple others are leftover, and we're all given instruments. We practice for awhile, then Donahue says something about us "being ready". Apparently there's some kind of festival around a bonfire today (something that seems strangely uncivilized for a nation with flying cars, but whatever...) and they need musicians so that the dancers have a beat. I leave, stop in at the antique-squid place again.

      When I come out of the shop I look up at the sky and see it's getting dark. I have to hurry to the festival. Someone or something is with me all this time, but I'm not sure what it is. When I (we?) get to the festival, all of the other musicians have already taken their places in a horseshoe of black chairs set upon a hill. I kind of lurk in the back of these chairs, but never sit down or play. I have an ominous feeling, like something sinister is happening. I see Donahue front and center playing a tuba or something like that. The people around the fire dance.

      As I'm walking back to the building, Burell sees me and intercepts. As we walk back together, I tell him I have some strange feeling about Donahue and the festival. Burell then tells me that I was right to, then reveals some dark past of Donahue's; why we have classes in his apartment, why there's a festival, why we were made to play music in the festival. When we get to the building, Burell slips in to his apartment on the first floor. As I'm standing there, staring at the place where Burell was standing only a second ago, Donahue sneaks up behind me and taps me on the shoulder. Is something wrong? He smiles.


      Final dream. I'm lucid. I'm in some kind of futuristic world, an underground society connected by dim, floating lights and wide tunnels of whooshing air used to travel. I've just moved in to a new, comfortable home and I'm inviting people over for a party. We're playing video games, watching TV and talking; just generally having fun. Eventually, however, some neighbors come over to complain. They're already holding a grudge against me for not inviting them, and so they want to interfere in our fun. I invite them in and I get some impression that I shouldn't have. Riley is here, and she's snapping at their heels. The floor is made of large multicolored tiles that light up underneath your feet and I can see myself backing away, lighting yellows, purples, reds, as they move forward.

      The dream gets fuzzy here, I think I may have temporarily lost lucidity, but I get the impression they severely beat me up and that one of them rapes me.

      When the dream comes back to me, they've switched my new home in to some kind of place of indoctrination. A bunch of brainwashed kids are sitting around me, my previous party guests, all wearing bathing suits, raincoats, tutus and other bizarre clothing. Occasionally a new person tries to enter the room and join us. If we find them attractive we let them in, and if we don't we beat them to a bloody pulp. One fat little girl in a purple bathing suit tries to come in. The room tenses. There's no way we can let her in.

      Just as we're about to strike, I stand up and shout "NO". I'm wearing some kind of cosplay or costume with a tutu and a crown. It's very scanty. I run to the front of the room and tell the girl to quickly leave, and she won't get hurt. This action seems to somehow snap the rest of the people in there room out of their daze. I notice the original neighbors look furious. I also notice they don't seem to have human forms any longer, but are more like purple shadows with glowing eyes. I run out of the house with them chasing me. Somehow I am faster or more quick-witted than they are, so I can easily escape. The problem is how determined they are. They never stop chasing me for even a second.

      I come to one of the air tunnels people use to travel in this world. There is a slight breeze coming down the tunnel, and floating in the air are things that look like orange lifesavers used on boats. I jump into the tunnel and the wind catches me before I drop to the bottom. I'm still slowly heading to the bottom, however, and I realize that you have to grab the lifesavers for the tunnel to effectively work. I somehow control the wind with my mind to blow harder, and then I'm swinging from lifesaver to lifesaver like a monkey, the wind at my back driving me down the tunnel.

      I do this for a long time, sometimes running through crowds of people at entrance to a movie theater, one time skating down an underground waterfall. I have to keep running or else I will be caught. Eventually I'm just walking through a crowd, aware that my enemies are far behind me. My lucid mind starts to wander. I remember that I need to try and control my dreams sometimes, and then I remember that one of the tasks of the month was to gather some flowers, and so I decide to create a field of red flowers. I see a door up ahead and open it. As I do a field starts to spawn ahead of me, an endless field of roses and poppies and other, unidentifiable flowers. I look back and the door is gone. I realize that there is some kind of presence with me. I look to my right and see a carbon copy of myself, grinning malevolently. "You can't control this." She says. I fall flat on my face in the field, and I can feel myself losing the dream. I try to feel the texture of the ground, like I've heard can stabilize the dream, and for a second it works. I can feel myself getting a grip back on the field. Within seconds, however, my twins face is between me and the ground and she's laughing at me. "It's already gone," she says. She's right. My eyes are flickering open, and I'm getting glimpses of my bedroom and the field alternately for a couple seconds. I try for several minutes to re-enter, but all I can see is my own face glaring at me, laughing.

      I wake up.
    8. 008: Quilted wonderland

      by , 04-20-2011 at 02:24 PM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 20, 2011

      Went to bed at 8pm, woke up at 5:30am. Heard the music in my dream, but as often happens when I'm lucid half-sleeping, I could not hear the words and though I knew it was the sound of my alarm clock, felt it a good idea to ignore it and incorporate it into my dream instead. I have horrible judgement when I'm sleeping. My dream self never wants to go to school. Eventually woken up by my mom around 6am. First lucid in a little more than a week.

      Entry 008
      I find myself in the city. I'm lucid, but as usual, I don't attempt to control the dream. I allow myself to become involved in the storyline. I see Clemens and a mixture of people from my journalism class and people from my February trip. I realize that this dream will in a way mimic that trip. The city is a mix of Vienna, Budapest and the place I live now. There are modern skyscrapers with quaint European shops and homes squished in between. At once I see museums and horse drawn carriages and then I see glass and steel buildings at another minute. We're told to go off on our own, like we were often told in Vienna. I go on a little excursion. Somehow I end up in someone's house with a grey horse, named Grani over the horse in Sigurd, the Volsung. I'm feeding the horse in metal bowl.

      Clemens comes for me. Free time is over. We end up in a low ceilinged building, kind of like a club and a hobbit hole mixed together. We're sitting at long tables eating, watching some kind of entertainment at the front. After we eat, we see a glass enclosed arcade inside. I watch from outside as some people play DDR or sing karaoke. I watch Clemens fail horribly at DDR and decide I want to play. When I try, though, the symbols on the screen are gibberish and the arrows on the pad don't work correctly. I'm kind of disappointed, dream self and lucid self, so I decide to leave.

      When I walk outside, the whole city now appears to be made out of quilted toilet paper. Also, the old European charm has vanished. If it were not for the entire city being made of toilet paper, it would look just like the main street of the city I live in now. I walk around for a bit past some familiar structures like the huge mall until I come to what looks like a ramp leading down into a parking garage. I go down. It's not a parking garage, it's the lobby of a bank. Go figure. I decide to set up an account. I'm sweating; For some reason I'm really nervous my mom is going to find out I'm setting up a bank account.

      At this point the music from my alarm clock interrupts my dream. Consciously I realize that this is my alarm clock, but I won't allow myself to get up just yet. I don't know why, but the music comes through to me without any words, only instrumentals. This gets interpreted by my dream self as some kind of new super power. The ability to remove the words from songs. What an amazing ability.

      I wake up.
    9. 007: Exhaustion

      by , 04-19-2011 at 01:06 PM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 19, 2011

      Went to bed at half past 11pm. Woke up at 6am. Horribly tired all day, barely able to keep eyes open. Don't remember dream, but when I looked in the journal I keep by my bed I found a couple messy notes scribbled down under today's date. I've copied the scribbled entry exactly here.

      Entry 007
      I own a fancy car.
      I have a disciple.
      I'm corrupting him. Teaching him to lie and steal.
    10. 006: Fragments of Equestria

      by , 04-18-2011 at 03:29 AM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 18, 2011

      Went to bed at half past 2am, woke up at 5:30am, snoozed till 6am. Remembered it at first, but lost my grip on it. Managed to keep ahold of the basic idea of the dream. Kind of embarrassing, I'll admit I stumbled upon the thread in these forums and have been watching the show since...

      Entry 006
      Something about My Little Pony.
    11. 005: More ominous dreams

      by , 04-17-2011 at 08:22 AM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 17, 2011

      Went to bed at 2am, woke up at 12, laid in bed half awake until 1pm. Woke up with a headache. Motifs of foreboding, weird adventures, gloomy days, family. Lately, I've had a lot of ominous, weird dreams. Usually my dreams are more carefree. Also I didn't have even one lucid dream this weekend, which is unusual. Something's going on?

      Entry 005
      I'm in the basement of my grandparent's house. For some reason the entire basement is made up of sand and dirt, and off in the corner there is a dock in an underground ocean that seems to stretch on forever. I'm with my cousin, Sam. We're told to dig. The door upstairs disappears. As we're digging, we strike some kind of artifact. It looks like an egyptian canopic jar with a hawk's head as a lid. The hawk's eyes glint at me. My cousin and I step away; there is something ominous and threatening about the artifact. As we step away we see a woman in the corner of the room. Her body is blackened and decaying, and strips of moldering gauze hang from her black hair and limbs. We're suddenly aware that this woman is the guardian of this artifact, and that she will kill whomever she sees as a threat, more often males than females. I block Sam from sight, my arms stretched wide in defense. We back up as far as we can go, all the way down the dock. The woman is floating several inches from the ground, slowly following us to the corner we've driven ourselves into. The closer she comes, the more I am aware of how beautiful she is. Despite her decayed appearance, there is something beautiful about her presence, like a vengeful goddess or valkyrie. She is before us now. She pauses, turns a gleaming eye upon me, then my cousin. And she is gone.


      I'm with my grandparents in their house, but for some reason my grandparent's in this instance are japanese instead of caucasian. They're having dinner and they want me to stay with them, but I can't, I have something important to do. They lay out the food, all of my favorites. They're trying to entice me to stay with them, to stay there forever. I feel tempted, but I can't stay here, there's something else...


      I'm on a beach. I'm standing in between two canoes filled with rowers. We're at a rowing competition and I'm the coach for the team on my left. As I'm giving the rowers some hot chocolate to energize them (dreams make no sense) before the big match, some one comes up to me and tells me that adding red pepper to the drinks will help them to get more energy. I don't ask any questions, why would they lie to me? I give my rowers the hot chocolate with red pepper in it. The match starts, but for some reason I'm distracted and I head up to a shack not too far from the beach where the competition is going on. The shack is on a squat kind of cliff that overlooks the sea. As I reach the top, the sky starts to look overcast and the sea is getting rough. I enter the shack. It's pitch black in here. Even though the door is open, the light somehow can't penetrate the darkness of the hut. I walk a couple steps into the house and stop suddenly when something grabs my ankle. I look down, it's the photographer of the event, clearly dying. Blood is frothing around his mouth, pouring out of his chest, puddling on the ground and he's gasping desperately. He tells me everything is a plot, that someone is planning something sinister. I rush back out to the beach. My team has lost, but I expected that after what the photographer said. This loss isn't important, there's something much bigger going on...

      I awaken.

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    12. 004: Partying all night

      by , 04-16-2011 at 06:46 AM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 16, 2011

      Went to bed at half past 1 am, woke up at 9:30am, 11:30am, finally 12:00 then 12:30. Multiple dreams, managed to remember quite a few by scribbling down a couple words every time I woke up and by just laying in bed as long as I wanted. Motifs of school, foreboding, places I used to live and people I used to know.

      Entry 004

      I'm at school, but it's not really like my school. It's a huge, blocky building with hallways opening up to the outside, palm trees at every corner, and a courtyard just behind the front gates with a huge swimming pool in the center. It's test day. For some reason, I'm alone, taking a single test by myself. It feels like the last day of the school year. The test is really hard, but I'm slowly making my way through it. Burnett and Burell come and check on me, I finish and hand my test to Burnett.

      As I'm leaving, I walk into the courtyard with the pool. A bunch of students are there, swimming and goofing off. Octavia sees me, and comes over. She has a bike with her. For some reason, she wants to sit on the handlebars while I ride the bike through the school. As we're going through the empty hallways, I catch glimpses of Burnett and Burell in classrooms, looking utterly desolate. I'm not really sure why. Octavia has to go somewhere, it's some important holiday like New Year's Eve only in the summer. I peddle out to the front and she gets off, leaves.


      I'm at some kind of house party. Everyone is all dressed up and drinking heavily, some are even passed out. I'm walking through the house, stepping over people unconscious on the floor, others who are dancing or making out. I'm in a beautiful dress that comes to my mid-thigh, wearing high heels, with my hair curled and make-up on my face. It's very unlike me. As I'm walking through, I see someone bent over a computer to my right, looking like he's going to cry. It's Burnett. When I ask him what he's doing, he says "It's not something I can talk to you about,". Then, suddenly, he turns the computer off, starts laughing and hands me a drink. He says something like, "I'm not responsible for you anymore!" I take the drink, then another, then another...


      There is a beautiful painting on the wall of a Victorian lady in an elegant outfit. I'm looking at it from down a hallway with stained, peeling wallpaper, and a light which is flickering above. Every time I look at the portrait, it changes. I hear myself whimpering pathetically. I'm scared.


      I'm in my old neighborhood. I'm standing outside my house, though it's not the same as our old house, and it's dark outside. It's some kind of important holiday. We're counting down until midnight. I go to Sarah's house right around the corner, we hang out like we're good friends. I see some of the other neighborhood kids, we're all having fun together, looking up at the sky. My grandparents have come. My mom is yelling for me to come inside, and I do, but I can't stay long. The atmosphere in the house is like the night before Christmas, forced to sit and watch news reruns for hours with my grandparents. It's too oppressive, I'm making up any excuse to get out.


      There's a dusty truck parked in the dirt parking lot, underneath an oak tree. It looks so familiar here. I turn around, I'm at some place half like a church, half like a convention center. I'm not sure which it is. A couple of people I vaguely recognize as old acquaintances come out with a tall redhead girl in between them. She's crying, she's drunk, and she's a mess. She's dressed up like all of us are, as though we just came back from homecoming or something, and her mascara is running down her face in black streaks. She gets in the truck, pulls back, sobs something to us out her window and drives away, kicking up the dust underneath her wheels.

      I awaken for the final time.

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    13. 003: Insulting midgets

      by , 04-15-2011 at 03:48 PM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 15, 2010

      Went to bed at 11:30pm, woke up 5:30 and hit the snooze till 6. Remembered entire dream without trouble, woke up feeling strangely frustrated without explanation. Motifs of school, travel, searching. Woke up extremely thirsty, carry over of this into dream. Also went to bed in a tight shirt, carry over into dream. Somewhat boring.

      Entry 003
      I'm in the tan leather seats of the van I come home in everyday, complete with the same driver who has his trademark limited English. For some reason Kevin and Neil aren't there. I get the feeling I've fallen asleep in the car and we've veered way off course. We were supposed to be going home, but I have no idea where we are now.

      We stop at one of the typical little bazaars lined with questionable stores. I sift through a couple piles of clothes. I'm looking for a new shirt, my current one is very uncomfortable. I'm wearing a uniform, not quite my school one, but some kind of uniform. I can't find any clothes, so I get back in the van. My shirt is so tight and uncomfortable I start to take it off while still in the van, then suddenly realize how inappropriate that is. I pull my shirt back down, embarrassed having being caught in the middle of a huge lapse in judgement.

      When I get home, I go straight to my bedroom and find a bunch of my friends sitting in a circle around my rug. I start to loudly complain to them about a reading assignment in class-- A story about Sir Lancelot. I start to insult the author as if he is still living, while simultaneously being aware that he died in the middle ages. I talk about how he's only 3 feet tall and mock him for being a midget. I have an image in my head of a dwarf in a brown friar's robe and a ring of hair on his otherwise bald head. I pause my rant to try and drink water from an overlarge can, but it's like gravity is holding the water to the bottom of the can. A few drops fall out, but I can't drink no matter how hard I try.

      I awaken.
    14. 002: There's nothing

      by , 04-14-2011 at 11:53 AM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 14, 2010

      Went to bed at half past midnight, woke up at 5:30 a.m., was so wrapped up in dream I had the common delusions that my alarm clock was somehow distracting me from the real issues, AKA whatever was happening in my dream. Hit snooze too many times and overslept by 10 minutes, panicked and jumped out bed, subsequently forgot dream.

      Entry 002
      Something about a queen.
    15. 001: Pantsless in Winter

      by , 04-13-2011 at 10:39 AM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 13, 2011

      Went to bed at midnight, woke up at 5:30 am. Got up too quickly, forgot dream, started to get ready, remembered dream again in shower. Another dream about my dog Riley who is back at home with my grandparents until we move back. Motifs of rain, cold, unwanted responsibility, failure, strange adventures and travel. Typical dream for me.

      Entry 001
      I am in a classroom, but really it is more like a kitchen than anything. Big industrial sinks line one wall of the room, big floor length windows line the other. Despite all the windows, it is unusually dark, and no one seems inclined to turn on the lights. One half of the room, the one I stand in now, is the one with all the sinks and the other half is just bookshelves and an assortment of pillows and beanbags scattered over a large, plush area rug. There is an old fashioned type blackboard at the far end of the room. The bell rings. Burell comes to me and tells me I'm not to go to the pillows/beanbags part of the room today because, since I'm a good student, he has a special task for me. Some other students drag in two big plastic storage containers. The first one is filled with grey, soapy water and the second is filled with... naked mole rats.

      Burell tells me they're class pets and he's trusting me and the other students to wash them and get them settled. I start to wash them in the soapy water, but for some reason that hairless skin becomes incredibly slippery when wet. Several slip out of my hands and fly across the room, scuttling behind desks and disappearing forever. I'm disappointing Burell. Feeling ashamed at my performance, I go to catch some of the loose ones. They all evade me but for one which actually jumps into my waiting arms.

      I leave the school. My mom has Riley, my dog, with her. After enduring months in some horrible kennel for pets being sent overseas, she's finally with me. I take her up in my arms and we go "home". Home turns out to be a hotel. We're travelling again, and my parents are away on some other business trip, leaving me and Riley the hotel room to ourselves. The hotel is grand, with victorian decor and distinctive red striped wallpaper.

      With Riley still in my arms I walk though the store in the hotel's lobby, but I'm only doing this out of courtesy. I'm bored. It's already late, but I don't care. I take Riley with me and, against the advice of the concierge, leave. There's this truck outside towing this kind of large metallic cage. Apparently this is some kind of bus/temporary shelter for homeless and impoverished people. I get inside with my dog. It's freezing. I feel depressed. I bring my big blue jacket in close and zip Riley inside with me, her head laying on my chest. I pull up the fur hood, sit down on the floor and rest my head against the bars of the cage, watching the world pass by. I realize half way through that, for some reason, I have no pants on. The cold is biting.

      By the time I get off back at the hotel, it's very late. As soon as I enter the hotel I'm scolded by the head concierge, a severe looking woman in black pencil skirt, matching blazer and tight bun that I've acted inappropriately and that the police are coming to give me a fine. If I don't pay, I will be arrested. Somehow, I'm apathetic. I go to the parlor, curl up on an old armchair and watch the grey sky outside pour down in sheets.

      I awaken.

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