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    Harmless tiny Spider Attack

    by , 11-29-2014 at 03:58 PM (497 Views)
    Riding my bicycle up a really beautiful hill through a summer meadow, the road continues into a cool forest tunnel, thick with trees and vegetation. I go a few hundred feet into it, then turn around to zoom down the road really fast on my bike. I go too fast, and can't stay on the road. Trying not to crash, I go into the meadow off to my right, and bounce to a stop before walking back to the road to continue on. Lots of fun!

    I reach home at the bottom of the hill, and feel a sharp poke on my hand. I look and there are several small spiders on me, apparently biting me. My hand and upper arm start to go numb, followed by my shoulder. They seem to have a powerful venom, so I try to brush them off without killing them so they stop biting me. As soon as I brush them off, I notice more on me. Using a soft leaf, I brush those off as well.

    Now that I appear to be spider free, I prepare to take a shower. Suddenly, I am covered with the little spiders, and also a single other bug, not very large, but with a painful bite. It is very strong, and I can't brush this one off. I have to pinch my skin together and grab it to remove it from my arm. Tossing it aside, it runs really fast. Not sure if it is going to get me again, I am quickly distracted by the several hundred tiny venomous spiders all over my arms and legs. I also feel something on my back but can't see it.

    Trying to get all the spiders off harmlessly, as they bite me, I flinch a little, and probably hurt a few of them. It takes me a while, but I manage to get all of them off that I can see, and quickly get in the shower to the relative safety of the running water. I suspect that when I veered off into the meadow, I picked up all those spiders on me somehow.
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    1. darknightedlady's Avatar
      I like how you continuously try to not harm the spiders, even as they are hurting you. Kind spirit! I once read that spiders are representative of creativity and inspiration. I have had my share of spider dreams, too . The bike trip sounds like fun- love those experience dreams! Beautiful scenery, too.
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    2. Schmaven's Avatar
      That's interesting, I haven't heard about spiders being representative of creativity and inspiration. Although I haven't really looked much into dream interpretation at all yet, I still like to interpret everything in dreams :-) It was the best bike trip I've been on - it was a combination of all the things I really like about riding a bike all in one: perfect temperature, excellent breeze, beautiful scenery, effortless hill climbing, challenging high speed descent, and no crashing!
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