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    Stubborn Food Cart in War Zone

    by , 07-24-2014 at 10:33 AM (293 Views)
    In a sandy environment, not much green anything around, I am with a few military people and we suddenly come under attack by people who have their faces and heads covered with big thin scarves. We are behind some sort of make-shift wall, with a few sand bags on top, and return fire. Outnumbered, about 30 to 5, we're not that confident we'll survive. Huge rockets and mortar shells fall from the sky nearby and explode, sending one of us flying through the air.

    I look to my right and a massive space ship takes off, but drops the main thrusters too soon to get to space. It flies back and forth across the sky overhead. At least 3 times, it passes by, not that far off the ground. It looks like someone is using it to escape the conflict here. The shooting stops, and we are briefly left to prepare for another possible attack. We're too few, and too poorly equipped to venture outside of our defenses here.

    Walking into a walled off back-yard type area, I look for a gun. There are a lot of single shot rifles, but I'm looking for one with a big magazine capacity. I find one, but it shoots smaller caliber bullets. Well, it'll have to do. I also look for more mags, but only see 1 extra. I load them fully. A little strange how they are all squishy like they're made of gelatin. I can force more bullets in, but they squish around and look like they'll jam the gun, so I take a few out until it looks like it'll work smoothly. Then I look for a hand gun as a backup. I see a few on a table, and then notice a rather large hand gun, with a forward grip on it, almost like a sub-machine gun, but more so a hand gun. A little bigger than what I wanted, it looks like it'll do the trick, so I attach a sling to it and swing it over my shoulder, making sure to load it fully, and grab an extra mag for it as well.

    One of my friends tells me that these guns don't use the same ammo as everyone else. I'm okay with that, I'll just have to scavenge ammo from the bodies of our attackers if I need it.

    I take my defensive position again and notice there are some local people setting up their mobile food cart right in front of us. I walk up to them and tell them it's not safe to be here, and they have to move it further away. I walk back, and notice they only moved 10 ft to the right. So I return, and tell them to move further! They argue about it and I tell them that if there's another attack, our attackers will no doubt use their truck as a place to take cover, and we'll have to shoot everyone in it. They must move further away. They still don't want to move, so I raise my voice telling them, "You will be shot if you stay here! I don't want to shoot you, but you are in the line of fire, and you have to move!" They listen, and move out of sight.

    Walking back toward the main wall, I end up in a tunnel where people are training to be extra tough. Rather dark in the tunnel, streaks of light come in through an air vent on the side, leaving most of the room in a dark blue color. Some guys are hanging from spiked ropes that they grabbed onto, and someone shoots live rounds nearby. Accidentally, one person is shot in the leg and falls off the spiked ropes. Everyone is hanging at the end of the tunnel, where there is a 30 ft drop over some sand. I run over that way, and jump down the hole, landing in the sand below. The guy is alright, and still really happy with the training. We both grab onto some of the bottom spikes on these long ropes, and pull ourselves off the ground.

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