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    True Love: Unlocked by Water-Bow

    by , 08-05-2014 at 01:33 PM (449 Views)
    Inside a large indoor pool area, there is an extravagant show being performed with several attractive female divers, all dressed up with large winged costumes, and lots of sparkles, but definitely in just bathing suits underneath the fancy stuff. I sit down next to a glass table, mildly interested in the show, an announcer barely heard in the background. A cardboard box flap pokes me annoyingly in the arm, sort of stuck between my arm and the table. I lift my arm up to free the flap and move the box, just exactly as the announcer asks if there are any volunteers from the audience. He looks right at me as my arm is in the air, and waves me forward.

    Panic stricken, I slowly stand up and wave at everyone. Some assistants escort me to the stage near the pool, below the 8 or so attractive divers. I guess I wasn't really paying attention at all. It turns out that there are other volunteers as well, and we are going to take part in some sort of competition against each other with the help of the women above. One volunteer per diver. We are lead up to their platforms with very little instruction as the announcer excites the audience for what's about to happen. The diver I'm standing with is just about my height, and very tan, like she comes from a country where it's just normal to be very tan. Actually, even more beautiful up close. I try not to get too distracted. Our eyes meet, and we smile at each other. Basically everything she's wearing is sparkling at this point.

    She informs me that we are doing a trick-dive competition, and I am to go just ahead of her, and support her from below the water, while upside down as she stands on my feet. If she weren't so pretty, I would normally hesitate a bit, but don't even think twice. We get the signal, and I jump off the 100 ft tall platform, face first, and dive deep into the pool. Holding my breath, I feel her land gently on my feet, and dance or something, I can't really see. Then she tugs me up to the surface. Relieved, I take a huge breath at the surface as we swim to the edge of the pool.

    Round two is basically the same. Apparently, one team was eliminated that first time, and we are to do that again. This time, my shorts ride up too far for this kind of show, and quickly get everything back inside before exiting the pool. A few more rounds pass like that, with me just thrilled to be with this girl.

    Now, standing atop the platform, I notice we're the only team. It is the final challenge. We must do something difficult to win a worthy prize. I don't really know what to do. I'm lucky enough not to die upon impact when I hit the water, let alone do anything fancy. The girl up there with me just tells me to hold my breath for a while, and she'll do the work up top.

    We jump, and it seems like I'm falling in slow motion this time. I take a huge breath of air, but realize I was a bit too early, so I let it out fast and take another huge breath immediately before I hit the water. For some reason, I am immediately out of breath, despite the huge breath I just took. It's not that big a deal though, just uncomfortable, and I can push through it for some time. It gets more uncomfortable, but still bearable.

    The pressure on my feet from her standing on me is lifted, and I see her dive down next to me. I return right side up, but no longer need to breathe under water. We can talk underwater now as well, but that's just normal. She tells me that we've won, and has a huge smile on her face. She gives me a big hug, and then we both look over at a giant treasure chest that is sinking to the bottom, together with a large ornate crown and a really fancy looking decorative bow. I put the crown on her head and tell her she deserves it because she did all the work. It makes her look even more beautiful.

    Picking up the bow, I draw it back to full power and tell her something about it being a really cool bow. Probably endows the user with some sort of power or something like that. A look of terror quickly comes over her face as she reaches out to stop me from dry firing it (wet firing it?), yelling something like it's going to kill me. But too late, I let go of the cord, and the two of us watch the pressure wave float toward the treasure chest. It hits it, and breaks the lock open. That wasn't supposed to be able to happen That treasure chest was magically sealed, and only certain people were to be able to open it. Plus, the bow was cursed, and was supposed to harm the user. I wasn't even aiming at the treasure chest at all, I was more focused on showing off the bow than anything.

    Inside this treasure chest, amidst the gold lining, and shiny gold plated walls of the box, all glowing radiantly, is true love. Sweet, I've found true love! I look over at the girl, and kind of doubt it's her. She's not really my type, but what the hell, if it's true love, that's good enough for me. We hug again and look into each others' eyes, still speechless in amazement of what just happened.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Aw. That's a really cute dream.
      She's not really my type, but what the hell, if it's true love, that's good enough for me.
      Funny. XD
    2. Schmaven's Avatar
      I enjoyed it. When I woke up, I had to replay it a few times in my mind because I didn't want to forget